Notice anything new friends?

Notice anything new friends?
Someone just moved to the tallest building in SF's Financial District.

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Also called the "Union Bank Building" $$$

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Just remember where you came from gentlemen

Im.. I'm not sure if Im... Uhm. Done accumulating. Do I go balls deep anons
Fuck me

Holy fuk, it's true

>buys tallest building so LINK investors can have the most secure jump into oblivion
so that's where the 32million ICO funds went, lol

so tempted to sell some of my monero for link. but poorfag so i dont know

Good news user, guess I will starve myself more to accumulate more links.

Is this new?

XMR is great and used even a little bit. LINK is a biz meme and literally doesn't get outside of here.

Look at the arkies that got in after a dollar, they got fucked v btc because of all the shills on here.

XMR is safe and organically growing so don't give it up for a shill shitcoin

this is what i was thinking. i have a small amont of LINK, and i dont buy all the fud, but xmr is such a solid coin i dont think it;s worth trading it.
if link does moon, i'll do ok with what ive already got.

Its shared office space with a bunch of other companies

I hold link and wish I held xmr. Make of that what you will

it's a nice building user, but the Transamerica Pyramid is the tallest building in the Fin District.

I had the same dilemma. I solved it thus: XMR will be priced where bitcoin is today. It's faster, doesn't have the retarded scaling debate that bitcoin does and it's private. If you want to trade it for link, you're trading a nearly guaranteed ~20x for a very uncertain ???x. I only buy Link with spare change from side jobs. If it hits 100x, fuck yeah. If not, I still have my precious monero.

a bunch of neets from Veeky Forums got rich off eth...i can't believe its gonna happen again with chainlink...why are neets the early adopters? this world doesn't make sense...neets can basically retire if they play their cards right while normies go to dental school and accumulate six figures debt

implying both of their prices aren't purely speculative.

That's just the universe evening the playing field between Chad's and social retards

>tfw the cryptocompany you own a sizable chunk of tokens for, moves into some of the most expensive real estate on the fucking planet.

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One has a working product and network and is established rather then promising a middle man service that will just solved on chain on EOS and ETH

okay this is the first time it's actually feeling real for me
like we might actually make it bros

It’s always been real user

No shit you retard, thats what an office building is

Lol srsly

>that feeling you get when you finally biz ain't just playing a cruel joke o you you

Thank you, you austic fucks for making me buy this. I won't forget about you when I'm living the easy life

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wait when did this happen?

>TFW 399.9 LINK
Fuck this i cant wait to get a job to buy link. I unironically need to become a criminal again just to buy link.

Running a trustless oracle solution on chain is pretty resource-intensive. middleware and blockchain agnostic protocols aren't a bad thing, user.

>H-hi, uhhhh... c-can Sergey come out to p-play?

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If I ever make it, I will fly to SF just to stand in front of this building. And I'll stand there for an hour just smirking to myself and shaking my head and saying "So this is where it all began, huh..." to every passerby.

what advice would you give to Sergey about promoting LINK to normies?

serious question

Omg guys!! This is huge!!
Do I sell 0.25btc for link?!

You'll be indistinguishable from the hordes of stinky, mentally ill homeless people who hang around SF.

Wow. You are a faggot and probably a turbo autist.

>not doing this at the nail saloon, where it all really began

>tfw LINK solves the NEET problem by creating such FOMO that NEETs leave their rooms to work jobs just to buy more LINK

probably just a front

welcome to biz

I have $10k in LINK. How much will I be worth in exactly 2 years?

You're lucky you even have the chance to go balls deep. I'm all in and waiting for Friday to get paid.

50 million dollars

$1 million dollar at least

5 cents tops.

Maybe 10 dollars, if you're lucky. z

Move all link into mobius and you'll make it sir,

Thank you user - i wouldnt ever notice this. Good news on a monday morning to help me through the week

Woah man. Woah.

only good advice in this thread

just went all in on mobius, thanks kind sir

You will actually be Bill Gates.

Also just confirmed using didn't hear it from me..dyor



ugh, i'll just believe you, dyor is like the worst and your name starts with 0X, that's enough

research completed.

Someone needs to paint this green.


Shills are quick to get overexcited about this. Someone gave a hint it could be a Regus co-working space, if so forget about it, any random guy can get one for his shitty startup and they offer conference rooms with city views which you pay hourly just to impress your clients, in this case to impress losers who can't dyor

Looks like a pajeet version of AGI desu

amusing myself imaging a meme video of the LA law intro with the chainlink team

Monero has worse scaling

You're just embarrassing yourself samefag

/Movin' on up/

We finally got a piece of the pie.

