Hello Darkness My Old Friend

and its gone again....

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In scandinavia you can buy already bitcoin etf's etc. no big deal

Prasos Oy?

IImplying vikings buy BTC and not cured meat for their voyages

Like the crypto world cares about a made up country.

Nice try but no one cares about snow chinks.

They just locked up another fiat gateway. Banks are winning.

Thru prasos you could buy bitcoin with bank transfer no credit cards were required

Say that to the Red Dildoes in 5...4...3...2....1

nobody cares about Finland. It could fall into the ocean tomorrow and no one would blink.


mfw when the price is actually going up after this

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Fins aren't white

The markets are maturing, the bank block FUD is no longer effective on the masses in the market.

Love the headline FUD design... Bitcoin...BLOODBATH...Banks...BLOCK....MAJOR...the could have just said SELL YOUR SHIT - WE KILLED BITCOIN... Your friendly neighborhood Bank

i like that episode because it is pretty much exactly about Bitcoin. We are going through the exact same thing right now.

Maybe BTC is a test

Won't this forcibly convert them to hodlers?

>markets are maturing

WTF this shit dumps 30% when it rains.

Im sure the bank will figure out a way to deposit your fiat at least once.


Someone quick make a crypto called space bucks.

you guys, finland is really important... this could be a bloodbath...

What, you've never heard of the MAJOR bitcoin exchange, Prasos Oy? surely you are worried though?

What the fuck is it with Asian countries spreading so much FUD lately?

Fingolians BTFO

Yeah but the title says BLOODBATH in glaring caps! Obviously you are not scared enough.

Imagine this guys rage. He probably shorted bitcoin right before it was published.

Finn here.
No bank has blocket buyingy. Before buy took only 1-2 hrs. Now 1-2 days. They only made it a lot slower

"Maturing", you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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I'd like to have a word with this Joseph Carey. Let's see what we can come up with for this guy. Where was the article posted at?

Express uk

Clear FUD?

Thanks, just bought 100k (I didn't I'm poor, but I did buy more).

Check out Joe Carey (@JosephMarkCarey): twitter.com/JosephMarkCarey?s=09

Seems his job is to create FUD

>nobody cares about (insert country here)
more countries have blocked btc more than actually allowing it

This guy lol... here's an article from the same dude from two days ago.

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See that big blue box below the headline, with "share" on it?

That's the entire point of his job, getting people to click that. And the Twitter link. The other links have small icons, because they don't get as much ad money from those.

It's clickbait. Wake the fuck up. Most of the web is clickbait now.

His job is to create clickbait, obviously. This is exactly the same function the Russian 'troll farm' had. Create clickbait with inflammatory political topics for profit.

>His job is to create clickbait
The internet was a mistake.

>according to a survey of people who already own bitcoin

lmao desu

The internet is just fine. Google was a mistake, their ad business drives all of it.

Can we please IP range ban finland from Veeky Forums already?

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No :-D Finland offers only serious discussionings :D

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