You will never believe this Veeky Forums literally unironically just sell your bags now
Did you know that, there is a
Working at Cardano?
Holy shit
What is the world coming to?! A literal tranny working on a crypto project?!

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Hi *fellow Veeky Forums poster*
I just sold all my ADA ;)

Just sold 100k famalam
Also shorting with 100x leverage
I am not supporting the communist sjw kikes taking over the world.

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That's the guy from American Horror Story. He's not really a tranny, he just plays a tranny character.

Unironically this is the guy Sergey will have to talk to if LINK wants to develop native support for Plutus.

Not a tranny. Non-binary. There is a difference.
Come on Veeky Forums, please learn to be tolerant.

Thanks just sold 100k

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>[being a cuckold intensifies]

Tfw when you FUD a project so hard, normies get tired of your FUD and it actually moons

>double bottom
>"Hey user look at their pet tranny sell sell sell"
>anons sell the double bottom

lol this sort of thread will only increase the price. There are lots of rich faggots here.

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How to tell that Veeky Forums is overrun by reddit posters 101

You're kidding me, Right?

i can't wait until shtf and i get to hang you cucks from street lights

that woman looks unhealthy, is she ok?

>actually caring about what another human bean does with its time

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So you're a literally south california faggot, right?

Looks like the Flash Gordon villain emperor ming. Hideous.

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ya by looking at you 3 redditors falling for something this obvious

>being this mad

It is not transgender. It has transcended gender.

All in.

what the fuck is this

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Nah. Taking HRT and using "she". Otherwise I don't mind weird looking queer people. This one would be almost okay if not bullied so hard.

Damn they have mentally ill people working there? No thanks

Oh hi, that’s just me cashing out

Redistribution of wealth or whales accumulating, chose one.

If I'm going to invest in the future of a company you bet your ass I care. Anyone who hires this disgusting mentally ill creature is doomed for failure.

If you're sincere (which I doubt), read Hoskinson's long-ass blog post and it will put all your fears to rest.

ADA taking a shit? And nothing of value was lost.

Wtf of course I am sincere. You don't invest in businesses run by pajeets either I hope.

Then read Hoskinson's reply to all of this, the post is entitled Maelstrom.

Hahahahaha stfu faggot. It’s all the same mental illness of faggotry.

I will save my time. I'm not in the mood of reading victimizing "arguments" or falacies.

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That's actually a lot better than I expected. He's a bit of a bugman with pie in the sky star trek ideals but we already knew that lol and he's at least an intellectually honest and intelligent bugman. Being honest about some biological realities and being pro free speech is not bad. I still think he'll end up regretting hiring this dude but I guess its understandable that he bought the propaganda and just won't know what these people are like until he sees it firsthand.

"Part of this creed is also accepting that people associated with my company could say things (myself especially included) that will, at times, deeply offend others. For example, I have repeatedly- at times harshly- expressed my dismay over police brutality within the United States. I have no doubt that this position is hurtful to police officers and their families."

Just... Ridiculous. The entire argument was just bullshit. The reality is that the man that said there should be more women and trans people working at ADA was just appealing to a victimized advantage instead of a merit and that he also seems to be way fucking mentally ill. I'm done with normies feeling a more evolved human because they defend LGBT people all over Twitter, Reddit and Facebook and now I get to see them too on Veeky Forums. Jesus Christ.

I'm not saying it's not faggotry, just less than I was expecting. He didn't go full pozz and tried to be neutral. Even if we had a dude that was /our guy/ you can't expect anyone to fash out in the current climate. Just saying what he did was pretty edgy for a libertarian bugman.

Ill bet half the faggots itt have already whacked off to him/her.

Sold 200k this morning, good riddance
Let this coin bomb all the way to 1c
Some tranny bagholders will be glad to buy it all up

Good riddance to the pussy bitches who couldn't handle this guy. None of you weak cucks deserve breath or Ada

He tried to appeal to the right by appealing to freedom of expression and speech. He even threw down the example of college students shouting down conservative speakers to try to make his point. But most conservatives are incapable of recognizing contradictions in their own thought patterns. It was a good try though.
Let's be honest. Freedom of expression is just a punchline conservatives pull out when people won't let them try to make their usual arguments in favor of segregation, disenfranchisement of subhumans, etc. Exactly like the far left, they don't actually value the concept; if you disagree with their value system, they just want you to be quiet.

