Looks like this is going to be one of the best projects

Looks like this is going to be one of the best projects
In crypto. Normies will finally be able to convert fiat to
Normal currency. I'm personally hoping this
Kicks off another bullrun later this year.
10$20? How high do you think REQ will go? I don't
Know myself, but I'm going to keep hodling. I know we'll
Eventually be rewarded. Everyone say it with me REQ $100 end
Of year. That's the spirit. Again! REQ $100 end of
Year. We're going to make it boys.

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Considering picking up a couple thousand bags but I'm just not sure this is the best coin for the job

>Normies will finally be able to convert fiat to
Normal currency.

What did he mean by this

You realize that if the project succeeds, the REQ token itself will be useless right?

He is >implying crypto is >normal

Brainlet detected

$10 eoy !!!

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this project has never made sense to me
atomic swaps exist on other platforms
automatic fiat interchangeability will only happen with massive fiat anchors like what stellar and fairx are doing
i just dont get the novelty or the use case;ive read their post on it and see little real world use case

Nigger, nobody will let you convert fiat to crypto without KYC


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Top Kek

It didn't to me either but I had an a-ha moment. When they launched Colossus I tried to use their interface and although it wasn't "weird and creepy," it was difficult to use and understand if you we're just some average guy. Then it clicked, REQ isn't a dapp... REQ is the framework for sending and receiving money, from customer to business, business to business, person to person, etc and within that framework there exists the capacity to run smart audits on your own business. The outsourcing they're doing now is for other devs to create dapps that run on the REQ network. Maybe there'll be a hundred different interfaces, some better than others, but in order to execute actions across the network some REQ tokens will be spent and burnt as a fee... the fee tokens are built into the transaction, swapped and burnt automatically so no need to hold if you don't want to.

So the Request Network can be as simple as buying a coffee and telling the app to send US Dollars to the shop who takes US Dollars, and it can be as complex as spending TRON tokens in a sushi place in Japan, who prefers payment in Yen.

Deeper down the rabbit hole one could rationalize that the Request Network could also be its own crypto exchange, as you could basically spend US Dollars to receive LTC... only time will tell.

Tl;dr- REQ isn't the dapp or service, it's the payment framework other dapps operate on

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thanks user
isnt this all being done by xlm/sdex/fairx already though?

He is implying normies have brains.

They don't. They are sheep that do what they are told.

Oh fuck you OP. Sage

Oh look the hourly discord pajeet pump and dump coin.You realize no one is buying your bags right? This has already proven to be a scam. REQ monkeys will attack me for this but they have no solid rebutalls.
>team dumping their bags at the top
>team members posting themselves partying everyday on facebook
>team has no experience creating any valuable Blockchain applications
>Coinbase commerce exists
>YC will back CB over REQtards
>will dump after mainnet

>so no need to hold if you don't want to
So why would anybody buy this coin then

LEL....fuck outta here with this weak shit
We Chainlink now

They’ll use OmiseGO to do that

Profit, naturally

I'd need to do more research on it to speak intelligently about it. I believe fairx is going after peer to peer transfers whereas REQ is built around invoicing to and from businesses (but not limited to)

and they won't even have to know what any of these shitcoins are to use the network

Pretty weak fud.

I appreciate you optimism.

1 trillion per coin by end of decade

>he fell for this easy to debunk fud

we pumpin'

the bottom is in. REQ will never be this cheap again. get in now or stay poor

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Remember, it will be worth .05 by summer and .01 by September 28th 2018.

You've been warned.

req has been my baby since 2nd quarter 2017. if it doesnt go ill hang myself from the ceiling fan.

Someone saying the REQ token is useless is like someone saying ETH is useless. They serve exactly the same function in their blockchains.

>req has its own blockchain
Honey it’s past your bed time

yeah in eth

This. Even just one thousand req may make you a millionaire n dollars in 2019. Think of all the use cases that will be adopted over time for this FRAMEWORK, even PayPal could integrate it, adding their billions of transactions running across the REQ network. Incredible to think about

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Pic related.$100 EOY

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someone could make the same thing on the Stellar network that has much lower fees + fiat/fiat pairs through FairX


600 bill market cap in 2 years



Crypto over all could hit 20 trillion in 2019

Market cap does not effect how high something can be priced

why's it going straight to fucking zero then?

yeah but they aren't
first mover advantage is a big thing
why do you think Bitcoin still dictates the market?