So when is this shit gonna drop to 5k again?

so when is this shit gonna drop to 5k again?

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probably not for a while. btc seems pretty resilient.

alts on the other hand are just getting continually raped for 2.5months now


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It would have to break year long log bottom.

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Not soon

0 to 2 months

Probably a couple of weeks to be honest.

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judging by the shit volume and market sentiment and just the fact that bitcoin is an overvalued shitcoin i would say within a week.

Should be breaking into 8k very soon.

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>slow transactions
>lowest volume since half a year ago
>cant/wont break 10k
>no good news or developments (apart from news the mt gox coins will be dumped in September, not now)

>but muh segwit and lightning
barely getting used
>muh first mover advantage
who fucking cares.

Unless something extraordinary happens with bitcoin (which i cant see happening for atleast a few months), i see no reason why it should 'recover' so quickly without seeing its true bottom.

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With BTC it's not about tech, it's about shorting FIAT and using it to buy altcoins.

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never. 12k soon but dont kill yourself yet we are gonna reach 40k eoy