Get ready biz

LINK is approaching a new all time high ranking

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and yet is nowhere near ATH in price


These gains mean it's been crashing less than the rest of the top 100.

I just can't wait till we pass leddit coin. Is 77 the highest we've been so far?

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its absolutely amazing that ripple is at 32 billion marketcap.

If LINK reached that level it will be $100.

Totally possible depending on future hype

Just flipped 76

We did it boys

Yes. 77 was the previous ATH.

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my fucking buy orders aren’t going through fuggggg


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pls help

Wow! Neither is anything else!

oh and look at that, nowhere near ATH
complete garbage

kys moron

Newfags, October 1st 2017

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SIBOS was so optimistic

Kys moron.


duh waht da heck how the price lower when it higher on the number list ??

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dont talk about your fetishes on here this is a board for business discussion. ..

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Damn, I guess this is my fetish now

Holy fuck this isn't a in real life pretending post

I'd rather buy SALT at 3 bucks than ChinkLink

i thought 75 was ath

this wasnt your fetish prior? wasnt going to make it but now is going to make it


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You seriously didn't actually buy Link did you? Its a sick joke that biz likes to play on newfags. Ask yourself why no one talks about Link besides Veeky Forums? Reddit absolutely hates this project and there was a thread earlier where they rightfully were calling this shit a scam. I don't want to see you lose anymore money so sell and buy something useful like TRAC.

im thinking you need 100k link to make it at this point

wow did the chart in the other thread have an impact that quickly?

what thread lol

>tries to fud the most important project since etherium, shills absolute pajeet-tier shitcoin

never change /biz