Reminder that Devery (still sitting at 7m mcap) has partnered with to serve 266m+ customers...

Reminder that Devery (still sitting at 7m mcap) has partnered with to serve 266m+ customers.... Why haven't you heard? Cause they're not faggot shills and are actually focused on developing a product with JD. Why do you hate money biz?

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In other words they can’t afford any marketing

JD is paying for marketing

They're actually hiring their marketing guy(s) right now, asked them on telegram. Also was told its already done, jus the contracts need to be finalized and then they'll announce it. You've to be retarded to NOT buy Devery right now... way below ICO price, low volume, people holding it are either bottom buyers or ICO buyers, both are amazing because neither will be selling for a long time. Besides that, the project itself has ALOT of potential and getting it for 7m is just a blessing considering it'll go to 100-200m within a month or two, followed by some kind of a dump afterwards and a possibility of 1b eoy if things play out well

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Congratulations OP, you'll make it.

Seriously and the product actually has potential for real growth instead of speculative growth. Online counterfeits are a a huge issue and JD is literally the gateway to implementing an ethereum based solution on large scale. People who buy and resell items online will be able to know for sure that they items they're getting are from an actual brand and not just hand knitted on the streets of China

While that is true, you've to keep in mind that crypto currently is in a very speculative phase, so while yes, the product itself IS great, what will likely bring mass attention to the project is their partnerships, like the one. Whats great about the current position of this coin is that you're basically buying the bottom, you beat the ICO buyers, you beat the fomo'ers that bought straight after the IDEX listing, and most importantly, you're here before they finalize their marketing & more exchange listings. EVE reaching 70m within a month or two isnt even a question, its a no brainer... Thats 10 fucking x from now on, with a solid chance at 100x total if you're buying in now.

Only way i can describe it is - comfiest hold i've ever had

Devery is the biggest scam since confido

Elaborate, inb4 "pajeets". You're either just FUD'ing to accumulate more at a cheap price, or simply a retard. Even if you dont actually believe in the product, its as clear as the sky that this will easily bring you an easy 3x. If you're some one who's still accumulating, im sorry, done filling my bags so its shilling time, hopefully some of you will catch on to it early enough

We all know the pros of this project, if you actually have any cons please let us know

>github last updated a month ago

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the guy shilling is the same user from telegram group that is shilling, he always does that.

6 members in the team or so, pajeets in team, no marketing. - go accumulate your bags alone kek

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I actually picked up on this coin about a week or two ago, saw absolutely no shilling neither on biz or plebbit, mind explaining which user you're talking about?

As far as pajeets go thats just a silly argument, Genesis Vision, biz' #1 beloved new project is filled with them.

Marketing status : Finalizing contracts before announcement

proof? I wouldn't think JD would publicly announce working with a scam

VEN until a few weeks ago didnt have their github updated since late November, LOL, whats your point

Im actually curious myself what would he have to say to that one lol

stuck holding this piece of shit and i bought in at the ICO.

$10k locked up in literal crap when the rest of my portfolio is green

Ouch. How much down are you in eth value? And if you genuinely think its a piece of crap, why didnt you get out at 24k last week ?

like 45%. It was shilled so hard and its basically been a huge disappointment. Thats the last time I take advice from whales shilling their homeboys coins

Was it shilled on /biz? I actually didnt see a single thread even back then, which is weird as fuck

telegram channels. IDK, I guess the market sucked when it released but its still almost 50% below ico

EoY price predictions?

You goofed i guess, but you're also right about the timing of its release, buying anything back then and holding till now is pretty much a -50%. Im just happy i got this really damn cheap. Best of luck to you!

Pretty much anything you invested in around Devery's ICO is down from that time period. Why do brainlets keep saying this shit..We've been stuck in bear market for months after the biggest run up we've ever seen. People are too fucking stupid to be able to accurately evaluate shit like this aren't they?

post a source following your exact words

Definitely 100mcap +

Its hard to predict an entire year ahead, but considering we also enter the altseason, i dont see why this thing wouldnt blast past 300mcap eventually.

They were selected in an accelerator NOT FUCKING PARTNERS. JD has IBM doing all of their supply chain and tracking. Get a fucking clue. This is a complete shitcoin, CEO is a nobody with zero credentials (he made an app once), CEO already lied saying Devery is only supply chain company involved with JD A COMPLETE LIE, as IBM are doing JD supply chain, tracking, rfid, protocols and more. A blatant lie to pump his shitcoin. Whitepaper is copy pasta of every shitty supply chain ico out there. If you bought this R.I.P.

You're a fucking goof that literally wants to battle on the techicality behind the word. Wow.

Devery has been selected as’s supply chain tracking partner as part of a list of five promising blockchain startups. Each startup represents a key focus area for

You're either a retard, OR, still accumulating, if its the latter, im sorry but you've to market-buy, ITS TIME.

>Reminder that Devery (still sitting at 7m mcap) has partnered with to serve 266m+ customers.... Why haven't you heard? Cause they're not faggot shills and are actually focused on developing a product with JD. Why do you hate money biz?

lol..shitcoin..JD partnered with tons of crypto shit projects. token has no value.

Smell that smoke? It's your folio in flames. Live and learn. You think precise wording doesn't mean shit in this market, are you 10yrs old? You still didn't address that the CEO lied, made it sound like they were the only supply chain game in town while knowing IBM is doing all of JD supply chain. Wake the hell up.

You literally just tried correcting my wording of "partnership" into a "accelerator" as if thats bad, then turned around saying that IBM is doing ALL of JD's supply chain when you previously in a post above corrected me that its just an accelerator... Also, PLEASE, please show me anything that shows the CEO caught up in a lie.

nice subtle stab at VEN

Its the most shilled coin on this board (besides LINK) so its only right i throw it right back at them :D

Also, any one that claims EVE is an exitscam, a pajeet project or any other FUD, please, please provide links along with your post because if you know something i dont i'd like to read it elsewhere than some user.