I feel bad for Hoskinson, he got fucked over hard here.
The only "argument" that could have appeased the right is to fire the tranny. But then he gets fucked over by the leftist media. He can't win. His only hope was that conservatives might have enough intellect to let him ride the fence. Alas, they do not.

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Disclaimer: I am neither defending or bashing the individual in the OP.

Let me just give you guys and gals a little advise,
by publicly or even privately waging a campaign against this individual, you will do nothing but make Cardano more successful

>but user Cuckhold, how will that make Cardano more successful?


LGBT community buying power nears 1 Trillion as of 2 years ago, most likely over that now. all this individual would need to do is show threads like this to their friends and other LGBT members, and mark my words, or as Veeky Forums says "Cap this shit!" and watch how the LGBT community show you all a support level never before seen.

infact, I'm inclined to buy up a few bags because you all and your immaturity will undoubtedly cause Cardano to Moon so insanely, you'll be and-heroing yourselves for thinking "exposing" this individual will tank Cardano.

Don't say I didn't warn you.


did he willfully hire the thing or did it reach final form after having been an employee already?

>those fucking African tulips
they will never die

it's almost like life would be easier if you didn't give a fuck

Already sold all my bags of ADA

Fucking terrible


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one of the single dumbest posts i've ever read on this site. incredible. brilliant in its idiocy.

No idea. That would be even more unfortunate.
What I'm super curious about is whether he would similarly defend an employee who tweeted "we need more white males!"

Dude I know a bunch of gay dudes and they wouldn’t touch this beast with a 10ft dildo

Tranny purchasing power is 1:1,000,000th of that

Definitely sell all your bags now. Get out and tank the coin as far as you can. These cuck SJW's can't keep getting away with it.

if you say so,
but I'd point your closed minded views in the direction of the following movie;

and then I'd suggest you research the actual story the movie is based upon,

then when you realize how accurate my assumption is, you can do one of 2 things,

You can either rebuy into Cardano and thank me later,
Or buy your rope and include me in your and-hero letter.

your pick.

This thing used to be a normal balding man with a beard just like Charles. You can see old videos of it

Tardano is fuct

I really didn't mean to spark a debate,

but you do realize that the "T" in LGBT stands for Transsexual right?

lol, but ok, keep thinking in the closed minded manner you're currently operating in, and just be prepared to make cry baby posts wishing you hadn't started on this path you're on.

I'm finished debating this point,
now if you want to talk coin specifics (Blockchain application, Whitepaper, etc.) then I'm all ears.

There are videos of him when he was hired, seemed like a normal dude, and he looks to have transitioned recently. Still, he/she seems to be good at what he does, and as long as personal life choices don't interfere with his work, I don't see the problem.

People can't claim to be in favor of meritocracies but then throw a fit when the best candidate is someone who holds some unrelated personal beliefs they disagree with.

welcome to Veeky Forums

Dude you should actually go back to plebbit with your pseudo-intellectual retarded ass thoughts.

No one thinks trannies are sane or are going to stand up for an idiotic social media post. And no gays and lesbians are gonna buy Cardano because some twisted beast works for them

lol ok

Yeah, all this drama is a hypebeast. Millions of gays and 'allies' band together to push the gay political agenda on their own dime. Add in the chance for them to make money while they push the agenda, and you've got yourself the easiest trade of the year.

you're a freak and if you've mutilated yourself to the point that your penis is split and inverted into an open wound between your legs requiring dilation/stretching with a glass pole every day for a few hours with the threat of infection and sepsis thanks to accumulated balls of puss and blood covered pubes lining the inside of the "vagina"

then my condolences

no one cares if you're a fag behind the scenes
but if you're some halloween freakshow tweeting about being horny like this weirdo
yeah that could affect the bottom line in a hyper competitive market full of competent people not interested in fame or twitter trivialities, but development
kek you fucking queer


its very simple
there is straight
and there is gay

no exceptions

Oh god that’s really disgusting

what the fuck is that fucking thing real or just some CG or photoshop? If it is real it needs to kill itself ASAP

>as long as personal life choices don't interfere with his work, I don't see the problem.

