What just happened? Someone decimated almost all of the sell orders of LINK

What just happened? Someone decimated almost all of the sell orders of LINK.

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that was me I can't tell you reasons though

There is one faggot pushing up the price incrementally via wash trading due to low volume.

Their intention is likely to keep pushing the price up until to SXSW conference and then unload their bags on everyone.

Look how thin the orderbook is.

i warned you all

$10 by june

Look at the volume on that final candle though.

If true ill sudoku
>tfw 400 link

Just like DGB


does the price mean anything when the orderbook is so ridiculously thin?

No one cares jabroni, some bagholder whale trying to get cheap link before muh sxsw. enjoy the big ass dump as soon as sergey dumps off the stage,

That is why he is pushing it up pre-SXSW.

He hopes the order book will flesh out due to the hype. All it would take to crash it to 7k gwei is 25 eth atm.

>muh singularity

>tfw bought at the high point of the last pump
feels pretty bad guys, I want to try to swing trade this tame, but I'm afraid that we will actually have some real news and the price will go to and stay at $1

Itt: over analysis. Someone with a decent stack market bought. That is all. Sorry LINK hasn't seen that in a while.

2018 and people still talk about this shitcoin.. This is getting beyond pathetic.

Just made some ETH, I had a sell order sitting at 0.00081300 Gwei, which was bought by this guy. Rebought the same stack at 0.00073400 Gwei
Anyone else got their sell orders filled and feeling /comfy/?

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>sell orders
lolno. Not even to accumulate.

Stop being a cultist and realize that LINK is the perfect swing trade coin. Made the most trading profits off it and accumulating more LINK. This is what Sergey would want us to do.

What is/are your setup/indikators like for ST LINK?

It's funny because nobody is selling. Any kind of buying interest will pump link really high.

>LINK is the perfect swing trade coin
Until it's not. Wish I'd screencapped the post of the user who sold ETH at $15 waiting for it to hit $12, then it went to $18, then $50, then never came back, and he hated himself every day. My LINK is locked on a ledger until $20 at the very least.

order books are the worst way to predict price movement.

Not lately though. No volume, flat as a pancake just steadily climbing. All it takes is a buy like this and you're out! Plus it doesn't even get dumped when bitcoin takes a shit. How the fuck am I supposed to accumulate like this l?!

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At was price is your Link locked?

> flat as a pancake
> steadily climbing

Pick one, user...

I have determined a price range for LINK and as long as there are no news, I buy low and sell high. Sometimes you have to be patient, like the last 7 days. Im not saying there is a recipe, its just that I've had good success with swing trading LINK before. It was constantly swinging between 83k and 73k Gwei before the last big BTC dip and all you had to do was sell at 83k and rebuy at 73k and repeat...

The more drive-by fudding I see for LINK, the more convinced I am that it's gonna moon hard
If you're not going to explain exactly WHY a crypto is worthless then your post is worthless

Pancake on an angle maybe

Flatness refers to surface topography, I believe the word you are thinking of is "level".
t. Manufacturing Engineer

I feel very comfortable trading a part of my stack and I have no trouble rebuying higher if I believe it's going to make me more.

$4000 is nothing to complain about. If it happens just sell 200 of your linkies and split that 50/50 between two low market cap but promising coins. You'll make it eventually.

Another huge candle. Who is this MANIAC?

yes, I always keep some free capital to use swing trade opportunities for the coins I am into

Sergey just happens to move address from the meth riddles massage parlour to the top end of town 2 days before "the announcement"...

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Big shit will probably be announced on Wednesday

Everyone already knows Sergey will be taking a big shit.

Only 160k.

sold yestaerday

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who fucking made this. I woke up my god damn neighbors laughing


anyone gearing up for the next conference related P&D?

im thinking of trying to swing trade some of my stack sometime before/after/during the SXSW. i highly doubt any gains from this will be permanent unless sergey or the docusign guy announce something huge, especially with the general market uncertainty in the last few months.

anyone else planning on trying to get their stack up? how risky is this? im not an experienced swing trader at all. dont want to lose any links

just another whale buying his stack of link before the mainnet.

who else here excited for walletautism's update?

sold yesterday. bought today.
just fucking HOLD


If you will lose tokens, especially if it's trading at low volume. If a trend is obviously emerging for five minutes, that's when it's a little safer to make a trade, but it cuts into your profits a little. Just don't get greedy, and either only trade part of your stack or enter and exit trades incrementally over time.
Good luck, and may you not fuck yourself over too bad!

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I have a 40k LINK stack.

I'm gonna try my hand at being day trading with 1k. Don't wanna risk too much.

next few days should be fun

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I have 30k link. We need 100k link to make it.

Its happening

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its never enough. no matter how many links you have, you never feel satisfied

Thanks, just printed out 100k papercraft Chainlink cubes.

What kind of garbage is LINK that single candles move by 1/100,000ths?

Holy shit even DJIA has better performance than that


Whale user back with more info. Look for 0.60 before dump to 0.38 after SXSW. Sibos part 2

when is this?

Oh please


Quit using my pictures faggot.

I am the one you have to thank for your early morning chuckles.

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This exactly

This exactly

May I kms?