Been Trying to Buy Crpyto For Over a Year

>Coinbase doesn't work
>Quadrigaca won't verify me
>keep having bank problems

This market will never take off if they make it impossible to get into.

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only true for leafs and yep we're fucked

doesn't matter that our "gov't is using ethereum"

we got and will continue getting rekt by liberal communism

have you tried coinsquare?

they only allow you to buy when the price is high, Im not even kidding

coinbase also barred me from buying/selling so I have to move to kraken

nice larp

no way that someone couldn't work out how to buy for an entire year

i don't care if you whine about verification problems, there are dozens of other places.

fuck off


There's literally three, go whine somewhere else. I know you're trolling and haven't actually tried to invest in crypto yet, so go whine somewhere else.

>no way that someone couldn't work out how to buy for an entire year
he's a leaf so I believe him. I went through shit trying to buy bitcoin for drugs a year ago. had to make a new bank account cause my current bank banned anything to do with crypto. and didn't want to go through localbitcoins cause didn't feel like getting murdered by sands

use localbitcoins or quickbt is ok as long as you aren't planning on putting thousands into crypto.
Fees are quite steep but at least you don't have to verify your identity.

Op I am a leaf too and have never had a problem. Coinbase works fine and quadrigacx took my a month to verify for. If none of these things happen to work for you just use a bitcoin atm.
Look up bitcoiniacs.

Coinbase is in San Fransico, won't you have to go through the U.S tax system to use that?

used tangerine to EMT money to coinsquare.

It does suck if you're witch scotia/bmo/td as I think those banks banned anything to do with crypto. So far cibc seems fine to use as well.

coinbase won't increase deposit limit so im sticking with coinsquare

Coinsquare is fucking trash and doesn't work.

So we know that Bitmex and co. are playing margin trades on shorts and longs and right now, they just made a KILLING on shorts.

And now they will go after the longs by creating a fake bullrun

Just wanted to let my user bros - I just got banned from Whalepool (over 25k members) by arguing with the dumb pajeet admin regarding the BTC manipulation.

After researching and with a help of another user, we came to concluion that the Admin was Saj - he's the one whipping up fomo, making people invest. He has stakes in Bitfinex.

So beware of margin trade

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>only true for leafs and yep we're fucked
maybe if youre a fucking retard.

coinsquare will hold onto your initial purchase(s) for weeks before you can withdraw which is bad news if you want to get alts

but yeah I ended up getting a cibc bank account and going through the usual with their weekly limits... coinbase quickbt etc

bitcoin atm is last resort by far as they charge over 30% here for us leafs

found the sand

try gemini

sounds like the problem is /you/

never had issues myself

avoid gaysquare theyre muppets

doesn't work for leafs

there's a new one in beta op be a guinea pig for us and let us know if you get scammed or are able to withdraw your coins the same day

Anyone tried ezBtc? They say they have a 9% interest savings account for BTC, which sounds nice, but there isn't much info on the site so I've been hesitant to open an account.

I'll probably just wait for Mogo to get their BTC thing up and running.

>Coinbase doesn't work
You must be a nigger. I got verified within 10 mins of submitting my docs.

I wanted to buy BTC back in 2011, but found it too hard so gave up. You've got 0 fucking excuse in 2018 you utter pleb.

Sorry. I meant coinsquare. Coinbase is based in San Francisco so don't you have to through the American tax system if im canadian? And is it reliable?

Lol look for bitcoin cash machines....stupid

they arent around stupid

Did u even look....fool

no; yes it's reliable but you are limited to $250 weekly

> 30% here for us leafs
Not true. The highest they charge for buying is 15 percent. The price can change from 5-15 percent dependent on the demand of bitcoin. Selling bitcoin is usually around 5 percent also depending on market conditions.

Never seen one before

So can i just put in 250 every week until i put in like 5K?

if you dont live in bumfuck nowhere they are everywhere. There is over 20 in metro Vancouver ffs.

I live in a small town.

Where u based?

Then I would put all your cash into some gups and mine shit coins sell and buy in......


coinbase works for me faggot although the fees are rather Jewey

Maybe get another bank. What bank do you use? I use cibc and have never had a problem buying crypto. It just sucks that buying on coinbase with my cc counts as a cash advance.

also, listen to that other guy and use local bitcoin. It's easy to use and just requires an e transfer. If you cant figure out how to do that you are not smart enough to invest in crypto.

Mofo get on your bike.....

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what is the best alternative to coinbase


nigger are u retarded? there are bitcoin atms in every city. set up an exchange account and send btc direct from the atm.

get a flexepin at the gas station and u can redeem them at coinsquare. ive laundered thousands of dollars this way


never heard of it. that is probably your problem. Dont blame crypto or canada blame your bank lmao

Survival of the fittest. If you can’t figure out how to buy crypto, you don’t deserve to make it.

THIS. I'm after putting $10k in CASH into flexepins. Always cash -> binance within 15 minutes

I don't want this method to get burnt though. Where I live, I'm the only guy who gets them.

I fear the day CRA subpoena's accounts from Coinsquare I am fucked

Add this girl, she got the hook up for you.

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That's why I'm very enthusiastic about new crypto - fiat exchanges. Pairing altcoins with fiat is going to be huge.

I can sell you some very fine high qulity coins

are you saying the rapefugees are easily able to purchase btc in canada while you cant? im not understanding what the fuck you mean bud.

What problems are you having?

QuadrigaCX works for me but it took 3 weeks to get verified and their funding options are shite, coinsquare was instant verification and has interac e-transfer which is based, coinbase works too but I think my bank(TD) may have stopped approving credit card transactions with them

Wait I thought coinbase doesn't work for Canadians.
Has anyone tried goldmoney yet?

Nah it works but you probably get buttfucked by currency exchange and credit card fees