Daily PyrMex thread:

Daily PyrMex thread:

Yesterday we saw the biggest pot yet at 5.320 ETH!

For those who don't know by now, PyrMex is a futures / guessing game which works with EPX (EthPhoenix) as the underlying asset. (Yes, the pyramid token)

You DON'T need to buy EPX to participate, and none of the funds put into PyrMex are put into EPX (Unless you want them to).

There are 6 pots, Zerobear, Bear, Minibear, Minibull, Bull, and Infinibull, representing different ETH ranges the contract balance could be at the settlement time.

At 5 AM UTC (subject to change as we figure where most players live), bets are closed, and there is one hour for players to manipulate the balance of EPX if they so choose. Yes, you CAN manipulate this if you want - that is part of the game!

Payout multipliers depend on market sentiment, but have ranged from 1.3x (An obvious, easy bet) to 11x (completely unexpected manipulation)

Either way, if you DO hold EPX, you get a nice bonus sack of dividends every single day.

This is the simple explanation, if you want the more in depth analysis of the math and concept, there is a great write-up here:


[time is off in article due to recent daylights savings]

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tonight's a nice one because you finally know you won't get bogged, pot's too small

Been waiting for a quiet day like this one. Just slip in a few bucks on megabull here, double my money. Agreed it’s not worth bogging tonight

Small so far, but around 25%-50% of the pot usually comes in in the final hour.

Placing a bet at 0% Vigorish phase (explained in the article) is like voting in an election a month before it actually is - you won't have the most up to date information, and you can rescind your vote.

We do have quiet days, although they are rare, but yeah, those are pretty much free money.

ALSO: If Vigorish turns you off, know this: Every Saturday, or every Saturday the house has collected enough in vigorish, the profit is reinvested as that days initial seed.

We are calling these Super Seed Saturdays, and run them to give back to the dedicated players.

So far 6 rounds have been played, and just look at the volume into EPX, it speaks for itself

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Biggest pot ever was yesterday right?
I think it was 5.3 eth at the end or something

The biggest yet, and the smallest manipulation yet as well. Some interesting prisoners dilemma things going on - seems like most anons were happy taking an easy 1.3x

If someone had dumped, they could have made 11x....

Yeah, the pots have been getting bigger, but honestly the big pots make me a bit nervous, since it just encourages whales. Tonight I think we're just gonna cruise to a smooth victory for the megabulls

I'm only a minnow, betting .01, but whether the pot is 5.0 eth or 0.5 eth, getting a double on my 0.01 is exactly the same to me! :-)

Yeah but he’s saying a whale who sees an 11x multiplier could dump for big gains on a 5eth pot day; here if the mult is 2x you can be pretty sure it’ll land there bc hijinks aren’t profitable

^^ Exactly

Got .48 off a .06 bet.

Feels good man.

You could drop .7 though, and get a sweet 16X - that'd pay for it for sure!

I agree with this - gotta let Bog have a day off sometimes... ;)

Yep, agreed

Looking good tonight. Finally a little more relaxed. I could use more PyrMex nights like tonight. I was worried I was going to need to up my heart medication last week

bog doesn't answer his phone for .395 pots

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But I do. It's gonna be mid-bull tonight, easy

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PyrMex odds looking favorable boys. I'm dumping for 15x. Ya'll been warned :-)

Lol, just saw that guy's post about his winnings that are higher than the whole pot tonight. It'll be a good night for the minnows. I'm happy about that personally

There's been a lot of bull though - I'm still rolling Bear. Some of the early buy-ins are way up now, surely some are going to crack and sell to lock in profits.

Yeah, but not tonight, they'll bide their time, wait for a big pot. Tonight I think it'll be megabull or superbull

>it's another episode of "three people respond to the same thread for four hours to try to make it look like the pyramid coin they got scammed into investing in is still alive"

Buy powh, go afk, let others shill for you while you get actual passive income.

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>down 14 eth in one day
>you will get passive income with us



PyrMex =/= EPX

powh =/= money

Who the fuck are these guys? Wtf does PoWH have to do with PyrMex?

Ah shit, now folks are coming in with real Eth they're gonna fuck up my small pot Sunday

I was actually rooting for PoWH to not fuck up this time

Is ethpyramid and ethphoenix the same thing?

Nothing at all. Yeah I wanted them to not fuck up too, I'm disappointed

Yes - they point to the same contract, the devs decided to give the frontend a new image.

You can still use the EPY website for a year or two until the domain expires, too


> I was actually rooting for PoWH to not fuck up this time
i'm in powh and i was rooting for a fuck up
there is something wrong with you, getting justed is why you join them

It'll still be a smaller pot than normal, but now there's enough that we might get a little bogged unfortunately

Lookout for the dump down to minibull with the 11x mult

yeah but this is boring, run of the mill normie failue, not "oops 2 million is gone" failure

there's nothing to talk about, they just suck this time

ANYWAY the pot just jumped to .942 ETH, and there's 90 minutes left to bet - here are the pots as of right now

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Yeah, the betting gets expensive in 20 minutes too...

EPY, do you have a cute white top bf for me?

oh hell yes we do, but I'm not gonna dox norse

norse a gook

Ok fellas the name of the game is dump to minibear and collect 20x. Who’s with me?

Should I vote 293-296 or 296+ ??? First time playing PyrMex, make me money user

how this will work:
you will try to dump
whales will reinvest to the point where are their bets are placed
you will get hatefucked in the ass with no lube

user, i’ve Been playing PyrMex longer than you’ve been alive. I’ll tell you it’s going 296+ tonight because a giant fucking whale just pushed his cards in on that. So bet accordingly

no he's not lmao

Change my mind

Norse are you a gook?

yeah let me give you guys some sage advice - 1999-guy is back, that's all I'm gonna say

I CAN'T but I have his dox ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

he is married anyway and i'm looking for a solid partner not just a hook up

PSA: 5 minutes until the Vig increases again

Oh shit and the pot is 1.3 now

I think we're going to at least 2 eth tonight

That'll be absurd we spent the whole day at .4

One minute to the turn

man thread is slow, even my shitposting can't keep it alive


4 minutes to close

This is dope, love betting on this. The last hour always gives me an adrenaline rush lol

told ya