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This. I got excited and researched it. It's just that, a Regus co-working space. Or an "office suite," which is just a mini office.

Basically these fucks lease the entire (huge) office space suite 1500 is, divide it in like 100 spaces and sublease it to a bunch of small companies/individuals looking to get the prestige of being associated with that address minus the cost.

Basically they could've specifically done this in order for their shills to get overexcited about this and buy their token, unless it's just a coincidence.

Ours is tied for 25th tallest in sf. $1000 eoy, guise.

$1 when?

Maybe they needed the actual office space


Hi Sergey. I think you should just be yourself. Remember why we all got into crypto, to take the power back. Good luck on your set at SXSW.

Hi Sergey


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>buys top 15 coin
user, I..

Yes kind sirs, I too buy mobius sirs, they better oracle have. Mobius, sirs.

It makes a lot of sense since they're having prospective partners and what seems to be partners under NDA work with them to both help and provide feedback and so that those partners can get familiarized with chainlink. For example, the Tesla dev that is working with them now.

I imagine the core team of Chainlink taking up ~20% of the office and then the rest is paid for and occupied by important actors that are trying to integrate their services with chainlink.

lmao there's a mcdonalds just next to the building, now you know the reason why they moved

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This. Newfag detected, we can't let him get our Links. Engage FUD, level: Retard XXL.

No, not done.
Read these:
It will keep your hands strong and inoculate you to the FUD campaigns around this shit hole.

Rotfl the FUD is just as good as the shilling

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to be fair there is a mcdonalds next to every building in the USA

sure its just an office, you could make the same argument out of a nail salon.
obviously the location is the upgrade

Imagine spending this much time trying to convince people to buy your bags. Nice hustle pajeet, you'll earn a bonus some day.

Its real. Wtf

Has he dumped the Big Mac in favor of the Doritos Locos Taco?

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kek as if moving into a new office is a big deal
linkies are grasping at straws


big if true

>implying you will get my bags for under $1000/LINK

You're just mad you can't throw around the old "office above nail salon" shitfud anymore.

But seriously what do we know about Chipotle Mexican Grill? Its really close.

It's like an upscale version of taco bell. Not joking.

Fuck, this made me laugh.

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Supercell's marketing offices at the top floor of 555 California occupies the highest piece of commercial real estate in San Francisco at the moment.

to be more precise, because it's on a hill and the transamerica building's spire isn't occupied, it is the highest place you can "go" in san francisco

>implying I'm ever selling my bags, and not just staking them.
I ain't selling one fucking Link unless it's one I got from staking.
Have you even read the whitepaper?

>Orale Orale
what did they mean by this?

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We're most likely going to be at $5+ by mid year.

In Sergey we trust...someone should show an american dollar bill and photoshop Sergey's face on it with a close up of "In God we trust" changing God with Sergey

Rory told me on slack that if you have 10k Link or more you are welcome to come hang out in the office any time, and can even throw pennies off the roof too!

sure i'd come say hello, what is step #2? it's obviously 1:41am in CA right now, so i don't know what crazies who have any involvement would be awake right now

Don't worry, Link solves the Orale Problem

Not parking at the front of the nail salon in your Lamborghini, and getting your nails done.

>have you read the white paper
Every coin worth a mention has a decent white paper that promises exactly what you want to hear
>not selling ever
So you're the guy that held btc from 10k buy in to 20k back down again
As a Link holder myself.... you will get rekt
You guys are too confident with what Link will do, you are too confident with it's EOY price

Be humble you stupid massive fags, just your guys greed in the air will make Link never pass $3
Cap this if you will

>So you're the guy that held btc from 10k buy in to 20k back down again
How do you know he bought high?

Bitcoin crashed in a black swan type event where an uncaring character from it's past mercilessly dumped a huge amount of it. Do you think Sergey is going to do that with his holdings? Fuck no.
And yes, I may be tempted to sell at a high point or two but only in order to buy back in lower with more tokens so I can make more money staking. I want passive income, not not to offload bags for a quick buck.
Plus look at Etherium, it fell from $20 to $7, before climbing back up to where it is today. Now the only "hodlers" (I hate that word) that are pissed about it are the ones that broke down and sold.