Your fucking welcome

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It's you're welcome.

You're welcome.

your welcome

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De nada.

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Atleast he's now aware of a 10-100x mission

why do i not trust this one

You tell me.

Possible reasons :
- FUD From people who are trying to accumulate at such a low price
- Negative point of view from ICO buyers as its below ICO price
- No DYOR (aims to be more than just a RFID-like token which in itself has more potential than wabi,wtc, and i'll even dare say VEN.
- Low marketcap and barely any shills so far, people usually tag along when the train is moving instead of when the price is stagnant and low

All in all, if some one actually has some cons. i'd love to hear it myself, as i hold a decent sized bag of this digital gold

Should I buy 1000 shares of this at $4.18 a share Veeky Forums?

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I was interested in this one for ages, but the KYC was too much of a hassle. Any interesting news or catalysts coming up for this thing?

This month (March) :

(May) :

Alpha of reading mobile app to be released on Android
Support for third party developers utilising the Devery
Whitepaper revamp
Expansion of Devery partnership network and ecosystem

Here's the roadmap :

Another reason to buy in now is that we pretty much hit the lowest point possible IMO, the only people holding are either ICO bagholders or 10-14k range buyers who sure as hell wont sell it at the current low.
Overall a very solid buy (you'd be basically holding ETH until it explodes as i dont see the project depreciating in value even one bit besides the daily swings)

Veeky Forums would rather buy shitcoins like VEN that are 95% marketing instead of looking into good projects like this one

Okay i went in with 4 eth. thanks

what else are you guys looking at that are back to ico prices or close?

Here and there i tend to find some solid coins shilled here, but lately, especially after december, all this board has been filled with is bots, marketing schemes and just heavy bagholders that bought the top of a 1b mcap coin, genuinely thinking it can still moon 10-100x.. Thought i'd try shilling something decent on here for once with a lowmcap since i didnt see Devery mentioned even once. Hopefully some one was lucky enough to find the thread and read up on the project before it actually explodes and becomes the next VEN/GVT/ICX/etc shill.

QASH, not quite the ICO price, but definitely at its very bottom. Its a long term hold however, since what they're trying to pull off is enormous and if they succeed.. well shit, you're rich. They also the beta version of their main product launching early April so thats something to look forward to.

Nobody wants your fucking bags, Rakesh
New shill thread appearing every couple of hours.

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I've only ever seen 2 Devery threads in total, but okay. Go buy yourself some more VEN, fluff your pillow before sleeping and tell yourself its a 100x you useless, brainless neet.

kek. this piece of shit has no volume and is at 60% of the ICO price over a month after going on the exchanges.

Fucking got conned into buying this Ragresh Kumar dog shit instead of investing in legitimate projects

People sleeping on this are going to be upset a few months from now when NDAs expire

They partnered with to develop applications for their supply chain

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then why is this ragresh patel crap coin still half the ico price with $10k daily volume? Never listen to Veeky Forums when they shill a coin. This was shilled for weeks and whales sold already

My guess is they rushed the ICO during BTC's bull run and ended up making a lot of the initial buyers unhappy when it fell. Not really their fault just the market being irrational.

wew lad, what other scamcoin you and your fellow street shitters fell for?

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thats a bullshit excuse. The ICO went live when BTC was still around $15k usd.

I bought into ICOs that launched when BTC was $7.5k and Im already 3x on them

The problem with your thinking is, how are you gonna judge the coin by its volume and steep drop from the ICO price? What are you trying to get across here? That the ICO buyers are in the literal dog shit right now? Wow, thanks for pointing that out! Guess what, we're not ICO buyers. THIS IS the time to buy projects like this one, fundamentals didnt change, partnerships and use-case didnt change, everything is literally still there, but you get to buy it at a way way cheaper price. Those same bagholders still didnt sell, because whats the fucking point to sell at 50% loss? There's no other way other way for this project to go other than up, and you fail to realize that.

And for fucks sake, for once, try to realize this is not /pol or /int, i dont care about your hatred for pajeets, you and me both know that those street shitters got nothing to do with the projects valuation and potential. Stop being stupid, instead, do some actual research about Devery, and then think about the things i mentioned above. You'll realize how smart of a buy this is

Seems like a good setup to me, I love logistics blockchain stuff. That and they're partnered with AXP which is how I came across them.

They also partnered with NULS! And im pretty sure its been mentioned a thousand tmes already but,

If you bought anything during the time of Devery's ICO and held untill now, you'd be -50%

Devs shilling on Veeky Forums again. You really think people are stupid enough to buy your worthless shitcoin?

You're winner

It never really went over ICO price did it?

it did briefly hit around 35 cents or something
i am only salty because i didn't sell then, and that motherfuckers get to buy this for cheaper than i did.

Hey it could be worse. I'm still holding DNT from 2300 sats.

I went through this exact same thing with QASH lol, so i feel you.