Shot In the Dark

This is me grasping at straws.

I have been self employed the past 22 years as an IC Courier. I make shit but have Social Sec filling in almost all my fuel expense so my apx $30k 1099 gross is really about my net since w/ deduction I pay zero income or self employment taxes. I own a condo worth apx $112,000 yet owe $50k on a HELoC and have around $50k Credit card debt.

I will be 55 this Summer and want to buy an off grid 10 acre property that is "non conforming" thus not eligible for bank finance.

Aside from hitting the lottery my living expenses and credit debt service leave me with no savings .

I have about a 680 ish credit score average mostly due to debt to limit ratio . All time high was 764.

If I sell my condo and am left with $50,000.. what can I do to relatively quickly make a couple hundred thousand dollars so i can buy this property asking about $170,000 will need a well which due to location [New Mex] might be $30-40k.

I could put my stuff in storage and buy a van conversion to live mobile for a bit if it served a purpose..

I considered buying and flipping homes but I hear the market is cooling.. just looking for ideas.

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>55 years old
>50k heloc loan
>50k credit card debt
>I considered buying and flipping homes

Fucking kek this is the most boomer shit I've ever read

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dammit americans, why are you like this?
>non-stop eating, reaching 600lbs
>non-stop living beyond their means, reaching tens of thousands in credit card debt

Is it the circumcisions that rewired your brains?

how did you manage to save nothing for 3 + decades since high school what on earth is happening how did you get so much CC debt can you even pay that off without just going through bankruptcy what the fuck

>50k credit card debt

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Bong you have practically nothing to play with when your debts are factored in.

You are running out of time to get lucky and win the lottery.

You have unfortunately little to no chance of borrowing the money for this property and paying it off bar a miracle.

Try hit some crypto longshots and hope for the best brother. Its not all doom and gloom bong but you got to take some proper action while you have your health.

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Try to find one of the retirement homes where they don’t rape the inmates

Sell condo
50k down payment on quad plex
Live in 1 rent the other 3
1 pays your rent the other 2 pay for the rest
Wait for area to gentrify
Sell quad plex to Chinese investors
Get 200-500k
Buy a big ass apartment complex with all that money down
Sell giant plex for millions
Now your a millionaire

I dropped out of HS despite scoring in the 98th percentile on the PSAT becasue my fatger, a WWII Bomver Pilot developed Alazheimer's disease and I went off the rails.. I went to California from Boston and spent 12 years living an escapist hedonist lifestyle and did not work.

I did begin working after ditching HS as an Audio Consultant..[stereo sales] and rapidly shot to Eighth ranked out of this nationwide retail chain in sales. but didn't work again till I began driving as a courier in 1995.

I inherited the money with which I bought this condo. paid $56k cash from a Trust. then used the rest over the years to just coast. eventually I injuries by lower back that derailed me somewhat. I was before the 2008 meltdown earning enough that the at the time Credit debt was dwindling but suddenly the interest rates more than doubled . I needed the lines so kept paying .. I have been spinning my wheels since then but never defaulted .

sounds like a plan.. reminds me of a kid I washed dishes with out of HS.. his older brother bought him an apartment building before he was old enough to own it he's like Trump.

>hitting the lottery
Why do boomers do this?

I was talking to my dad the other day and he said he was buying lottery tickets because "the first ticket drastically increases your chances of winning, the second ticket doesn't increase them at all". Disgusting.

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I know I have a better chance of being hit by lighting but if you don't play you don;t win and someone always wins. that last huge powerball was sold just seven miles from where I live..

I mentioned it in my OP to be somewhat facetious .. I am not planning on thus my inquiry.

I'm curious how much have you spent on lottery in your entire life, if you add it up? And can you imagine if all that money were in your pocket right now?

i wasnt trying to make fun of you too much but man you should NEVER take on CC debt unless it will literally help you avoid homelessness or save the health of you or your wife/husband/kids etc. nothing else is important enough to take ont he yearly APR any CC has. you also shouldnt talk about your past accomplishments like '98th percentile' or 'eight ranked out of this nationwide chain' because nobody cares man. do your best, accomplish those things yes, but theres no reason honestly to tell anybody. do they help you make more money or get you the other things you desire in life then excellent, that should be your goal not boasting about multiple things from decades ago on an anonymous internet forum.

live better not talk better

Read “Rich dad Poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

It will change your life

maybe a few hundred.. next to nothing..

this is also an excellent point. buying 1 powerball ticket every drawing is fine and i do it personally, but any more than that and your not gaining anything in terms of odds and burning future thousands of dollars. the way i look at it in my early 20s is every dollar i spend now is $10 in my 50s 60s 70s. i use to have a problem with flaming hot cheetos, is the $3.79 bag right now worth $37.90 or $50 or $100 in the future? no its not; im not saying never buy anything for yourself but have a set part of your budget for that and use that money efficiently

I merely mentioned them becasue the poster asked how this happened.. I was a gifted and talented young person who experienced a majorly devastating personal family tragedy and made poor decisions in coping.. the personal achievements are merely to suggest I had the capacity to accomplish many things but being a sensitive kind of a kid I went off the deep end watching my dad decay with this disease until I fled.

Recent ly the small company I've contracted with who served the health care industry lost a major customer and my income lost about $10K each of the last two years thus my mounting debt.

>> I was a gifted and talented young person who experienced a majorly devastating personal family tragedy and made poor decisions in coping.. the personal achievements are merely to suggest I had the capacity to accomplish many things but being a sensitive kind of a kid I went off the deep end watching my dad decay with this disease until I fled.

this is most of us at Veeky Forums man.

Even asking this means your ahead of the average person for sure, but you shoudl be looking into what you can accomplish with your intellect in the future not waht could have been in the past, aka a midlife crisis lol. spend a few weeks or a month and take your time and THINK about what you want toa ccomplish in the rest of your lfie and write it all down and take it all into account when forming your future decisions.....rushing into shit wont help. Use the brain you certainly do have and find your actual goals then work through a process to accomplish them, dont panic think things through and you will succeed

ok I'll check it out . Thanks.

a main impetus for my wishing to relocate is just noise.. this location is too noisy for me to get the kind of sleep I need and its ruining my health.
so the idea of having this $50 from the sale is really my only avenue to make anything of it .. I like the idea of a multi unit in principle if not at all in practice.. but i could suffer a few more years before my health starts going off the cliff.

If this is near carlsbad, I have been out there. It looks extremely depressing for those who live on these vast stretches of nothingness. I would take a visit first user

So you are basically looking for a 3x.. You might want to join the crypto market but it's a lot to take in and it's really easy to lose money.

its near Madrid sort of halfway between ABQ and Santa Fe to the East. I want primarily quiet solitude and sunshine.. so check on those there.. I am reading a lot about the negative impact of the ever intensifying wireless signals being beamed all around so getting away from dense pop centers seems the way to avoid being constantly bathed in that.. like I said though its Off Grid.. has solar panels and propane for stove and a small heater. but without the well no bank financing .. the two rather large cisterns are not adequate oand as far as I can tell would not run freely in the sub freezing Winters.. so a well plumbed to run through Winter will be needed whether the seller does it so a buyer can go to a bank or a cash buyer who wants to live year round does it..

I am risk averse .. this money is essentially inherited and all I have.. I do not want to speculate in a manner that jeopardizes it.

Interesting,y I just got another solicitation from PayPal for a PP MasterCard.. they gave me $4k of a paypal credit line last week and just gave me a $4k pay pal master-card.. I can control my spending and this ought to result in a jump in my credit score by improving my debt to limit ratio.