QASH World book beta

In this thread we discuss how the release of the WB as well as talk about Mikes AMA last Friday. Where do you think the price will be once the WB beta comes out? I'm hoping it'll pump up to around $1.5 and then drop afterwards as it's not what people are expecting. I'd love an opportunity to accumulate more QASH.

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totally stealing this tasty meme OP
15k QASH here and buying more

Did you buy any more in the recent dip? I wanted to but don't have any more money to put in currently

i keep buying every time I have some money not during the last 2 weeks though, no
will buy more next week when paycheque comes in

Are you all in or QASH?

Can't comment on price. Hope the Alpha will go well. So worldbook can be officialy released in may/june. Smart anons.

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I never go all in on coins
but its a sizeable part of my portfolio

Yeah. I just want this ball to start rolling and not stop after this recent lull we've had

wouldnt get my hopes up
altcoins arent gonna moon until BTC stops hitting the bed

I meant more like QASH actually developing the product and coming out with news rather than just the price rising.

oh I see
well theyve been cockblocked by the nip government so had to delay
I wouldnt be worried though this is a five star team and I have no doubt they gonna deliver

They are going the hard way with being 100% compliant, but this will make them really blow when its ready. Institutional money will go the way of fully regulated platforms and I expect qash to really cash in on that

yeah this
I think most people underestimate the amount of bullshit red tape that comes with the financial industry
lots of anons still think this is just another BNB clone lmao

well even if it does anywhere near bnb did itd still be a decent hodl

Anyone here to spoonfeed :
-Alpha release date
-Worldbook release date
Was invested 30%folio but sold for this obvious downtrend, ready to go back in (with more BTC gained on shorts)

This looks very similar to JNT to me. Can someone explain to a brainlet how it is different?

>Phase 1 (1st week of April) : World Book Beta release (Limited Access Beta / Limited Currency). There will be further instruction on how to join.
>Phase 2 (May/June) : Fully Live. Unified Platform Desktop
>Phase 3 : Full mobile
>Phase 4 : Financial Infrastructure (T+1 agreement, connecting with banks) + Technical Infrastructure = ECN (DMA to exchange)
>Phase 5: Prime brokerage + Custodial

Copy and pasted from a QASH puff piece but it gets the point across well

On the roadmap prime brokerage is due Q4 2018 so the "phases" of the liquid platform should be complete by then.

take profits at $10
not gonna sell the rest before they roll out the blockchain in 2019

be blessed user thank u

one's vaporware invented by middle eastern money grabbers
the other is what all crypto trading will revolve around and be based on after 2020

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I’m in both 80% qash I think jnt is a longer shot

qash is about providing liquidity, JNT is like tether but not a scam

It's 1/4 my hold. Elaborate on the nip cockblocking?

nip government slapped exchanges with a bunch of security audits so they had to delay the launch of worldbook beta
mike talks about it in the latest AMA

Anyone predictions on when this will start to gain traction?

Got a 5k stack and want to increase the position but i need to wait for my other positions to play out. Not sure how much time i have.

it'll start to gain traction in April assuming the market as a whole is doing better/the WB beta looks promising