Coinmetro will make us all nouveau rich. In a good sense, with golden lambos

Where my coinmetro fags at?
>debit card
>alts-fiat pairing
>ico platform
>fxpig experience (great user reviews)
>50mil$ trading volume puts the price of XCM at 5$ (that's 50x)
>extremely responsive team
>holding xcm lowers fees when trading on their exchange
>lower fees than any other exchange
>user friendly interface that will bring the normie money in

that's our lunar module right there. i'll buy 10.000 more on top of my 10.000

literally no red flags
come on biz, we can make it together with this one. some may say it's stupid to advertise it because of the coin burn, but i know the more future users, the better.

if anyone wants to jump, you can use my reference ? refId =5a63adbc589c124f7b19a1be

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only 9 days to go, so hurry up!

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Good ico. and you'll get +2.5%

Wow, nice OP, 10 coins.
You paid 1.3 dollars for 10 coins. Nice.


Retarded faggot.

not where i come from (a correct form would be 10.000,00)
there are different ways of writing it down.

let's just put it like this: 10000


Not in europe, here it is the other way around.
But yes, Coinmetro is breddy gud.
Something you need to know:
So, no way that burgers are allowed to participate, i don't see that happen. Which is good, if you ask me, b/c unsold coins will get burned. But bad for CM reaching the softcap. Anyway, it reached the hardcap and everything is fine.
The KYC got delayed several times, but without burgers it doesn't seem to be necessary anymore, but well, i'm not sure about that.

Allover it is a promising project. I'll leave crypto for a while with Coinmetro being the only thing i'm in.
Here is an AMA and interview with the CEO:

If you want to buy some you get +2.5% with this referrer:

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kyc will start after the token sale, right before the xcm distribution as far as i know

are you angry because shitburgers aren't allowed to partcipate?
if you send me some eth i can buy it for you

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and kys will start after the token sale, for those who think this is a pajeet scam.

How is this better than ETHOS?

hahahahaha you're shilling this shitty Ico so hard.... No one wants to buy it.... Don't fool people the price is in EURO not DOLLARS (hard cap 35mln Euro) hahaha good luck...

Wtf, $50mil won’t make the XCM price go to $5 kek. Otherwise I’d have about $500k in about 2 months. Through what algorithm did you get a market cap of $1.5billion with $50mil in daily vol?

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Ok nobody asked for your opinion. I also hate the shilling tho.

you're welcome


Yeah, thats a load of shit lol, the guy who made that site is an absolute brainlet.

I have 15,000 XCM

Will I make it? or should I get more?

Wow, you're the average investor...

Seriously did you not even question the mathematics behind that retarded calculator? It's bullshit. He's just making you feel good in order to shill you his referral link

I hope so because that's the same amount I've got, lol

More info:

>exchange beta launches as soon as in march
>fiat support
>XCM token is used to pay transaction fees kind of like Binance but it's mandatory and if you don’t buy it manually it buys it automatically for you, part of the token gets burned with every buy/sell
>debit card
>in-house developed ICO platform (they use it themselves for their own ICO even)
>payment service provider
>tokenized asset management (invest in pro investors, or become one for commission)
>Coinmetro is a new fiat-crypto trading platform based in Europe that will use its own XCM coin for trading.
>Experienced company that has been running a forex platform for 8 years
>lifetime discounts at both CoinMetro and FXPIG
>Follows all regulations and has all proper trading licences

Detailed interview that answers questions about the platform by the CEO of fxpig and Coinmetro


Use my REF LINK for 2.5% BONUS ? ref Id =5a74fcd6e224226d5fd70f93
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Any actual price speculation though?

I bought in today after watching this video with the ceo explaining the platform:

Good luck anons!

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nothing other than that. but if kcs, token of a chinese exchange, reached 20$, i'd say nothing is impossible. 5$ is definitely within reach

It has similar supply to Binance and Kucoin too, and seems to have a lot better management than Kucoin.

I'm thinking $10-$20 in current market conditions, sky is the limit if another bull run happens in 2018/2019 though

Do you fucking realize that KCS was trading at $17? BNB was almost $24 and it does the same thing as XCM will. Do you really think this shit won't break at least $10?

>Follows all regulations and has all proper trading licences

>They invested in something based on promises from a site called "ForexPig"
Not gonna make it.

>the price of an individual coin
you're such a fucking brainlet, holy shit. please get a vasectomy or get your tubes tied

KCS offered dividends. If we reach the peak mkc that binance reached we’d hit 7-8$. It’s possible but very improbable, coinmetro probably won’t beat Binance imo (convince me otherwise). If it does then well I’ll pretty much be a millionaire.


