Start wage cucking tomorow

>start wage cucking tomorow
>have to be there at 5am
>my sleep schedule was 2am-10pm for months

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10 pm?! Are you sleeping or dying? Kek

4 hour days kek
enjoy slavery

I meant am kek

depending on what it is, it's not that bad the first few weeks are the worst. when i was still wagecucking the only thing that made it bearable for those 8 months were co-workers that weren't outright normies and interesting to talk to.

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you have a good one.
mine is 6am to 4pm

Just go to bed OP


assuming staring at artificial light will extend the amount of time it takes to fall asleep by at least an hour. turn off your screen and get in bed retard

Send your CV to the Cardano guy

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i just slept 7am - 7pm am i gonna make it?

2am to 10am neet masterrace, 3am to 11am on weekends

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i was also 2 am to 10 am for years.. strange

I'm a NEET, I usually stay up till 6-7am, turn off my PC @ 5am, and get comfy in my bed and watch YouTube videos, close my curtains to block out the sun and wake up at around 4-5pm.

I once went outside at 8am since I had to do something, first time I was up at that time in like 3-4 years, was like walking around in an alien world, the air felt different, atmosphere and shit.

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haha faggot

8 months is a long time to last

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better get to sleep then wagecuck


You get used to it quick buddy don't worry. :^)

Unlikely. He described the experienced completely accurately.
Source : was neet

I'm from the UK, it's half 3 AM now, got like 1.5 hours before I go to bed, no larp.

sounds familiar

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I was in the same position a few months ago op. I have the same starting hours. Even after a few months im still not used to it. Getting up and driving to work when its still dark is weird

GL my friend, if i can go from being a neet to doing shit labour at 5 in the morning so can you!

it was almost surreal when after a few months in how quickly time had passed.
almost like a blur, and i never want that to happen again.

Yeah it's gonna be tough still full of energy, i just didn't expect to get JUSTED by alts on such a level that i did so i rather wage cuck for a couple months than sell low