Friendly reminder that this is going to end badly

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What is?

It is 90 and a degenerate. Fair prediction.

I only regret that he's probably gonna die before the world proves him wrong. And the faggot's last thought will be "I was right about everything"

buffet is a dumb nigger, seriously whats his track record? muh coca cola cause muh legendary branding and he bough a railroad during the 08 crash cause muh brick and mortar infrastructure is a deal rn. ofcourse, any1 with half a brain in their skull could have made his decisions and better during the markets of his hayday

>whats his track record?

>4th wealthiest man in the world
>dumb nigger



>muh boomer celebs
He became the 4th wealthiest man in the world by being an expert in the investments of his time. Crypto is out of his mental grasp not only because he can't be fucked to put in the energy required to learn something new. It makes him feel outdated, boomers hate that.

Daily reminder Buffett is going to have a cardiac arrest in the next 3 years and I'll still have my shitcoins.

Lol, crypto will crash and burn to the ground before he dies.

Stop idolizing these faggots.

Warren Buffet made most of his money from the bank of america moon mission after the 2008 crash. He's as corrupt as any jew with too much power.

Do you think you can be a multi-billionaire by just holding coca-cola and mcdonalds?

Just like Amazon and Apple, right, user?

He didn't just hold Coke and MacDonald's, you insufferable faggot. Berkshire Hathaway buys companies, and bug chunks of companies, and had an investment in McDonalds in the 90s, that they sold.

BH is one of the most successful investment houses in history, but here you are, sniveling mealy mouthed about him because he said something mean about your faggot coins. Boo hoo. Boo hoo hoo.

>He became the 4th wealthiest man
You can stop right there. His wealth alone means he's smarter than you are. Period.

Just because he doesn't buy into your hysteria doesn't negate how insanely successful he's been. I don't worship him, but his philosophy and opinion mean a hell of a lot more than your piss poor little cryptofag daydreams.

You're seriously saying he has no track record? Do you even know what Berkshire Hathaway is, and what they do, and how much they're worth - and how much wealth they create for their investors?

You can't be that dumb. You just fucking can't. If you believe any of what you wrote, you need psychiatric help, faggot, you've gone completely insane.

>faggot coins
If they're faggot coins then why are you here.

he is old and will die soon
how is that bad

Because I'm interested in the underlying technology and investing in general, and I like laughing at the ridiculous get rich quick faggots that have descended upon /biz like a plague of retarded locusts, and ruined any real discussion of business and investments. You little faggots ruined a perfectly good place, and I'm returning the fucking favor. Fuck you, and your faggot Amway coins.

Now get out!

Calm down Charlie


>hurr everyone needs to trade stocks for 50 years for 0.0001% daily profit before they can get rich durrrrr
>muh ruined board
go back to buying gold, wagecucking, working your ass off starting a business etc, not everyone is that retarded when there is such easy money to make now

fuck off you boomer lover

Buffett has said time and time again he only invests in things he understands and can place value on, and then when he has an edge he bets big. Not a believer in diversification nor in bullshit like TA.

I think he just doesn't understand crypto, that's the issue.

Buffett isn't a boomer you retards.

He also puts a lot of value on the leadership and management of companies.

And, he doesn't have to understand it, or invest in it. He's only getting shit on here because the coinsheep are pissy because he said negative things about crypto. But the claims these retarded faggots are making are hilarious, it's typical Veeky Forums - no knowledge, just parrot memes and whatever you think is real, and attack anyone who disagrees with you. Claiming that he has a poor track record is one of the most hilarious and astounding things I've seen posted here, and this forum posts a lot of ridiculous shit.

LOL, someone is upset.

>easy money
dude the buble popped, the easy money is over. even the easy shorts are over

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>unironically calling himself a brainlet

This faggot made so much money in 2008 due to insider trading and the corrupt stimulus packages, fuck this old shithead

I'm far from being upset, I make more money trading shitcoins than doctors make a year lol
you're butthurt because you think making money should come with the burden of years of slaving away
stay poor boomer

ok not one nigger mentioned how he used insurance money float to fund his gambling during the postwar boom of the 60s. brk cratered in 2008 and he was in on the cratering, balls deep in wells fago and goldmman sachs scams too.

