Anyone still holding this? Bags feeling heavy after the Alibaba debacle

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my fellow bagholder feelsbadman

OMG! Cant believe I won ! Thank you Walton team ! keep doing the great work.

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this was outed as a scam 2 weeks ago, why didn't you sell?

Why WTC partnership with Alibaba cloud seems so big?
CAPP already got parnership with Alibaba cloud like decades ago and it's like not a big deal,

Because Walton is building smart cities

that's vechain faggot

rofl, they are building fat stacks of your cash to blow on tight chinese hookers.

>Buy the rumor
>Sell the news
You were supposed to sell during the original Alibaba announcement user....

How did you not sell after this. How do you see this and think "I'm going to give these people money"?

Jesus cash out asap WTC isn't a long hold anymore

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>Dubious partnership with Alibaba Cloud to develop some IOT solutions for smart cities
>Partnerships with Chinese officials and developing company who's actually gonna build stuff.
Jeez what a hard choice.

thats the point. They announced a partnership with alibaba. This is a potential billion dollar deal. Turns out they signed up on alibabas website to use their cloud system.

major red flag

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Master. Node.

Second time they've pulled this stunt btw.

>China Mobile partnership

Day later, releases clarification that it is infact a partnership with the China Mobile IoT Alliance

I sold, feels good to be free from that shitshow that only knows how to disappoint their investors, main net a giant gamble and i think that it's going to flop.

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lol, waltoncucks

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lol gonna cry like a lil bitch soon

read some CHINESE NEWS

chink scam

All the chinese news were copies of each other on different news sites that have like 12 viewers each.

What is it, like a week after they posted some cryptic tweet after removing their alibaba announcement? Have they even clarified further? Pathetic.

>Absolute state of chink coins

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Ditched for AMB

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haha cry me a river.... i hold wtc amb and ven

all these projects will bring me fame and fortune stop crying and play the fucking market wtc (is currendly cheap) thanks for the Fud guys keep it up; )

>this was outed as a scam 2 weeks ago
And yet it's still in the top 50.

Crypto needs a good nuke.

VEN also """partnered""" with BMW by signing up for a BMW program that's available to anyone.

AMB and TRAC >>> WTC

remember the alibaba debacle is just the latest of about a dozen of these type of incidents. how many red flags does it normally take for you to get the hint?