Ah, the problem is right THERE though.

Would I willingly hire someone that had Major BIIT syndrome, and regularly lopped pieces of themselves off? No. Why? They're a liability - even IF they're great at what they do, you can't take a chance that someone with a mental illness isn't going to have a freak-out. Have you SEEN the suicide rates, and comorbid mental illness rates with transexuals?

It's all bullshit - these people need sedation and hospitalisation, not encouraging. Fucking disgusting that it then get's ENCOURAGED in schools.

The point is not that s/he works there. The point is that this particular individual is toxic af

So then it's not even like he brought it on himself. Terrible luck for him in this era of identity politics and manufactured outrage.

But what about when the open expression of beliefs hurts morale and poisons the workplace environment?
Remember that Damore faggot from Google trying to start a grassroots MRA revolution in the office? He got shitcanned, as he deserved, just on principle, for trying to subvert HR.
A professional organization should not allow such a tweet to go unpunished. McAdams' tweets are, or should be (if IOHK drew up a proper contract, anyways), a violation of his terms of employment.

Tardano is no more. Get over it

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namefag get out

this is not your average trans folk...
just an attention whore trapped inside the body of a male...
wouldn't be surprised they're trying to milk the trans thing for them sweet SJW bux

I actually want to puke looking at this, what the fuck is this dystopian shit.

"Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh what am i saying of course you don't."

Fuck and the call arkies delusional. You are one special retard.

that's a tranny?

i thought it was a level 60 undead warlock

Anyway, you fuckers can FUD all you want, when the Bogs come knocking, ADA holders will know there's someone out there to protect them.

Who gives a shit?!

You're all such repressed faggots, it's unbelievable.

>who gives a shit that freaks like this feel safe to be freaks with impunity
Some of us care about standards of living

Sure is business around here.

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>the delusions of a queer are good
>the outrage is bad

Looks like madchild

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Finally a smart post.

You can be a tranny without constantly tweeting about your sexdrive. He knows he repressents the company to an extent and that eyes are on him, and yet he is so incredibly unprofessional. On top of that he encourages and supports sexual discrimination in the workplace.

I support none of this, so I'll stay away from the coin.

cardano is unironically the best coin
in that those who buy it get exactly what they deserve
meritocracy at its finest

>arachnophobe, huh?
>you must secretly want to fuck spiders

I think he would. Hoskinson is a libertarian and you gotta give it to him he is true to his ideology. This pisses off the left and the right, but the dude is consistent

self proclaimed LGBT members are losers that follow MSM so until there's outcry of bullying trannys over there ( while praising this specific project as a solid investment, which is unlikely for any cryptoshit right now ) the price won't move up. And while you're holding this shitcoin you're open to other fuckery that could happen.
Cardano is just not a coin I can trust, it blew up out of nowhere, so I'm guessing it's mostly held by investors that could dump at any point when they're tired of missed milestones, and none of us are on their secret mailing list, so we'll get dumped on.

>extreme lack of hoverhand

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Damn I see he is having a good time in Thailand

He’s in Korea.

No that’s the actual faggot working for cardano with that being said cardano is still a very promising asset and this fud is hilarious


There is using your sexual faculties in the interest of furthering the human race and there is percerting it using it as vane attention-grabbing and meaningless orgasms.

The latter is not associated with productive projects that help humanity.

>TrannyWorking at Cardano?

done. sold. thanks op

Yeah the amount of FUD this coin gets is off the charts. Kinda makes me worried to touch it, although the graph looks pretty good noq

Veeky Forums, I'm currently in the market for a coin developed by straight, attractive white males with traditional christian values. Any suggestions?


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Who gives a shit if they is transgender. The problem is that they explicitly pointed out that men are less likely to be hired to work on the project.