Is the the new coin of Veeky Forums Get in now. Less than 200K market cap

New Frontend live today - let the shilling begin

>What is this?

- Hold your ETH in a smart contract that earns you ETH for having strong hands. The longer you hold, the more you earn
- Buys and Sells on the smart exchange earn PoWH3D token holders 10% in dividends of the bought/sold tokens in ETH
- Holders of 5 tokens will be granted a Masternode link. Everyone that clicks your link and buys into the smart contract will earn you 3% of the ETH put into the contract. You are actually getting paid by the smart contract for shilling!

In all seriousness this is probably going to be the biggest gainer biz gets on for 2018.

> 170K market cap

Everything seems well made from a development standpoint.

Lead dev didn't want this to be shilled until right fucking now, this is why the contract has been stagnant/decreasing for the last few days. Those weak hands left some juicy dividends behind though, so I ain't even mad... the HODL meme is finally a good idea.

>PoWH3D is the first multi-use ERC20 token that self-governs trading pair prices in the fairest way possible due to automatic price adjustments. This makes price manipulation due to sell and buy walls virtually impossible. In addition to this disruptive pricing model (normies love the word disruptive), there is permanent incentive to hold P3D due to it's dividends model. Dividends come from a flat tax that is deducted from every transaction in the blockchain, which makes holding P3D very lucrative no matter how many tokens you hold. The community is creating various dapps that incorporate P3D as their main source of data and exchange, and the developers themselves are continuously improving the infrastructure. Multi-platform wallets are being considered by the developer team.

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I bought this because Norsefire endorsed it and it already made me green in the sea of red that has been Crypto lately.

fuck off with your shitty project and terrible shill, cunt.

>this is why the contract has been stagnant/decreasing for the last few days.

fuck you

New front end just came out today less than 24 hours ago.

Over 20 ETH in volume since then

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>- Holders of 5 tokens will be granted a Masternode link. Everyone that clicks your link and buys into the smart contract will earn you 3% of the ETH put into the contract. You are actually getting paid by the smart contract for shilling!

So it's a ponzi scheme then

this is the bathroom muck of ponzi schemes. Shit devs, shit community, shit project, shit shilling, shit website.

Level 1, grade A, top of class trash

> earning dividends and buying more for free with interest before people even begin to understand the implications of POWH3D

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more like buying high and selling low because your trash just keeps on dropping every day

That is fucking shit if there has only been 20 eth put in to it. Especially with the new front end.

Game is as good as dead if that’s the case.

Screencap this.

its early days

and also its currently at 253 ETH

Over the last week they had something like 0.5 eth volume a day. Maybe their referral links will save them. Maybe not. They couldn’t even get the website launch right and the founders have already sold out some of their holdings. Some of their ‘ambassadors’ (wallet addresses hard coded into the contract) have also gone.

and 15 people holding half of it
literally anyone entering now is buying your small groups bags and making you money
why would i want to give money to some scamers on the internet?

Holy shit this is trash!

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lol you should read how it actually works

you're generating the tokens, not buying it from anyone. when you sell the tokens are destroyed.

As cool as it may sound to you, you seem like you are both noobs. These pyramids are not hot anymore. You would know that 253 eth is absolutely shit if you have been in the previous ones.

Also keep in mind that the devs have already sold.

Their ‘new’ website is pretty much exactly the same as their beta one. This took them a week. They’re playing catch up with Ethphoenix and desperately telling themselves they’ll be okay.

There was a ‘party’ in the Discord last night and it was people telling each other they were going to make it. Nobody bought.

>you are generating tokens
you forgot to add that you generating token price for the floor and they get 5% divs and only make their stacks larger when desperate people quit
there is no way anyone could get money on your shitty scam but you

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someone dropped 17 ETH in a few hours ago

Nah. I’ve been in both for a while. I’m in profit in EPX and the devs know what they’re doing. There’s some genuine world firsts in the world. The only innovation PoWH has made is Pajeet-tier shilling with referral links.

They called themselves the open source BitConnect, and their best shiller is a schizophrenic explicitly ignoring legal advice to stop promoting this.

Powh was fun, but the name is tainted. They’ve actually crossed over from being a meme to being BitConnect. The problem is that BCC actually had a product to sell.

