Back to parents house because just split up with gf of 4 years

>back to parents house because just split up with gf of 4 years
>soon to be 25
why does it feel so degenerate to be living with parents at 25yo?

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Haha op your a fucking retard. I have over 9MM in bitcoin right now at its shit price and I'm 29 and still live at home. My parents don't know and I'm not telling them. I started in 2017 with $65,000 all in eth at $30

Moving out is a fucking meme. I'm trying to maintain a good relationship with my parents by living at home and helping around the house so I can live rent free for life


Why not build or buy a fucking awesome mansion for 1MM for you and your parents

im 29 and live with mummy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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>rent free for life
can you not read

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nice larp bet you wont send me $100 faggot


It doesn't if you live in Italy. When I went living on my own by 24 I was the weird one

it feels that way because of societal pressures invented by mr shecklestein for you to get out into the world and make the money for him, at the expense of your own well being.

use this time to relax, work out, learn stuff, and help out your folks

What's more pathetic was relying on your gf for a roof.

mama mia

It's okay, m8. It's just a part of western society, and the view toward males.
Try to make the best of it, and leave as soon as you can.

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This, literally no point living outside of your parents house unless your relationship with them is horrible or you are in the process of starting a family of your own.

Not OP, but how the fuck do I find a part time job as a student now?
After quiting my last job as a cart pusher at a latino super market no place I've applied to will hire me.

Kek neet the post.

Why I like living on my own
>Living by my own rules
>Taking girls to your own home beats going with them to your attic bedroom at your parents house.

I get OP, was living on my own from when I where 19. Had to move back af

Had to move back after a we split (when I where 28). Felt shitty knowing you are single but you couldn't fuck roasties in your parents house

I'm 32 and have always lived with my parents, its not that bad they usually don't speak to me that much and I get to play vidya/Netflix all day

Mama Mia indeed

I just moved out. You have no idea how limiting it is to live there. They are holding you back and there is no way you can live fulfilling your ultimate potential while living with losers. (I say this because statistically most peoples parents are losers (mine were/are)).

>it's not that bad
Yes it is you fucking loser


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I'm in the same position as you user. Although I refuse to move back with them. Rent a cheap apartment and start by saving some money

>living with your parents in your fucking thirties

I'm 32 and moved back with parents last year after being away since I was 18. Yeah it can be irritating - for me and them - but it's cheap for now until I get work sorted and a place for myself.

It's starting to become very common thanks to babyboomers completely fucking us and the housing market. Don't feel too bad user, I know people older who have to go back and live with their parents again.

My 30 y/o cousin has to along with her husband - nothing wrong with them, they just don't make enough money to buy a house in Colorado.

I'm personally just leaving my parents house at 26.

because you probably thought you'd have a better life by now

I made over $100k from crypto and I still live with my parents. I'm 32. No LARP

Kek if you where my son I would be disappointed as fuck .

Yeah the 4 times a year you take home some 6/10 slag from the bar that you never talk to again is worth the 15k a year you blow on a 1br

Just LOL @ giving your money to the jews for rent in order to impress roasties who only love Chad anyways.

After I went MGTOW, I started making six figures from crypto trading. Money > Pussy. I am saving a shit load of money trading crypto while living at home. And I enjoy far more leisure than wage cucks. Feels good man. I can fuck hot sluts for cash if I really wanted to. No roastie will ever love you anyways unless you are Chad.

This guy gets it. Why would I burn $1,500+/month to rent a 1 bedroom/studio apartment in a downtown location ($1,000+/month in the suburbs)? When I can have a basement all to myself in my dad's suburban home. And have a bedroom upstairs all to myself too. I even have my own bathroom. And shared amenities (including a garage for parking). This is the life. I even fucked my last girlfriend up until 30 under my dad's roof. You just have to assert yourself as the alpha male and cuck your dad

Same situation. There is nothing wrong except you can't bring girls from a bar. Except if girl is 5 out of 5, then I would do it.

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Sexy eurasian girl OP. Eurasian girls often turn out hot. Asian women were put on this earth to serve the white man and be bred by the white man. If I ever had a Eurasian daughter, I'd be afraid that I'd be turned on by her and want to fuck her.

I’m pissed my mom is giving me the boot at 27, she’s downsizing to a smaller place since all the kids are done with school. I finally landed a good job like 6-7 months ago and since I’m the oldest I have to get my own place because there’s no room for me at her new place. I was saving lots of shekels staying at home fuck this.

You are lucky they even let you. There is no way I would let my looser step daughter move back.

who is that semen demon i want to cum on her feet

nvm it's a fucking suicide girl, to the trash it goes

I've never been able to move out of my parents house because I'm in college and can't afford anything. I'm 25 and haven't gotten laid in ages because I have nowhere to bring girls back to anyway. I'm also ugly and fat and have no car.
Fuck you OP, check your privilege

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>bought a house at 20
>if i would have just bought bitcoin I could have had tens of millions

I fucking fell for the house meme.

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this is your brain on Veeky Forums

kek, I'm 27, my gf left me for being a loser and not having a home.
she now lives with her new successful bf and is planning to marry.
I can only pity the poor guy. if her ever loses anything in life she will leave him just like me.

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lmao cope harder you fucking loser

Im 32 and moved back in with my parents last year. Its comfy af desu and im saving shitloads of money. I feel line a retard for living on my own for 10+ years


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haha u fucking clown I'm 37 and made 118m in crypto. Live at home and my parents don't know, we cancelled our government water and electricy and my mom goes to the river to wash my clothes. Living rent free for life!

Moving in with your girlfriend is more degenerate.

You got me

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Unless your dad is cool like mine. He encourages me to bring home sloots.

>moved out at 19
>renting a house in another town with friends
>got sick of them, of parties and university
>moved to another city and rented there with friends and got a job
>after a few years one friend goes on his way to live alone, one moves in with his gf and it all falls apart
>mfw I lost my job, have no university degree and have wasted a shitloads of money on rent and expensive life with nothing to show for it
>30+ now neet living with parents back in my small town

My twenties were a blast, bringing university girls back to a house you live in with bros was easy as fuck, parties were almost a daily thing, and partying with us was the trendy thing to do in both places.
Later years in the second place were also a blast, all four of us appeared to women to be higher class than we were, and I usually lied to all girls I banged that I owned our place and that I was renting it to them until I find a good girl to marry. We all did that.
Not worth, not even close.

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i think the problem is overcrowded employment market
too many illegals and niggers or uneducated/unskilled workers means minimum wage goes down
jobs that teenagers should be doing is being done by adults ie cashiers, janitorial, entry level positions because companies want skilled or educated workers now if you want good pay and to get skilled or educated you have to take the entry level position first
now all young people out of good work if they dont go to school or get on the job training but the wages are still the same so you're basically broke as shit
back in the day young people could work at a grocery store part time and make enough money to move out at 18 or 21 or whatever but the prices for everything went up while wages stayed the same because overcrowded market
eventually the amount of education or skills required will get so high that if you dont have a phd or a skill with 5 years training you will only be able to work at mcdonalds unless robots havent started doing that for you yet. Then what will happen inevitably is the middle class will disappear and it will be educated elites vs poor uneducateds with no middle class because everything is so expensive with either really low or really high wages
it's happened in a lot of countries already
look at big american cities and their homeless/ghetto problems like cities in the west coast where shit is so god damn expensive
it's only a matter of time, get them skills now or else