This is what they think about you

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This is what they think about you

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based christian boomers

Fuck poor people.

This is what they think about you

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Wow thanks I really give a fuck

That's one salty nocoiner.

>waste electricity for dumb bullshit

May as well ban modern civilization while you're at it

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boomers are the epitome of human trash

>you can't convert electricity into mone-

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He's right, though. POW is an outdated monstrosity.

>xd let's engage in arbitrary violence and state intervention

Funny. Rednecks who hate foreigners for being violent and hate the government want to do both the things they scream the two others do.

I doubt any of these people even read the article.

So have you killed your mother and father yet? Told them what you think about them?

If they're paying for the electricity, who fucking cares?

this is a funny thread.. I was going to start mining coins but now I think I will invade Mexico and take over a cartel.. thanks Veeky Forums

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stupid boomers not realizing how much electricity are all the fucking banks/financial institutions wasting everyday around the world

Those poor fucks are beyond saving, they won't even try to understand something they don't know

It all sounds like a load of horsehockey to me! Can't you just get a stable job down at the apothecary without chasing all of this minecoin business? After you've saved $1,000 you'll be able to put a down payment on your own house!

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Lol it's a bunch of fucking retarded liberal boomers, probably the most insufferably stupid people on the planet.

I can't believe I had to read this three times to figure out what they were attempting to say.