Fuck me in the face

>fuck me in the face
what did he mean by this?

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Is this the memelines dude who does drugs?

Can this nutcase go 3 days without chimping out


He's not mentally stable.

Hahaha thanks user
Has he ever been right?

Many times actually
He's one of us
no h8

One of rare good analysts. His predictions can be wrong as TA is oftenly flawed, but still if you enter positions with tight stop loss, how he suggests, you'd be in a solid profit.

if he was one of us he would have way thicker skin

>"Fuck me in the face."
make it top comment

also it's easy to listen to him and is a funny guy.

>One of the rare good analysts

If he was a good analyst he'd be relaxing on piles of cash rather than churning out YouTube videos everyday and sperging out when his fans are mean to him.

He didnt give too much fucks about losing 5k during drunken streaming. My assumption is if 5k hit doesnt hit you hard, you're doing quite well.

He's stated before that he makes about $1k per day

i lost 5k from a 10k total stash and it didnt hit me that hard either, fuck that it's just money

He likes to suck dick like the fag he is.

>He's stated before that he makes about $1k per day

I'm stating that I make $100k a day so it must be true

Hes cringey and Clearly homo

Yeah he shows his trades though so I believe him. Not very smart of him which is why he got hacked.

he can't be gay he's dating Val

Probably the best TA guy in the biz if im honest

Ssshhh stop talking about him you idiot faggot

>tweets back and forth

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UNIronically a dick head

>if you enter positions with tight stop loss, how he suggests, you'd be in a solid profit
If this sounds like a revelation to you there's a lot you need to be reading instead of twitter. And of course instead of reading Veeky Forums.

hes not stable but hes clearly /our guy/ and hes pretty real about shit

ill take him over cucks like datadash and retards like haejin any and every day of the week, and even though he said he doesnt do fundamentals, hes actually sorta starting to get them almost through osmosis

you're 6 months too late

Haejin has fallen from grace so hard it's kinda pathetic.

unavailable, what was this?

Problem is he's a perma-bull

this. at least ive learnt risk management after losing so much money from blindly following haejin's calls

he has good TA but that doesn't help at all with these insane 300 - 1000$ difference pump and dumps


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he literally showed it on stream. this guy is 7 digits for sure.