Assets Types

What are you gains on the different types of assets you've gotten into?

I got 1x Bitcoin at $100, today worth $9400 (940%)

I got my house at $425,000, today worth $500,000 (17%)

I got my Black Lotus in a booster at $4, today worth $125,000 (31250%)

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got my playset of bayou for 200$ in 2011, now worth 916$ (approx 450% in 6y)

>playing anything but edh

off yourself

Is this a Magic: the Gathering investor thread?

I saw these threads a long time ago before crypto was super popular. I bought 200 Gravity Spheres back in june of 2016 for $2400 after shipping. I sold about 20 for $100, 20 for $80, and 60 for $60, getting me about $6500 after shipping. So in like 1 week I almost tripled my money just by buying low supply cards then flipping them in the ensuing hype. Its crazy how with only $2k you could make market movements. I wish I didn't lock in all my money into bitcoins because I lost half my value in the past short drop.

Gravity sphere:

I wish I had $100k, I could turn it into $200k with ease in a moth, or $300k with a huge amount of effort but also a couple extra months.

Shit I have like 2 boxes worth of mtg cards. I should probably look through them. I assume most of them won't be worth more than a couple cents.

Got into XTCC at .0032 XLM sold at .0840XLM.
Got back in again after the crash at .0084XLM.
This coin is going to moon again boys! Prepare for lift off anons

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This. Is there an efficient way of finding the high ballers?

If it's from 1993, every single card is worth $10 or more. Otherwise it'll be a bit of searching/googling to find value, or if you google "MTG store" there are tons of stores that do just MTG that will buy your cards from you for 50% of retail price no questions asked.

Otherwise Ebay is fine as long as you're OK with fees.

Hey... this is is a Magic: The Gathering thread now. Fuck off, cryptos are for normie investors now.

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If you know the name of the expansions from when you were playing, you can search the highest costing cards from that expansion on mtggoldfish or a similar site.

I guess I can find that out, yeah. I remember my friends and I lost interest around the time when the "phasing" ability got introduced and we all agreed that it was needlessly complicated.

All the cards are pretty well used though and nothing mint, so I guess that lowers the price drastically.

>cryptos are for normie investors now.
It’s true. The real money is in kato 2014 holos.

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A little bit of wear is often 10% drop, lots of wear can be a 25% drop, bent in half can be 50% drop for '93/'94 cards.

Also it's funny that phasing was unpopular, and it's been gone for decades now.

I prefer dawnglare, it has a visualiser too:

Also, join the, it's not crypto so there's 0 pajeets: /U5Yh4Vj

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The only card I have that is even worth anything in my Gaea's Cradle, I should have sold my Wasteland :/

Dang. Think most of my early ones are from around fifth edition. Already found one that's worth $ 25 though. Gonna recoup that allowance money.

Hold your cradles, it's reserved list and can only go up from here.

Getting in earlier than 5th edition is where it's at, but hey, $25 cards from what used to be a card fit for the $0.10 bin is still good.

Did you know Wizards of the Coast said they estimate MTG has a $4,400,000,000/year derivatives market if you include trading asset-to-asset? Hasbro is a $5,600,000,000 company. This is why they print Masters sets - they are jealous of the value WotC has created and they want a cut too even if it fucks WotC.

>playing anything but legacy


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>4 mana triple threshold for a 4/5 with trample and a boring effect
who would even play this trash

>MTG has a $4,400,000,000/year derivatives market if you include trading asset-to-asset

holy shit... i knew the numbers would be absurd but i wasn't expecting that...

my last investment was tireless tracker x150 just after they rotated out of standard for 3.5$/p. I'm alrdy 300% in 2 months, feelsgudmang (and the supply is drying up ultra fast, only 300 left on mkm, i expect the card to moon even better in the incoming months)

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Careful it will be reprinted in a masters set its just a matter of time, you should be selling a few copies a week at least

I was buying up all the champion of the parish i could for under a dollar (hundreds) because i knew it would blow up in modern now selling them by the play set at 18$ and going to hold some for the next price bump

actually the card is a staple crossformat, it's even x4 in most of the azban nic fit lists, so if it can break in legacy you know the card is good. (even if i agree the card is boring)

lol no way, the card come from SoI, i have a 4 year safety valve before it get reprinted. plus it get a double anti reprint clause : investigate is a SoI only ability and it force them to include the clues token in the edition if they want to reprint it. It's like the safest bet ever.

lol i did exactly the same after the duel deck cursed vs blessed (bought 55) and the fact humans see new prints everysingle edition can only make it better and better over time, nice idea man

>4 year safety valve
not with two or three masters sets and other promotional sets being released per year. I also invested in Tracker when it bottomed because it was a safe bet due to investigate mechanic, but take your profits while you can and at least sell off some in the mean time

believe me they have a shitload of more urgents reprint (see gaddock : staple crossformat, coming from low printed edition, EDHGod and yet it didnt saw a single reprint single 2007..)
And it's just a matter of fact, they NEVER reprinted a single rare 4y before it original print and tracker was mid 2016. I'll start to unload them once they start to reach 20$/p, not before.

Are there any MTG killers out there? The only card I own that's worth something is a foil Scalding Tarn. Want to get some collectibles on the ground floor.

funwise or value-wise?

I think Pokemon Cards and Yu Gi Oh are the only ones that can hold a candle to MTG when it comes to the secondary market.

Funwise has to be Netrunner. I would even go so far as to say that its the best card game on the market right now.

Pfft. boosters were only $2.50 when black lotuses were in them.

Fun-wise I don't actually think anything competes with older MTG formats. Standard is total shit right now.

Value wise I agree with Pokemon and YuGiOh, it's possible for them to overtake MTG if MTG does a full SJW suicide, which could take a few years because it's such a juggernaut in the CCG space.

>any MTG killers out there?
The whole rise in digital card games.

4.4 billion if you include someone trading a $5 mtg card for a $3 store credit to get that $3 card in a showcase at a store as $8 into the 4.4 billion total. Its actually not impressive when you consider the same card can be traded more than once.

Oh you mean mtg arena in Q4?

>Oh you mean mtg arena in Q4?
That's just a replacement for MTGO because Wizards wants to kill digital redemption.

The less WotC tries to keep MTGFinance alive, the better it becomes for people who actually know what they're doing to dodge obvious finance traps.

So the less opportunities to make money the better...


As long as you get your initial investment back selling half of the cards, you practically made it.

is the SJW agenda capable of decreasing the value of cards? Even when I hate political shit in games, I kind of doubt it.

It concentrates the gains into the hands of people who care. Finance doesn't become "worse" it moves around.

SJWs don't buy cards, so they can't "boycott" the prices down or sell out of stored value... Funny enough, right wing people usually are the ones with money and businesses and can prop up the game. They're the people we want.

Getting your initial investment back on half the cards is easy. If you didn't do at least that you'd be unable to cover the costs of going deep on something that doesn't really pan out. But since very little drops a lot over time compared to the sheer amount of things that go up, most of the time the worst thing to happen is you have to sell your specs for the same price you bought them for. Which is significantly better than some cryptos where you lose 80% in a very liquid scam.