Guys let's investigate teh future partnerships, if you go here :
and click on the "view all" who favorited the talk, we will find people who are interested by chainlink, therefore possible partnerships.

i'll start
Damon Clinkscales : Engineering Manager at Spredfast
Spredfast :

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Spredfast is a global social media marketing software company that provides community management, social media marketing, content management, social care, and social media analytics tools to enterprise brands and agencies.

Thomas McNash : Senior Sales Engineer at CYREN

CYREN: Cyren Ltd., formerly known as Commtouch,[1] is a cloud-based, Internet security technology company providing threat detection and security analytics such as spam classifications, Uniform Resource Locator (URL) categorization, and malware detection. Its web security, email security, and anti-malware products are offered through a security-as-a-service (Secaas) delivery model. The corporation currently employs approximately 200 staff members and has its U.S. headquarters in McLean, Virginia, USA with subsidiaries in Herzliya, Israel, Berlin, Germany and Reykjavík, Iceland. Its common stock is currently listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CYRN.

Reed Snyder:Investment Associate at Activant Capital
Activant's mission is to selectively invest in market leading Commerce and IoT companies, and then help those companies create unique advantages for long-term success.

Todd McDonald : Todd McDonald is COO and Head of Partnerships for R3. Todd co-founded R3 in 2013 and was one of the first to uncover the promise of distributed ledger technology for financial services. In his current role, Todd focuses on building the partner application ecosystem for R3’s Corda platform. Prior to R3, Todd spent fourteen years at Standard

The team doesn't want us autists to dig into partnerships, that's why they banned partnership speculation on the official subreddit.

nazarov and heather liberman are a very cute couple.

Master Sergeant reporting for memetics support

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who cares about reddit lers be autists here marines?

Todd McDonald seems a pretty interesting guy

Stop looking into this stuff. They've made it clear that speculating on implementations is bad for the company.


yes it's on the official rules for the subreddit they are making official but haven't formally announced yet.

The subreddit isn't official. Rory and/or Sergey and/or anyone from the team for that matter have never expressed concern about partnership speculation.

If partnership speculation was causing partnerships to fall through swift would be long gone by now and Rory said he would inform us if swift stopped caring about Chainlink

The new r/chainlink subreddit is. Thomas is stickying shit to the top now that he isn't posting to linktrader. they updated the rules and banned partnership speculation. And all the admins are keanu, rory, sergey, and thomas. They'll probably make an announcement or people will figure it out soon, like usual they do stuff and don't say anything about it.

Yes really. Look at Ven, or Tron, or any other scammy feeling coin really. Partnerships are alluded to, and people run with the ball hyping a project up, it pumps with speculators, and then dumps with the news, whether it was good or not because people promised themselves the world. This leaves a bad taste in people's mouthed when they have to either bag hold or sell at a loss. Not good for a project.
By all means, brainstorm ways in which these companies could utilize Chainlink in the future, that's being a good and active community. But if you all go spreading false rumors trying to get a pump, then I'm going to track every last one of you autists down and take a shit in your pants!

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I used to not make that face but gay men thought i was gay so i now just pretend to not care about anything. It works much better for keeping men away and women close.

I know that feel.

>Stop speculating

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There’s an official one?

Are we just going to listen to this dumb user? Keep speculating it's fun

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Its almost as if Sergey doesn't want you to make money