Im already in ELEC, quick shill me something that will rise in price as fast as this

im already in ELEC, quick shill me something that will rise in price as fast as this

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There is 16 people in that formation.

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no there's not, the guys in the back are dual shielding (shield in each hand). only the first 2 rows have 4 per row.

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There are 4 soldiers lining the x axis and 4 soldiers lining the y axis. 4 x 4 = 16 soldiers in total

there are 12 shields on the top yet 2 faggots are holding 1 shield pathetic

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No, the last two rows are all dual shielders. Here is something to help you visualize.

Each dot represents a person holding a shield or shields

Yellow = Row 1
Green = Row 2
Black = Row 3 and 4 (4 combined people in these twos)

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Shouldn't the shields overlap from front to back to ensure incoming arrows don't get through?

never post an image more interesting than your topic, unless that was your intention all along

Those 2 at the back dont even need to be there


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This doesn't disprove anything. The first green circle is the leg of the guy in the second row, holding up 1 shield. the next two are the guys holding up the top right corner of the shields.

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me in the back



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again, doesn't disprove it. it's the angle that is fooling you.

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Who is holding the middle two shields on the back-row?