What do we think about BABB?

What do we think about BABB?

Pump incoming?

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100 sats ez

I'm JUST gonna leave this here...

To be honest I feel safer keeping my FIAT in those new tokens fresh from the ICO than in BTC/ETH/etc...

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I believe it'll go to tron like levels

That's not good...

But still, seems like a project that could gain hype

It's u who's posting the same thread every single day? U are that retarted kiddo who doesn't know what ip is?

Sorry my nig, but that's my first thread about BABB

Any coin with "bank" in its name is a red flag for me

Bought in

Sminem give me the power!

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Oh yeah, that's u.

Lmao why? It's obviously garbage.

Sminem holds 25b babbs
Don't bet against sminem

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Please don't say so

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everyone is a brappppp


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Y u do this to my precious Babb?

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Probably the worst ICO in ages, these bagholders have lost so much money buying into this shit so expect a lot of these shilling threads as they try to get close to ICO price.

I feel safer when I put my savings into LINK rather than USD (glorified tree bark with numbers on it)

Buy while it's low faggot what are you waiting for
You missed xvg at 1 sat, trx at 14 sats and dent at 7 sats
This is your last chance