Realistic EOY Price?

I keep hearing the word "Smart Contract" alot lately. It's true that Companies don't need bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

But it appears that LINK has useful technology that can revolutionize multi industries (finance, insurance, government, gambling, etc) to help cut cost.

Please explain your reasoning for your predicted EOY price.

Thank you senpai!

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Total Crypto Market Cap circa 2T
LINK $30 or

$50 absolute minimum if the bear market continues for the whole year.
Otherwise $1000 EOY.

>has useful technology

You are not serious right?

don't believe these morons. there is no way it can go this high.
look at the marketcap.

The testnet is already up and running.

Marketcap doesn't work like you think it does, brainlet.

Sergey hasn't started his marketing campaign yet.
It will be amazing. 10 dollar EOY if bitcoin gets up again

Checked for truth
All Praise to Kek

reason: kek wills it

Testnet could be full of really ugly bugs, it means nothing. Show me the results.

It's possible, but I see $2-$3 happening too. People have unrealistic expectations. Making 500% in a year would be extremely good for it.

You're the fucking retard here. Go read up on how marketcap and price works dumbass.

Pic relevant. It's you.

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> Go read up on how marketcap and price works dumbass.
|Market cap = circulating supply x spot price.
So guess what happens when the nodes take out 95% of tokens out of circulation, you retarded cunt?

And by the way marketcap is complete bullshit. I can make shitcoin with 1 trillion units in circulation and sell it to myself for $1.
So my shitcoin is now worth $1 trillion.

shit lol we should do this just to fuck with corecucks

So majority says $2 - $5 which seems realistic.

What would make this coin be worth $1,000 which is pretty outrageous.

marketcap means fuck-all when you're dealing with an asset most people will lock out of circulation to run nodes. Tokenomics matter.


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$50 is realistic if crypto reaches 1trillion
100$ if we reach 2trillion.

$2-5 if the overall crypto market sentiment stays as-is. If the entire market breaks north of $1 trillion, we could see over $10. God forbid if the team actually starts marketing, then who knows? Just know there's a reason this project is in the top 100 with zero marketing and terrible communication from the team.

What factors would be needed for this pricing? Partnerships? Adoption?

Nano-like market manipulation? I don't know. Link is a great idea if it works well and becomes truly blockchain agnostic, but we're still in the early stages. Some things are released, sure, but nothing is really used for now, so any future success or failure is hypothetical. $5 EOY would certainly be very optimistic, but not impossible to reach.


$50 if everything goes really well. I'm hoping for 10-20.

Yeah, a reason I'm bullish on LINK is because they have a higher cap than REQ without marketing. I can see this at $2 - $5 in this bear market and over $10 in a bullish market

new office

What needs to go well?

2018 eoy:
Base case $50
Bull case $100

$1000 eoy 2019

On what do you base yourself for these estimates? Unless the whole market goes on a bullrun like never before for the rest of the year, I really don't see any way it could reach those levels.

shut up that's ridiculous lowballing


you basically just explained tether

realistic prediction x 5, this is how it works in cryptospace

so 25-50$ EOY

Saying it will go 5x is lowballing? How delusional are you?

Hello newfag

>says LINK will be $1000 EOY
>calls other people brainlets

poor, deluded LINKies

I'm a lot more inclined to think the 1000k EOY if things go sub-optimal, a billion otherwise are the newfags. Link has potential but you need to keep things in perspective.

$1 minimum by end of year, $10 maximum
$100 by 2020, as long as it doesn't get overtaken by another project (which i don't think it will)

official newfag investigator here. lets see some documentation

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what if i told you $8,000 EOY

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Both. But The same way ethereum has adoption. On the ethereum alliance site you see a lot of big players,but not sure if they already use ethereum.

I got started with BTC pre silk road and been on and off here since it was created by a SA castaway. Papers are in order sir.

everything seems to be in order with

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this is incredible, deserves its own thread.

Realistically... $100 EOY, $1000 by 2020.

Beyond 2020 I can only be guessing, this is the year smart-contracts become mainstream. Perhaps even 8k is not unreasonable by 2023.


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Wtf guys, have you even done your research. If you understand the potential of link you know it’s way better than any coin in top 10 expcept fo eth. So let’s say it reaches the #4 spot (ltc) this means 30$ link. But we are currently in an Bear market so let’s say crypto recovers too 1 trillion we already have 60$ link. If we have an other bull run we can easily see 100$ EOY

What does LINK need to do to reach that high? Partnerships?



just to think that i could become a millionaire from dumb internet coins that i bought for the lulz

An actual and fully functional product, something that will never happen.

Why are here no buys on binance btc pair. Watching the order book for he last 10 minutes and zero volume

>Why are here no buys on binance btc pair
Because even brainlets are starting to realize that Link will never work.

legit though, the ones who got rich of bitcoin, had no clue what they were and just bought them for the lulz and forgot about them

Entire market expands, link moves up to a top 20 coin.