>you're butthurt because you think making money should come with the burden of years of slaving away

I never made that statement in any shape or form, you pathetic excuse for a neckbeard.

But hey, you tried.

ok, stick to your "traditional" investing and sucking boomers' cocks, I would rather

Smart and succesful, to be sure. But even smart and succesful people can make mistakes. I would say his lack of vision regarding the internet (1) and cryptocurrency (2) are mistakes he's made, then again, they're unlikely to hurt him much, and are very small in the grand scheme of his overall wealth and history of winning.

Oh, look, he's still running his mouth.


yeah this retard didnt see the internet why would he see crypto. all the buffett cock gobblers in here dont understand that he has an ancient way of thinking and just because hes shitting on crypto does not mean that his word is gospel

This dumb boomer isn't even the brains behind his company. Daily reminder he wasted his shareholders money on IBM

Most of his money? He's been in charge of Berkshire since the 70s. It's grown about 20% per annum since then.

Can’t snuff the Buff
Friendly reminder if you’d have sold when he said that you’d have more money, instead you watched it end badly

Your jealousy is fucking hilarious. "The chairman and CEO isn't the brainz, hurrr durrrrrr"

That's why you're here chasing after pajeet scams, and he's worth billions of dollars: he's not a spastic retard.

>yeah this retard didnt see the internet why would he see crypto.

Yep, and the Internet was fucking EASIER to understand than this shit - I mean did what kind of retards thought Fax machines were unironically better?

Guy is like the ultimate hodler & dip buyer. So....respect for that I guess? But he's really a shit-tier trader.

>But he's really a shit-tier trader.

You're fucking adorable.

What's your problem dude?
Buffet from another time.
Society changed.

Why you out on full Buffett defence mode? You a shill for Berkshire, or are you just butthurt your role model is an outdated dinosaur and you are experiencing cognitive dissonance? Kys

In fairness The Buff™ would never be caught dead trading, I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s gambling. His time horizons are football numbers

this dude is 89 years old traded steel horses and wood in world ar 2 wtf do u think he has an clue of cryptocurrency

hail our new overlord changchungcheng zhen

Buffet on trading

This dude's a total bro.

I don't have a problem, other than your childish comments about the world's most successful investor and trader. You reek of jealousy and bitterness.

He's probably forgotten more about investing than you're capable of understanding.

are you fucking retarded? he had 36 billion before that

No, I just think it's hilarious that you little pajeet coin chasers think you know more than one of the most successful men on the planet. It's adorable.

You're literally a retarded Buffett shill, if you know anything you know the jew Charlie munger runs the whole show, is much smarter than goy buffet, and 6 years his senior. Get your head out your ass you stupid boomer

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i literally only have $130 in crypto

Boo hoo. Boo hoo hoo.

I made a higher return on investment in percentage terms than Buffett did in his LIFE

I bought Bitcoin at $0.24 and more at $0.885

admittedly, I was cashing out slowly as it kept rising, but I did cash some out at $13.2K

overall, my investment appreciated 3,000,000%

it took him 50 years to make 751,113%

Did I get lucky? Yes. The same way he got lucky as well, considering he hasn't been actually beating the market. BRK has been basically tracking S&P 500 give or take a little bit for the last decade.

You're in fucking denial, times have changed. Your way is the way of the dinosaur, the asteroids are coming and he sees them. Look at Smoke stupid retard Buffett out of the water both % gains and time. Get rekt

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Blah blah blah.

Now I'm in denial. LOL. FUCKING ADORABLE.

only on 4chins does warren fucking buffet gets called a dumb nigger.

any discussion about this guy is a TOTAL and COMPLETE waste of time.

>uses a flip phone
>trusting his opinion on crypto

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But he truly is nothing but a dumb nigger

i mean he doesn't have long to live so year it is going to end badly for him.


This. Buffet is a dumbass nigger. Munger is the brains.