Anyone else in this?

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Yep, best low cap coin out there now

No njggergave everyone ETH for memes but me birches be racists.


best of 2018.

ethereum of asia!

Who cares about BigBom
They are not even big

when will this shit hit bigger exchanges?

10 more dapps in the pipeline confirmed by the ceo in telegram.

Chad Tier coin. One of the safest big gainers in the next bullrun.

great, right when I want to buy it pumps 15%

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>ETH of Vietnam

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The reason they advertising now is they want to sell on this pump. Not a bad coin but if you buying now you buying someones bags.

yeah im going to wait until it drops to the 80s range again

It is already dropping the buy pressure is not enough to break that 40ETH wall. You will have lots of time to buy this in the 80s.

Whatis this, why will this do well

So the team doesn't talk much about exchange listings but I bet that will come in couple of weeks? I mean volume is huge and has been trading for a couple of days now on idex.

I'm sold on it in the long term but not sure whether I should hop in now

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Ya it will be a couple of weeks at least before this really pumps. People are just making noise now because it jumped 15% today. I would wait a few days and buy lower rather. The only thing to watch out with this coin is if all alts run this might also.

what do you think of shipchain?

This is a full fledged infrastructure project though, not a random dapp shitcoin

I know, I only invest in good coins. To much risk riding shitcoin pumps. Trust me you have time to accumulate. dont fomo and buy into a spike.

Lots of guys getting into this. I already have to many alts at the moment so I am staying away. The best low Mcap coins to look at now for pumps before month end are, TOMO (dont buy on this pump), TRAC and MAN (exchange listing before end of month, sell the news buy the dip after the listing.
Long term your best alt is probably SPHTX.

I'm a top 25 holder for tomo, I'm done accumulating user. Next bull run we can go to 10 dollars imo. (500m market cap)

Honestly don't see a reason why not, there is just so much to shill about this project.

thanks, will look into TRAC and MAN then. does any have good connections to top exchanges or will it just be kucoin extravaganza?

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I agree 100% it is a good coin. I am in a private group with a bunch of top 50 holders, I am sadly not a top holder as I am holding a lot of other alts as well. There is just no reason for a big pump now. All I am saying is for guys who are not in. Don't fomo buy. wait a bit. This coin will bounce around the 80s and 90s a bit more before it explodes.

also, is sophiatx really that insane?

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I don't think it will be a small exchange for MAN. but even if it is low market cap coins like this will have a big pump. Again this all depends on the market as a whole at the time.

This is my retirement coin. You won't hear a lot about it now as they are focusing on their business partnerships but it is one of the best coins when it comes to real business connections to the block chain. Don't get me wrong it is a long hold. But if you buy some and put it in cold storage for a year you will be very pleasantly surprised. You don't have to trust a random though, do your research. google SophiaTX with E&Y or SAP or with General electric. This coin will be huge and you can be early to the party.

thanks for all the infos dude
are they going to list on bigger exchanges as well? I do see on the roadmap they have a lot coming for Q2 so I might do some research on this

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They will but not anytime soon. As I said they are focusing on their partnerships with big businesses first and then we will see a push to the public. You have a few months to accumulate but I am not sure it will ever be as cheap as it is now in this current bear market... and this bear market looks like it is coming to an end soon.

I've read somewhere that a large number of tokens will be dumped on the market March 15th, what's that about?

>coin that had paid memes in its budget
yeah it will most certainly will do well

This thread isn’t filled with this usual shit so that might be a good sign.

What are the circulating supplies for MAN and SHIP?

MCAP ~ 25 millions right now, a good opportunity. might dip a little though

dont know ship. MAN is 150 mil at 63cents

Great article about some of these coins.

Those were the presale tokens, but they ended up being released on March 3rd, and it did dump a bit as presalers took their 4x. Has recovered nicely since then.

Also, paid Memes were never on the budget. Some people made memes for the proof of care system to get into the ICO.

what do you think about crowdholding? jesus that just shit its bed

Confident this can hit a 1 billion dollar cap. NEO one of the first investors, made by the co-creator if NEM. Coin of the year potential imo. DYOR.

Fully agree, the amount of shit they have out already is insane for this. Comfy hold number one, right next to JNT.

Was thinking about buying but it JNT holders are getting into this then I'll just leave it be lmao

Sure man, I also hold ELEC btw, another coin you should avoid then.