Legit question.

What will this chink coin do after the 20th?

It's not a buy the rumor, sell the news case as the whales will have their coins locked up at least temporarily so sell volume will drop a lot.

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it will literally start printing money for holders

go up until main net then main net locks up half the supply. If we are not at least 10$ by main net I will be very surprised.

lmao everyone said ICX would be 20 after main net you know what it did? Went from 4-6.5 and then bled out. We are in a bear market children.

except vechain is being used in the real world by huge enterprises already and now will continue on the public chain. Also, it has the best economic model with Masternodes in crypto literally massive incentive to hodl

ICX went up to 12 my fren

sell this chin chon coin and buy something legit and swiss like AMB before they announce masternodes later this month

this occurred following a major collapse 1
ICX doesn't currently pay you to hold it as far as i know 2
the overall sentiment of VEN is way more positive than ICX 3
lastly the wales are incentivized to keep stop accumulating and pump the price after the 20th

60 EOY, screencap this.

retards, im selling the news because guess what? whales only need to have a the 6k x node and can upgrade ANY time to the higher tier ones
im literally all in VEN, favorite project

keeping 6k and selling the news with the rest to buy the dip and increase my count

we are in a bear market, no one has money to pump projects, every just sells the news any opportunity they can get until new money comes in ie. institutional money

nope there is a waiting period to start generating THOR depending on the size node you want to use

coupled with the fact that its still 3 months away
make sure to sell every news that ven releases and buy the dip if sentiment is still bear

you will have much more ven by mainnet release

yeah and? im sure whales dont mind waiting a little longer if it means they get to accumulate a fuckload more ven in the meantime until mainnet

Ideally it would pump like DASH did after its tokens got locked up in Masternodes. But that's assuming that the bear market is over.

Token lockup makes the supply more inelastic which results in larger swings (both up and down) as a function of demand.

Whalepool telegram announced GVT is an unregistered security because of the managers tokens. Do i sell? seems alot of people already dumped im losing money.

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What does sunny have to do with GVT ? I don't get it

i meant a new thread

Of course people will sell the news.

It'll dump. It always dumps. You'll see

That is why you have to be smart and sell before the dump and then buy back

Yeah it happens every single time. It's self-fulfilling prophecy.

>What will this chink coin do after the 20th?
I think the sell walls will be there for the next 2 years. Highest X node is only 156k VET, so whales with hundreds of thousands of VET can still put up sell walls to continue accumulating. Only ones with enough cash and motivation to take down the walls are businesses that need VET for the long term, and that's won't happen until developments and produces finish 2 years later.

It won't do anything. Nothing positive or negative. Just like back in December post-authority node lock-in date. The news to sell was the announcement of this program when it pumped to 48k sats.

VEN has staking ICX doesnt there is no reason to hold ICX long term
Non-staking coins are simply inferior

This is what happens, huge pools of people lock up their ven, less price suppression and manipulation in general price will likely rise due to lower volume having greater control on price
remember the price will go up because people are selling VEN. People who are selling ven are not interested in staking they want a quick buck so, if they dont have at least a 6k node locked up they are either little ven hodlers or people looking for profits, so they flip ven and begin selling at higher prices. people still need to buy ven as people will always need to upgrade from node to node.

then, mainnet lauches, ALL of ven hodlers leave the exchanges all that is left is people flipping ven for more money, increasing the price of ven. How this affects thor if at all remains undetermined.

ICX will have staking you mong, and I'm telling you this as a thunder node holder

this is a bad argument for price movement or for people to lock up coins.

Sure if you hold 150k it gives you master node status 90 days faster. or if you hold 50k thundernode like 60 days faster... but people are not stupid anymore with VEN. We know thor will be worth peanuts for years. Im expecting Thor at around 10 cents to a dollar for at least a year. if things go really well maybe 2-3 bucks but that is really bullish.

People dont care about generating a few bucks a day extra off the bat if they can swing their stacks of 50+ thousand VEn between now and June. Lol.

They are all myself included going to be keeping 6k and swinging.

sorry satan I didnt know
will it have tier rewards ?

I don't know but supply on binance has gone down like 60 percent since this morning

Who launches a product during the middle of summer?

they dont call him sunny for nothing