Bank Robbery Sim

So essentially me and a friend of mine are thinking of starting a small business that lets a normal everyday person to have the chance to rob a bank, jewelry store or gas station. We thought of this idea because of our modern society’s obsession with crime and violence and we think we can play off the average persons craving for adventure. It’s similar to the idea of an escape room as in we build a set and maybe set up puzzles or breakable things. We want this boards advice ideas and input, no idea is a bad idea. Thanks

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give your staff actual guns

except your idea

This is a great idea. Maybe add paintball guns for a shootout scenario like Heat. I could see my friends and I doing this when we were younger.

actually a pretty good idea, though liberals will be chomping at the bit to shut it down

Would be a bitch to clean between sessions.

Gas station or bank would be best. Jewelry store robberies involve a lot of smashing expensive glass to grab shit.

So that none of you waste time ideas that we’ve come up with are as follows:
Specialized laser tag realistic weapons (
Breakable glass for display cases
Convoy that takes you to the robbery building
Masks that you can buy and keep
Record robbery and sell to client via security cameras
When robbing the store it locks down and becomes an escape room
-if you don’t escape in time you have a shoot out with the cops

so is my canine sex doll but i still make money with it

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the overall concept seems fun. like escape the room, except you're robbing a bank. i think if you keep it relatively game-ified it should be okay. more of like a life size board game than a simulation.

>make nice website and get some retards to sign up
>give them anonymously guns and adress to a real stores to rob
>let them rob it
>let them drop off the cash
>suddenly I'm rich and suckers go to niggerprison

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If you made it real they would just walk in with a note that says "give money I have gun" then walk out. If you made it hollywood real most people probably won't want to threaten a crying person with a gun. Even if they're an actor. Also most of those escape rooms (excluding the horror ones) are places people would take their kids. No on is taking their kids to bank robbery simulator.

If you do this I will pay you.


This also already exists, this shit is like basic stuff those who work in protection / security industry to for fun on the weekends.
Sometimes we play force on force with STIMrounds, sometimes its live rounds with reactive targets.
You wont get any marketshare from this group because thats dumb and id rather go to a 3gun or practice rifle competition.
Nor will you get market from Dave n busters / Chuckie cheese croud because LOL kids

>A thread died for this.

It would be cool to market as a team-building exercise. Think GTA heists. Work together to crack the vault
Make hollywood sugar glass

You can easily remove the moral dilemmas by making it old timey to separate it from the “real world”, then lol at the shitty 30s mob accents

I don’t understand what you mean by this is already done?? With the reasearch we’ve done security training and sims are extremely expensive, specialized, and hard to book. We want to ser up something basic and safe for people to participate in. Also there’s a large group of people that don’t have that many friends that enjoy sims or role play to do force on force action. Maybe this idea isn’t specifically good for you.

Exactly, we want to send them the blue prints a week before the heist date so they can plan escape routes and also get familiar with the building

Just open a LAN center with VR headsets and Payday 2 on every machine.

boone and clyde period bank robbery

cool idea to be honest. best of luck following through with it

I actually really think it's a cool idea op. I could see tons of kids age 12 to 19 liking it. Only problem is I could see it getting some hate for the whole "muh violence"


it would have to be like this if you are aiming for the public market.
you could probably do a reallistic simulation only if its by private introduction only for super wealthy. otherwise youd get shut down.

simulated violence is a bit difficult to pull off. youd need to have all the right connections and shit.
how about a spy scenario?

use live ammunition

>"Whoa this company has a fake SWAT team? Im gonna shoot my fake gun at them! Hahah"

Hey OP, you should use lifelike androids as the characters in your simulation, so the guests can murder and rape like crazy without remorse or need to contain themselves. Then they can really get into the thrill of the game.

You can call it "Arrestworld"

>No idea is a bad idea
proceeds to give bad idea

lol, No seriously, interesting concept, but you better have one hell of a legal team.

I would sign up for this.

Pretentious fags are the worst customers, so it's better they are targeting kids and teens.

"Sir, you can't just shoot every woman in the face with a paintball gun"

Watch me.

Would your costumers take turns being the robber?

airsoft guns then


>When robbing the store it locks down and becomes an escape room
>if you don’t escape in time you have a shoot out with the cops

Awesome. If 'smash rooms' blew up, this will too.

who would want to escape in time?

You’re going to have to pay several actors about $200 a day. And then you have all the other costs.

Each session would be like 20k


Real guns. Make them sign waivers.

Only if it involves police or guns. Dont forget that they theselves are money grabers.

This. The idea seems nice but the whole point of escape rooms is creating a nice experience with only one setting and "game master". For this bank heist sim to work, you'd have to sell it to the ultra rich, and is there really a market for it?

Great idea.
Might not be economically sustainable - easy fix is to rent out a warehouse, then hire a developer to create a VR sim that uses the warehouse space properly (doubles back)

initial cost of decent gear + guns that would help immersion would be somewhat painful but as japan has proven, its a sustainable business model

if I had the capital
I would do this myself

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use airsoft
create teams for offense and defense
maybe split defense team into the security and cops that can be called in by the security
give the offense opportunity's to go stealth
so get some air flow tubes or roof windows or smtin.
but wouldnt sometin like cs sim with airsoft be more fun

arguably the best escape room in the world is in the palace of the arts in san francisco, you should try it before you embark on this

if you wouldn't go to see the **best** room, whatever the cost, then you don't understand your customer and you should not go into this business


I disagree. Personally I've never had an interest for guns even though every guy I know has been a gun nut since childhood.
I have no idea why.

Damn you really think you are the entire world don't you ?

Yep. This.

It's a fucking nice idea op, I don't have much to propose except what has already been said in the thread. Would love to do something like that if it is well done. good luck user

Fug I was just going to mention this. The feeling of bashing glass with my pistol and grabbing jewelry feels amazing in VR

good idea. will be hard to pull off for reasons mentioned eg legal/political

these ideas always seem cool until you realize how much fucking work and stress and liability are involved and how it's infinitely easier to just invest that same money into crypto, wait a couple years, and then live off stock portfolio dividends without having to do shit or worry about shit for the rest of your days.

Instead of bankrupting yourself over actor salaries just make it a bank vault escape room where the guests have to go through ledgers and safety deposit boxes to find the combination to the safe and keys out before the time limit is up (room runs out of air).

will the robbers have to wear blackface, for full immersion?

Accually a good idea op. Would go there. Good place for newbs that want to go into real robberies to

So basically an escape game without a fun twist.

Good idea OP, though you should think about replayability and the fact that you'd need someone to be the cops. Just you and your friend wont cut it, it'd be better if there were four employees total, or better yet pit two groups against each other. That would actually be great for replayability if you have a "play the cop" scenario