What do we think lads?

>small circ supply
>decent chink team
>mooning hard

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no need to say more

How much to inseminate a girl like that

the rumour on the telegram is 120m circ
current priced in at 12m mcap
easy 5x to 10x in the short term

buy 1mil BBN

stop shilling a scam pajeet coin. When you youtube it it's nothing but pajeets from india

lmao what the actual fuck is wrong with some people.

But yes OP, this is literally the buy of the year, not even on coinmarketcap yet. wait till this starts getting shilled on reddit and dump on the normans at 10x. so fucking easy

Why do white girls love BIG ELEPHANT TRUNK?

Whitebois can't compete.

why are people on multiple accounts spamming shitcoins. GTFO

dude, literally do 5 mins of research and you will find its not a shit coin.

im an ausfag and literally wrote this to confirm what my mate told me.

i like this coin


im an aus fag too, just trying to legit help people. but they fucking hate money.

4.8btc sell wall up at the moment,
>they are accumulating

Bought at 4 cents who else here /comfy/

>those short
god bless, I really need to move to burgerland and find a blonde bimbo sloot

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The question isn't if it's a shitcoin or not the question is can it get pumped from nothing to something approaching a dollar or more

same shit just funnier accent

gday cunt

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>originally from South Africa

You are both jingly faggots

>how dis make u feel wite boi

my dick is average as fuck but the missus doesn't mind

girls liking big dicks is a lie bro.

I want to be the elephant in that room

got in at 5874 sats. literally the only time i've made money from crytpo ( got in a late january). It was a complete impulse buy. WIsh I would have bought more but literally quite comfy.

Picked it up at .000057 eth per then made a thread here immediately after wish you fags would do the same for the gems you find on your own after you finish accumulating. This is the easiest 10x I've found since prl if you're not making a bibox account and putting 10% of your portfolio in this you're either being lazy or you hate money.

Tell me who this is and I'll all-in BBN.

>what dicklets actually believe