Banyan Network BBN

Now around 10Mill Cap
Invested in by HPB, Loopring and also their founders are baynyans and advisors, also holding strategic partnerships with Banyan. Connections back to Antshares.
Founder of Unionpay smart is on the core team and also says there is going to be implementation down the line.

It is very under the radar for a project and team like this. Expect 5x minimum. Not even on CMC yet. Check them out here.
Telegram chat @BBNGlobalFans

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i got in at .0000059 ETH cause I like the logo

literally the best decision I've ever made

Yeah I got in around 4c, just topped up my stack to 100k BBM at around 9c. Comfy ride to $1

fuck fuck fuck fuck this is the next deepbrainchain. dump at the top though

going to buy in slowly for the next hour, feel free to dump on me :D

ooh got in at 7c, didn't expect it being mentioned here already

Isn't the circulating supply 250 million? At least that's what Bibox says.

That 85eth wall got pulled... building steam...
This is a 1$ coin easy.

it got bought, I bought just a bit at 7c and there was another 100 eth wall and it got eaten in an hour, this one went from 100 eth to 85 to nothing

I legit bought 100k from it. Wish me luck.

Everything you need to know is that Kelvin Long is leading this project.

Yes up some 50% now. Looks like a hodl.

no luck needed, gj

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So when do we think reddit will start buying? $1 to $2? Probably a good sell point right there.

One dollar is a one BILLION market cap. What the fuck are you guys on? Do you not realise the circ supply will almost x10 by the end of the year?

>end of the year

I'd be shocked if I was still holding this by the end of the month.

Bibox's figure is incorrect. Circulating supply is 120 mil with 330 mil in lockup. 450 mil will be circulating in 6 months. Don't know what the plans are for the remaining 550 mil but at this time there are no indications it will be circulated on the open market.

Only 450 mil will be circulating eoy, so 450 mil market cap at $1. Still pretty high but when you look at the team, the connections, and the application doesn't seem terribly unrealistic.

Holy fuck wall after wall gets taken down for BBN.,...this is insane. Some inside info purchases going on?

Im feeling the fomo, not going to join, it seems like i missed the train

Fuck dude people keep market buying this shit!! There must be some new exchange info or something

10 Million MC and it's not even on CMC.
But I am not your financial advisor.

yeah this thing still has a good 3x in it from this entry point. Low MC

this is a good buy with a strong team. Dont sleep on this like it was verge last year

Try 3.5X you idiot.

Any fud on this is 100% people who sold their bags too early not wanting the price back. Just suck it up this train is getting ready to leave. Once CMC listing and youshillers get on this, then will probably be too late for a big gain

There’s barely any fud because this launched like a week ago kek, we’re at 12 mil mc aren’t even on CMC yet, this is one of this biz gems for sure