BTC log wedge near end

Will it bounce up or down?
20 days left.

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probably down considering its useless

could you please remind me how you got into your first crypto investment again?

Digital tulips.
It's going down down down and you know it.

mt gox didn't dump to make it look like a chart nor did he do it at a pattern, he can dump tomorrow and we'll be at 1k.

We'll probably get nipped at 10k

That's not really a wedge pattern over the timeline that you are representing. If anything there is a pennant which has formed in '18 after the bull run at the end of '17. Same result but on a different price scale and thus would predict a different magnitude outcome than your analysis.

Post better pic then.

I bought it
Whats your point? I buy scratch cards too

The next 20 days are CRITICAL for Bitcoin

the virgin wedge

Every pattern has a price component and a time component.

Price: Notice the support levels implied upon pattern breakdown. A smaller wedge in the y-direction implies that the bull reversal or bear continuation will be choppy and developing rather than smooth and parabolic.

Time: Also note the loose rhythm of successive highs during the latest bull run. Perhaps this lends a clue as to which week swings will find themselves retracing.

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I forgot to mention seasonality. Ever hear the term "sell in May and go away" for equity markets? Lower volatility means that price may be range bound in late spring and early summer, lending credence to slow developments either way until at least mid-July.

You are completely and totally retarded.
Only a complete retard would still draw meme lines, when it's known that all dumps are caused by a single wallet and all the pumps by 3 wallets.

There are large players in every market. Sure, market sentiment is warped by fat finger events. Does that mean that any technical analysis of price action is automatically invalidated?

Does even a cursory analysis of support and resistance as I did in response to the OP's theory still lack merit?

So your little wedge is going to break my year long wedge? It won't go any lower.

>There are large players in every market.
Any top 100 wallet can dump the whole market to 0 in an hour.
Your lines mean nothing and you are completely retarded.
There is no natural price movement, everything is pump and dump.

Most of top 100 wallets are dead. People who died, lost password, etc.

proof's plix

Owned bitchhhhhhh

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See how many have no outs.