This board must be destroyed

This board must be destroyed.

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The only board that deserves to be destroyed is /pol/
Prove me wrong
Pro tip
You cant

>generates most traffic
>most reddit users thanks to rthedonald
>produces patreon attention whores
>hates faggots in a site that is filled with them
>hates inmigrants but makes bait threads in other boards

You can fix /pol/ by rangebanning amerimutts


kys nigger lover

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I think Veeky Forums should block all connections outside the USA.
Only Americans should be able to access it.

crypto was a mistake

Leddit detected.

It went from a containment board to a pollution board. I'm fairly certain we're past the point where deleting it would do more harm than good.

Hello r*ddit refugee, enjoying your first year on other boards besides /pol/? You have to go back, by the way.


/usa/ board when

Chinkmoot needs to delete and go to town with the ban hammer and deleting threads until they leave for cripplechan like GG did.

I want the to fucking do it so bad
What I expect is that the most devoted flock to /b/ and such as there is really no other appropriate long term settings other than /b/. The rest were only on Veeky Forums for /pol/ and will find another site. Go back to youtube comments, most likely.
This but disagree with the second part

>hates faggots in a site that is filled with them
>therefore we should delete the board
you queers were given a containment board so you wouldnt infect the rest of us

There has never been a succesful invasion of /b/ they will cook them alive and send them away in tears.

>GG left
the funny shit is when obvious normies and reddit queers refer to GG as if its a seperate grouping of users
as if this isnt sourced from the same pool
of course their are chanology type queers in every happening
but they gravitate to subreddits
only to act as a bridge leading queers like you here

I wonder where you’re from
They’re already pretty much integrated, /b/ is weak these days. Although the persistence of traps would cause such a glorious firestorm.

If you want to compare post quality on /v/ pre GG ban and after they gave up taking the board its night and day. A lot of them drifted back unfortunately as cripplechan died and /pol/ become the normie/mainstream board but hey.
I'm pretty sure if all of /pol/ took their shit to /b/ they would be triggered beyond their wildest dreams. No different than when tumblr tried to invade.
>poster outside his containment board telling others to get back to theirs.

Im from Veeky Forums roodypoo
Why dont you stroll back to plebbit or the very least /lgbt/ with your queer concerns
Veeky Forums is /pol/ is /b/ is /g/

the thing you have to realize is that every board is a containment does that even make sense, where are we all being contained from at that point?

It’s not even about muh gays, it’s that you’re flagrant hypocrites and generally cancerous. Case in point, bitching about posts outside of a containment board while posting outside of your containment board.

The only actual containment boards AFAIK. Are /pol/ /mlp/ /lgbt/ /r9k/ and to a lesser extend Veeky Forums /asp/ and Veeky Forums
These boards were literally created to stop people posting their shit on other boards.
The latter 3 were not really a problem just a logical split. The former 4 were suggested to fuckoff and never comeback as they were effectively ruining boards. Its a simple rule. If your post would fit or belong on a containment board. Post it on the containment board and only the containment board, even if you falsely assume it works on both boards.

each other dumbass
I was fine with crypto threads on /pol/ /g/ and /b/ over the years but creating a specific board then opening it up to general business and finance too is also good
does categorisation elude your comprehensive ability?

/lgbt/ is for fag shit
just as Veeky Forums is for money making and was specifically created as a containment board for crypto

I am Veeky Forums, queerboy. Cry more that Veeky Forums was originally sourced from /pol/ and /g/.
You faggots are the ones that came in and made it political, and when you get a reaction and rejection, you state that we're the ones that are being irrelevant? Keep your faggotry to yourself queer

/b/ is what created /pol/. Where do you think EVERYTHING started back in the day?

And Veeky Forums being impacted by politics and economics overlaps heavily with /pol/ as far as the topics go.

ITT: butthurt traps triggered by /pol/

It was sourced from /g/ alonr you revisionist newfag. If your "crypto" thread would have previously belonged on /pol/ it still does. Not here. Oh yeah dogecoin spam was such a /pol/ thing you retard.
No. /new/ did. /pol/ couldnt even invade /s4s/ last time moot fucked with them. /b/ was never a stormfront board. At best you can say they had disproportionate numbers of Ron Paul supports or even Bernouts later.
And as I said. If you post on /pol/ and think it overlaps. It belongs on /pol/. Its common sense. Its like thinking your /r9k/ post belongs on /b/ because I mean its random.


/pol/ tried to colonize reddit but just ended up bringing more of them here.

>It was sourced from /g/ alonr you revisionist newfag.
I am not wasting time on you queerboy, you have already admitted in past threads that you just hate /pol/ and like to kick up shit when you can, like stating that Veeky Forums was exclusively sourced from /g/ when it was queers crying on /q/ about how it was shitting up /pol/ that acted as the catalyst

cry more that /pol/ was ahead of the curve, there were BTC threads full of actual discussion for years on /pol/, not just "incidental spam" as you always suggest

>past threads?
I have? I dont even hate /pol/. Its like /mlp/ im fine with them as long as they keep it to their board and can contain their autism on other boards.
Which you can not seem to fucking do. If you are getting called out for being /pol/ you are doing something wrong. You should have taken the hint when they gave you your board. Now I dont know what the fuck /q/ is. But 99% of complaints on /qa/ were dogecoin spam on /g/.

You are calling me out for being /pol/ because I have told you that I was in /pol/ threads discussing BTC over the years. Stellar detective work brainlet

>99% of complaints on /qa/ were dogecoin spam on /g/
the threads you were focussed on, yeah.

cry more that Veeky Forums was sourced from /pol/ and /g/, queerboy.

/pol/ brought boomers to the site. That alone warrants a death sentence.

>You are calling me out for being /pol/ because I have told you that I was in /pol/ threads discussing BTC over the years.
No. Non/pol/ posters dont get bootyblasted when the board gets called out. I bet a solid 30% of your posts get called out. Now learn how ids work retard. Its really not rocket science. Just observe global rules 3 and 4 outside your board.

>they will cook them alive and send them away in tears
Yeah, I'm sure the flood of "post pics of girl u fuck" threads will send them running in fear.

I imagine they will trap spam and just shitpost strawmen the whole way through. Maybe even gore will work. Highstrung people dont do well on the board.


There has been a very clear influx of /pol/trash since the bullrun in 2017. All the shit posting about niggers, whores, 'pure' mail order brides, sjws are invading muh crypto, and garbage political discussion is a result of /pol/. I wont even get started on the retarded meme magic bullshit.
It doesnt matter if crypto discussions were on /pol/ four years ago... Since 2016 its been nothing more than a malignant tumor on this site and for the last 8+ months has been infecting our once quiet as fuck board where threads stayed alive for a week.
And of course they come here and tell everyone else to leave. No different to shitskin immigrants.

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they also tried to give crypto a higher purpose than gambling, which it is. The slow realization of this means this board will be almost dead in about one year, just as you like it