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Keep trusting Arabs.

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I told you it was a scam.

>buys coin made by shitskins
>mad when coin turns out to be a scam

>implying Jews literally didn't do 9/11

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Biz never learn.
Buy high sell low

Why are you fools still looking for short term gains, for a long term project in a bear market? lol

(It's because you faggots were too scared to actually buy the coin and are just trying to spread FUD because you dont want to see it doing well)

JNT only gained $0.10 from yesterday.

Some people bought the news and sold last night. I fail to see the point of selling now but this market is full of dumb people so why the fuck not.

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I'm sure a lot of FUD is that. I have several hundred thousand JNT and I occasionally make FUD threads just to get people to sell their meager stacks so I can see the wojacks later.

Stfu adhd kid, learn to accumulate. You have a couple of months, stupid fucks buy high sell low. This will 100x before DAO launch, just buy and forget.

Working out rather nicely for me. Hopefully it continues to drop and I can buy more. What are the chances of it hitting 3.2K sats?

but I want to be a millionare RIGHT NOW reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

That I can understand because there are practical potential benefits for you in doing that, but I think it's sad how people FUD coins because they don't want to see it doing well without them. Bitch mentality

Who cares.
Biztards can FUD all the time they want, make biz full of JNT FUD threads, Jibrel have big investors.

Weakest. Fud. Ever

but the market cap has to be 250 mil now, right? Mathematically, it HAS TO BE. But people are dumping it...

well the 250mil isnt tokenised yet.

>Guaranteed at least 5x in the next 3 years.
>people dumping it cause they hope that they can accumulate at an even lower prices in the future

The state of crypto ladies and gentleman

>Bought 3800 sats
>Sold 4300 sats

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3 years for a 5x....?

nice, just bought 100k

No timeframe how long tokenization will take. Prob will take years if you ask me.

If by years you mean a few month then sure. This was a post February 7th.

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>and now finally SANDED
Impressive resume user

The difference is, this Talal guy is incredibly smart

This, the token is going up.

Volume is so low on kucoin that it's hard to tell, a matter of 10 eth in either direction will swing it wildly. Needs more traders.

Many people search their whole lives for such a golden opportunity. 3 years, probably much less. To guaranteed 5x your investment.

Fair point, if it got listed on Binance and other big exchanges, which direction do you think it will go?

but its going up??
what the fuck is your problem??

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Hah no fucking way the initial amount wont be tokenized by EOY

They have central banks lined up for this shit, they are going to push it out as fast as they can

How is it just a long term project?They are tokenizing coins NOW.Sure the dao goes live in q3 but until then they are just doing it manually.Either get in now of cry in a few weeks when they update the marketcap or add more partners for tokenizing.

Who cares? Short term is like gambling...go play around in bitmex or directly in the casino...
Over the next few months the tokenization of 250M + 30M will be reflected in mcap at a ratio of at least 1:1

The absolute state of FUDers.

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PnD will still excist in this coin, especially since the DAO isn't ready and the tokenization value isn't reflected immediately

im in from ICO and im up up up profit wise

what's yo issue fudbitches?

What does it mean when a candle is solid and hollow on the bottom there.


Remember user, buy coins as they are pumping, and sell the next day after you get dumped on. Its the only way yo make it

It's risky to dump it since you don't know when they add the tokenization value.
Among all the coins to pump and dump in the crypto market, JNT is not the best one for that.

What are you talking about? A real pump and dump goes back the original price.
It was about 3500 sat before the news, a little dump appeared during the night and it's pumping again.

Got Dumped on. gg

With FUD so weak, why do you even bother. Go back to your dischord pajeet



I dumped the 10k lol

You dumped your launch money and the price has still risen? Makes me thinking

even if people bought the top yesterday they're still better off than people who bought in february

>muh philosofy

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