This is Sergey's new office. You said he worked out of a nail salon. Apologise

This is Sergey's new office. You said he worked out of a nail salon. Apologise.

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Crazy to think that is the building he will fling himself off of in a matter of months.

let me guess he has a 5 ft by ft 5 tiny room called a "suite" next to the toilets?


Sergey office is the whole city of Sacramento???

Sorry, let's see your downtown San Fransisco skyscraper """suite"""

Website updated

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Chainlink HQ is in the same building as CNN

No wonder there is so much fake news about LINK

Congrats Sergey on his new job! He'll be keeping the floors here nice and shiny at the REQ offices.

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Req is in Germanistan, noob

>worked out of a nail salon

u wot

no wonder these two were photographed hanging out together (albeit the media cropped Sergey). That is the same office Elon works out of.

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Cool, 32m ico going towards fancy digs rather than an actual dev team. Link 7 sats EOY.

big if true

t. somebody who wasn't alive or too young during the whole Dot Com boom
We've been through this before. Techies are given obscene amounts of money, spend it lavishly, then everything turns to shit when everybody realizes that they provide nothing of value.

This is a recent change? Weren't they shacked up in a nail salon for a year?

Two words:

Money laundering.

pathetic. all linkies.

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Big if tower

Why do you bully me? I hate this board i just want to kill my self!!

kek confirm

It's another "co-working" space that he's likely renting for short term.

Better than the one he was at that was above the nail salon, so I guess you could say things are improving over at CL

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I work near this building. Do I find Sergey? What do I ask or tell him?

So that's where our pooled money went? Moving Sergey from his nail salon to some fancy new building?

tell him to post on biz

Linkies are getting desperate

Dat architecture though..

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can some please post pics of the nail salon

Smart Sergey

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there we go, thanks

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Janitors make $270k/year in San Francisco.

>shadow cast over the forks

Tell him to not eat at chipotle or he will get food poisoning

Crazy to think that he will be the new owner of this building in a matter of years.

It is the old WTC, faq !

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This is acutally a big change for Link. He is taking this quite serious and moving into this building obviously shows he is progressing. Well done Sergey.

On the upside he has cut his walk down from 6 minutes to 3 minutes for his walk to get lunch.

I expect him to be getting fatter now :(

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It was 336 though you fucking retard which isnt even this building

nope in soy boi country

So, wrong address then.

Of course.

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People that still think Sergey used to be at a nail salon: it was a coworking space.

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hey i liked the thought of him working in a backroom sweatshop

cunt get your own jokes


so are we allowed to send gift baskets congratulating them on the move?

It's in the delivery.

Kek. Imagine Veeky Forums when that happens

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Fuck u Chipotle is life

Youre gonna get my fist delivered into your face you autistic neet. I bet you was one of those annoying fucking cunt kids at school that just copied everyone

user what do you think of my OC?

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I made this.

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Oh God some weird user is going to stake out McDonald's every afternoon for a week and snap a photo of Sergey.

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I like smoking cigarettes, unironically, kitty corner from their office 15 FEET AWAY FROM OPERABLE DOORS AND WINDOWS.
>pic related

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25k linker checking in. I know it's not much compared to some people but hopefully it gets me there.

Not much? Bro that puts you in like the top 93rd percentile of LINK holders.

this is my favorite style of skyscraper architecture, not an inch of wasted floorspace

That area is like some kind of fast food singularity

jesus what the fuck, why? janitor is blue collar job

This is the old chainlink office, it looks like he has scammed enough off you morons to get a upgrade. Gotta keep up appearances to keep this scam running.

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we are /movin on up/ my LINKstas.

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Not only will he cause a mass Veeky Forums suicide but when his mass collides with the ground the sheer force will trigger the tectonic plates and make it the epicenter of a 9.6 Richter scale earthquake that will destroy half the US and cause massive tsunamis around the world. The stench of the dead will be noticeable from miles away. Those affected by this phenomenon will be remembered as stinky linkies forever

Can't believe someone saved my post

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>The forks are linked together

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It looks like the twin towers. Seriously, used to go there all the time before they were destroyed

Someone photoshop "smart contracts" under watch repair please

he wouldn't have made that move if SWIFT wasn't a done deal

Pan down. They share space with Kennedy’s Fried Chicken

Why? He's got 32m of suckers cash to have fun with.

he definitely got some clients and some in pipeline. obvoisly he cant present clients right next to saloon building. so he moved fuccking fin district in SF. there u go boys , marketing ready...we may expect mainnet news in few weeks.

Not your personal aemy, fag

read his old quora posts, he's an incredibly modest person. No way he did this without a serious step forward.


Look dumbass his office is located behind the nail salon which is on the first floor located in the back alley.

It will become a place of worship, stinky linkies will travel far and wide to visit the site that their dear leader Sergey met his tragic end, maybe some linkies will want to follow in their leaders footsteps and toss themselves off the building as the ChainLink and the oracle problem solver dies with him thus their time on earth is now pointless without it.

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top kek on the meme, user! 10/10 best McDonalds location meme, there!

I work in that building. Which floor does he work on? My badge gives me access to floors 20-37.

Suite 1500, wherever that is.

Oh...they have separate elevators for the lower floors. Maybe I'll run into that faggot at the lobby one day. I'll make sure to say hello to him from Veeky Forums.

15th FL.

Please make a picture of their office
Sneak into the 15th floor if you have to

Darn, I wanted to make a 'better call saul' meme with sergey chilling in the nail salon but now it wont be relevant

>mfw a couple minutes walk away

should i go check it out?

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I just bought 100k

do it

its called a dirty bulk, the fitvitalik ico will be rebooted and a biannual MMA match will take place between moneybel and moneyskel

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BCS joke?

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Good morning Sergey!

>This is the old chainlink office
No it's not.
The address was 334 Kearny Street, not 344.