In the works, kek. I’m even beginning to sound like Carlos Matos now

3D is god-tier trash compared to EPX

Except even the minor sellout last night did nothing and PoWH3D is continuing to rise. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself, Lain/Tei

nice rise from 330 to 250 you had there cuck


Anyone investing in this: have fun getting your ETH zapped away by a disappearing smart contract bug like I did

>gets shit on by Divine
>EthPyramid drops 300 ETH
>calls others out for a much smaller drop

>they literally have BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECCCTTT on their shitty exchange site in header

Nobody smart enough will money into this shit after first powh. Doesn't matter if its called powh or epy both are shit.

To anyone reading this thread:

Ethphoenix (stolen math and stolen code from the original PoWH) discord members have been FUDing PoWH3D since it came out.

Their logarithmic contract where you will never break even if you decided tobuy in now left them with heavy bags. This is why they are talking shit. Their contract is inferior, their Web design choices and branding is cringe (The phoenix burns bright BTW XD), their marketing is stagnant and not working.

PoWH3D is fresh and has fair math. Even if people bought in at 1k ETH, you would still get a sizeable amount of tokens due to the linear nature of the contract.
Don't get distracted by the hostile posters that are heavily invested in a competing project. Do your own research, compare the projects... and then decide what fits you better.

PoWH3D is an excellent way to store your ETH in a safe way, while increasing it. You don't have to do nothing but HODL.

In before pathetic Ethphoenix bagholders are bumping this post again with their shit-tier FUD, keep it coming faggots.

I'll stay with the phoenix, made some nice gains over the weekend, check out the chart

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Except the contract code was audited and pen-tested this time.
Not sure what you're on about.

>contract audited by head of EPY and the guy that run away with everyones money
yeah, right, totally solid contract

>has no clue what he's talking about
Not even sure what you're trying to achieve with FUD that weak. But go on, I'm amused by your uninformed onions.

>our contract wasn't audited by norse and arc

Keep bumping it.

They were _some_ of the auditors, so what? Are you implying they don't know what they're doing?

>he trusts competitors to audit his contract
they probably waiting for you pyramid to gain some traction and shit on it again with yet another bug

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This unironically is going to end up being bigger than Bitconnect.

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i really wish i could suck dick for fudding this pyramids but nobody pays in dick these days:(

also i only fud it to bump powh threads
EPX is trash

and discord replies to my fud is funniest shit ever

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just bought 100k, thnx user. tyvm to the Veeky Forums community, this is it, all of us can get in early on this right now

Both contracts use a almost identical price function.

Norse did not endorse or even audit P3D. Just look at P3D source code on etherscan for a list of people who did.

I don't "endorse" P3D, so to speak, but there is nothing wrong with the contract code in the way of exploitability and their lead dev is very capable. I have mentioned my dislike of masternodes and also that I believe the way they handle dividends is bad and unfair (E.g. selling lots of small amounts nets you higher return then one big sell).

Research both and decide which one you like better. Or get in both. Or neither. But for fucks sake, can we cut it with the bullshit.

- tocsick (EPX dev who actually did audit P3D)

Due to how compounding algorithms work

you'l get slightly more (and by this i mean a really really small amount more) if you did 1 tx for 10 eth to buy.

and if you were gonna sell 10 eth worth. you would get slightly more breaking it into a ton of small sells
were talking about very very very very small differences though
no you cant use your own masternode, the smart contract is programmed so you cant do that

P3D (POWH3D) is going to be the cryptocurrency of choice where everyone gets rewarded for using it.

It's universal basic income, and cryptocurrency in one.

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this is the new future for sure.

As I said, they were only _some_ of the auditors looking through the code and all came to the same conclusion.
But hey, you stay in your bubble of denial and be happy.

i'm bored

Feeling so comfy with my divs

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If you are comfy with your bag why bother shilling it? It doesnt make sense its like finding a gold mine but instead of monopolizing it you'd rather share it with jews.

tl;dr this is clearly a ponzi signal.

I lost money on your first PoWH piece of shit. You don't get a second chance you fucking pajeet street shitting raging megafaggot.

cmon, just buy it, you'll love it

Maybe you should learn to read.

Lmao you retard. POWH is an open-source pyramid that has withstood two whole fucking hackatons. No one can hack it. The code is open for anyone to see. I already made 3x my investment and they just launched a shill campaign last night. Since then, 20k+ USD has dripped in and it's only beginning.

Kek, no he didn't. He verified it's not a badly coded exit scam.

Just stay with Far superior.

So what? Same faggot that created it cost a LOT of people money. I don't care how good it is - Ponzibot can suck my dick before I give him a single gwei.

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