Ran out of gas

Ran out of gas in the middle of a cross country trip in the middle of our mothership ....KKK land Missouri. Just east of Joplin.

Don't know what the fuck I'm going to do because I'm a cheap Jew and don't have Triple AAA

So figure I should turn this into a positive. Shill me on an easy 100 times coin (besides link). And I'll make the trade and then I will have a great story on how I became a millionaire because I ran out of gas.

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What a retard

Your life is spriralling out of control.

You can now tell the story of how you ran out of gas and decided to shitpost on an image board and some user told you to kill yourself.

Kill yourself.

unironically live close enough to help out. you in need?


Thank me later

Why don't you have AAAAAAAAA user?

user I think your car is stuck to a wall. i'd try getting on the ground first

you dont need AAA. you can still call them and they will just ask for your CC on phone.

Buy ECA and put some gas in your car

who the fuck runs out of gas? there's a gauge right in front of your face.

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Lol Jews can't handle real risk, you dumbass larper.

Looks like an electric car

just push it pussy

what coins do you own? I could actually use the help but would rather take my chances in the wilderness if you own any Jew coins


Had like 20 miles left and a couple chances to get some but was on the phone and forgot

Buy GAS.

>was on the phone and forgot
are you a woman?

Stand by... cop just pulled up and have a AK-47 in my back seat with a 30 round clip. Thank the lord this didn't happen in Illinois.


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Why is your car sideways

Lucked out

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covered it up perfectly with clothes I had in back

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Well done user. Unless they find it and you don't have a conceal carry permit, then go directly to jail. Some states have a "duty to notify" law. Concealed or not, might be legally obligated to notify LEO you're packing, which is fucken stupid imo. Could make a tenuous situation even more so.

what in gods name are you doing, you're a mess.

You keep the ak in your backseat instead of in a case in the trunk, why?

Are you wearing depends to avoid stopping needlessly?

What good is a weapon if it's locked up in a case? You gonna tell some psycho "hold on, time out, let me goto my trunk brb"

Buy ZIL or regret it forever.

that is a good point

If one of these trucks careening around the corner behind me hits me and I am not instantly killed and have about 5 mins before I bleed out I will post my binance username and password for one of you anons to have

no good. won't pass 2FA.

god bless you kike user

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Because I don't give a fuck. I do take it apart and put it in the trunk when in anti 2A States. Lots of Mexicans in places like New Mexico and Oklahoma City. Need it nearby.

Will post my moms address then. So then You can go to her house and get my phone. Give her half tho.

Wouldn't a holstered glock be a lot easier to transport and access?

OP if you notice any spoopy shit going on be sure to record


Alright, OP. Doesn't matter what you invest in right now. Go with something safe and sturdy like any top5, doesn't matter. Find some fuel somehow and get home and stop fucking around.
Wait patiently for an ICO being announced from a company by the name of Kakao. Invest everything you have when the time comes. Screencap this right now, just in case you forget. Best of luck.


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So are you in a Honda accord? Lexus e's? Toyota camry? I'm out of ideas after that

haha just passed right by you loser. Enjoy getting raped by a tornado within the next two hours

Next level larp

Only story from here on is how some idiot got stranded and mauled by bobbycats. At least you'll make a footnote in tomorrows newspapers for people to giggle at.

Sharpie in pooper with timestamp, and I will send you 1 ETH.

At gas station now. Give me a minute.... cuz I need more link

And hate the fees

Yeah do NOT drive through Illinois with an unlicensed gun in your vehicle.

Due to the raging gun-control political debate you WILL face prison time no matter how pasty-white your skin is. It's inescapable in this State, so watch yourself.

There you go user. I want my one eth... how do you want to make the transaction.

I actually have the pen in my ass still while writing this.

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And I did all that next to THIS. Really stinky... so I better be getting some more linkies ;)

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Can I post my eth address here? Or will I get banned?


All the Jews need gas, user.

better sell some bertcorns user

user you got memed, you aren't getting any money.

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Haha figured it was worth a shot since I was at gas station when I saw his post

ADST is really undervalued atm

crypto was a mistake

>runs out of gas
>better tell Veeky Forums
>live ak in the back seat with dirty clothes
>shoves a foreign object up his butt inside a random shitter at a gas station in the middle of bumfuck nowhere
Bitcoin was a mistake.

Anything to entertain you guys. Since I'm just happy nothing happened when the cop came up to see what was up and had a semi automatic rifle in the back seat

RAS 47? God I hope you die.
t. Missourian


nah, women run out of gas because they hate going to gas stations. Guys checking you out, cat calling, etc

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I'm on the phone with Joplin police. Telling them about the AK47 hidden under the clothes in the backseat. Told them about the car that run out of gas and I don't know but the officer or others may be in danger.

Made me laugh

>people are literally helping a Slavic criminal spy running from the state
Bunch a commie traitors the lot of you

lol what a dick.

I honestly thought OP was larping until I read the rest of his posts....Jesus hail mary Christ man....

What the fuck am I reading in this disaster of a thread?

unironically have my ar pistol and hk vp9 on me or in reach at all times because of them

>runs out of gas
>keeps electronics on for no reason
Nice, no gas and a dead battery soon

lol great job runing out of gas and getting a felony and going to jail for 5 to 10 years now that shit would be funny

Lmao just what in the fuck is going in here

Did this guy just stick a sharpie in his ass in a public bathroom?

>Under-rated post
I came here from /pol/ in case you didn't noe.

Yeah I mean OP is kind of /ourguy/ right now, today OP was not a faggot

Nice. Didn't fall for the Glock meme.

basically had to. lefty master race

what a mess

Dude I'm not a Jew. Russian made VEPR from the famous MOLOT factory

Jesus titty fucking Christ, this has to be a troll

>Triple AAA

Thanks for the heads up you dumb faggot

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Op was he srs? Did they swat you?

OP ded cause he didn't buy nano


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Converted VEPRS are gay user. Get an arsenal or a kit build.

It's weird seeing someone post this shit near where I grew up.

im a fan of krebs. any experience with arsenal that you could report to someone looking to get another ak?

>out of gas
>headlights on

You...you're not going to make it are tou user.

Next on my buy list

If the cops see this thread they will see you put that sharpie up your butt before you died

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>they hate going to gas stations. Guys checking you out, cat calling, etc
Ugly feminist detected.

Buy some Elix. Also what's the update now how you doing

Best thread in a while

Im going with this guy. I trust him. Gonna get Kakao

I'm good... got gas. Driving again now.

are you serious? buy GAS. its a sign, you need it. plus you will make money this week from it