Then they would be dumping into these 8k buy orders . Instead their is a standoff since no one wants to sell their link

>I compare link to da criptoe market

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>What is a smart contract and why is it important?
A smart contract is a digital agreement made tamper proof by being run on a decentralized infrastructure, such as a blockchain. Smart contracts are poised to revolutionize many industries by replacing the need for both traditional legal agreements and centrally automated digital agreements. They are temper proof in the sense that no party (even their creator) can alter the code or interfere with execution. Self-verifying and self-executing contracts are a better vehicle for realizing and administering digital agreements.
>What are oracles and why are they important?
In short, an Oracle provides connectivity to the outside world. An oracle is a company which has recently appeared in the smart contract space, whose job it is to translate data into a form that a smart contract can understand. Right now, centralized oracle services do exist, that is, one can pay a private company to translate data into a smart contract readable format. There is no point of anyone using a smart contract in the first place if we must trust a middleman to make out trade, that both parties have to trust. This is expensive because both parties will have to keep redundant copies to assure the terms and conditions are met. A decentralized oracle service, such as ChainLink, will reduce these costs dramatically.

If swift is on board 50$
If not, 2 or 3.

Smart contracts have limitation right now, that is, they need a way to get data from the real world, i.e. connectivity. Smart contract applications rely on data about the real world that comes from key resources, specifically data feeds and API’s, that are external to the blockchain. Making smart contracts externally aware, meaning capable of interacting with off-chain resources, which is necessary if they are going to replace the digital agreements in use today.
>Where does ChainLink fit into all of this?
ChainLink is aiming to be the de facto Oracle service for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, NEO and other smart contract platforms. As well as being the middleware for trustless transactions with other in house blockchains/public blockchains. ChainLink will establish a network of node operators which if they can become the first mover in the space, this will be a massive advantage.
>What are some of the potential market that ChainLink could revolutionize?
1. Securities smart contracts such as bonds, interest rate derivatives, and many others will require access to APIs reporting market prices and market reference data, e.g. interest rates
2. Insurance smart contracts will need data feeds about IoT data related to the insurable event in question, e.g.: was the warehouse’s magnetic door locked at the time of breach, was the company’s firewall online, or did the flight you had insurance for arrive on time.
3. Trade finance smart contracts will need GPS data about shipments, data from supply chain ERP systems, and customs data about the goods being shipped to confirm fulfillment of contractual obligations.
4. Prediction Markets by creating appropriate financial stakes and assuming economically rational players with limited financial incentives for cheating, such oracles provide a high assurance of correct crowd-sourced answers.

I believe+++

this and an end to the pedo kikes and I'm in heaven

$1000 confirmed yet again

Market doesn't need to go up. All it needs is people moving in from other actual shitcoins.


If nobody buys the price can only go down, not now, but 2 months from now.

>Are Smart contracts limited to digitalized data? Don’t they have a limited application in real life and cannot substitute real contracts because in theory you cannot digitalize reality?
First step was payment coins like bitcoin, Litecoin or even Nano. Next step was setting up smart contracts platforms such as Ethereum for decentralized applications. Ultimate step is finding a way to get external/real world data from the outside world onto the blockchain. This is where ChainLink comes into play and solves what is known as the 'Oracle Problem.' ChainLink is not only a bridge for triggering smart contracts from other platforms but is also the first one which can securely insert offline data into smart contracts or grabbing them out from elsewhere. Every single visionary use case with Ethereum you heard of needs data from outside of the crypto Ecosystem.

>Isn’t the problem with financial institutions like SWIFT taking advantage of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is that it would take a long time to adapt their systems to handle it?
That's not a false statement. However, the entire purpose of ChainLink, its goal, is to link those systems to the blockchain without having to do all the upgrades that would normally be necessary. Essentially, ChainLink is like an adaptor. For example, take an old truck. It’s so ancient, it has a cassette tape player. If someone likes to play music from their iPhone they will not be able, because there's no way to connect. Someone could buy an entire new stereo system for hundreds of dollars and must deal with installing it. Or, someone can buy a $20 adaptor that is literally a cassette with an aux jack wire coming out of it. Now someone can play music from their iPhone through a cassette player and they didn't have to upgrade anything, which suits them just fine. Now apply that concept to the entire global financial markets that would love to take advantage of the blockchain but have the old "cassette player" technology that they would rather not spend monumental amounts of money replacing from the ground up. This is where ChainLink steps in.
you own link but you are not a believer quite yet huh? I was in your place once, constantly shooting down everyone's claims as simply an impossibility.

Plenty are buying, idiot

thanks for your informative post bro!

smart contracts appears to be the future

Sure, just look up the Golang repo. The code is open source you nigger. If you have any questions about bugs the gitter is open to ask questions in too.

Sorry, I think I missed the part where you talk about a WORKING product worth 32 Million USD.


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If you used those cassette adapters you know they are shit, and were only useful for a few years until cassette players organically disappeared.

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If you repeat a delusion enough it becomes reality
Example: confidence
Think of how many startups happened because the entrepreneur went against criticism

You must first present "superior evidence" against it, of which there is none

Every piece of the ChainLink system is upgradable, so that different components can
be replaced as better techniques and competing implementations arise (pg, 4)

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maybe it breaks a dollar