Nice. So some random Russian made a fucking FUD article without posting any proofs or anything
Just bought another 100k.

sigh, see

Seems like you are losing your shit. Guess your COSS bags are getting heavy.

Just join the Telegram and listen to the way the team responds to questions (with voice messages). This paired with their experience and feasible usecase makes for a trustable investment. It won't hit $20, but it can surely hit $5. That's my target anyways. This is a long term investment that can reach that goal in a relatively short amount of time. That's why I bought coinmetro.. o yeah and don't forget the fiat implementation. That in itself is almost reason enough to buy coinmetro.

Git gud

Nah, he's right. Your speculation is absolutely fucking stupid. You can't evaluate XCM the same way as KCS because the token economics are completely different.

If you didn't post your Pajeet link after that nice bit of shilling I might have fallen for it and bought your bags

You really thing $1.5 billion market cap is possible? I really hope we sell less than 150mil coins, a $750 mil market cap would be a lot easier to hit, no way we are going to have a 300million supply luckily.

OK. Then explain why BNB had ATH of $24. Because it does exactly what XCM will.

Not an argument, Panjeet.

Yes I think it is possible if the market continues to grow. This going to be the Plus500 of crypto exchanges. Normies will flock to it eventually but professional smarter traders will use the platform too. I'm guessing it will grow to 1/4 of what Binance will have in a year, maybe 2. I'd even be happy with 1/10.

The only problem I have is...need muh reflinks. Have no place to put it and I hate spamming, it shits up boards. I remember when I shilled Binance to my friends. They thought it was a scam so didn't use my reflink. Couple of months later they all signed up and 'forgot' using my ref. Kek

not a burger
I do have some exchange tokens, 3 different kinds. 1 is for an exchange that recently launched into beta and the other 2 for exchanges that go live in april.

I considered coinmetro too but it was sketchy as fuck and the fact that they even "need" and ICO and that they "need to pay their parent company 7.5m" is pretty high tier redflag. The "flash sale" bullshit for extra hype was also a red flag.

Pic related is what you're trusting. Some bottom of the barrel gutter tier cfd/forex (gambling for goy "traders") site.

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Do you have Legolas?

You understand that the CEO will go to prison if he fucks this up? I am from the country he said they are setting up their HQ at, asked for names and employees and it all checks out. Trust me, we won’t get pajeeted.
Yeah, but noone uses plus500 seriously if you know anything about fx or commodity trading, plus their interface is shit. Yeah the reflinks suck cock, I hope the fiat to alt pairing will bring in volume, hard to see it as the next binance though.

Nice FUD just bought 100k. I researched this ICO extensively, its amazing and a very good call. DYOR fagot and actually look op the optionstraders ratings on FXPIG as well as general ratings, it is ery, very well rated and has a very nice nit-together community. Fuck of with your fud. Alos, the parent company will provide the liqoidity for margin trading fml you retard just read the whitepaper. I could use my ref and shilling actually devalues my tokens but for anyone reading this who wants to buy an anamzing ICO for once, got for it.

FxPig isn't that bad. Sure, it's not Plus500, but they still managed to operate for almost ten years. They would have to be ultra dumb to try pulling a scam when CoinMetro is directly linked with FxPig.

>i have exchange tokens..

yeah probably 20,000 COSS and 0.4 BNB


Oh they're not a scam. Not by legal definitions anyway. They're just overpromising and won't be able to deliver, both in technicals and in having the appropriate legal licenses. It should be a pretty red flag to you all that they have no blockchain credentials whatsoever, for example.

They're overpromising to people buying utility tokens rather than equity in the company, though, so they can legally just not deliver and you can't really sue them. Your tokens are just coupons for use of the exchange.

FxPIG is bad. Any CEO that allows a front page like that, especially with that text, either gives zero fucks or is brain damaged. It's much harder to competently run a crypto exchange with advanced financial instruments than a cash settled derivatives gambling site. Lmao, he even wants fund management.

The funniest would be if US customers aren't allowed because that's the easiest way to avoid being blocked by regulations. And no, the same licenses that allow you run a CFD site does not allow you to run a crypto exchange, especially with that range of features.

I'm about to buy 100.000 XCM. Please FUD me before I do a bad decision.

if you want fud, read this guys posts
i'm buying additional xcm, so i'm not the one to ask fud from

>muh exit scam
>muh bad website design
How did it take you 4 paragraphs to write that

First point: no shit. Anyone can exit scam in crypto. Even Binance. No one is disputing this, retard.

Second point: is a personal issue. Not even FUD, retard.

I didn't say exit scam once. I never said they would exit scam.
How the fuck did you get that from what I wrote.
Max brainlet.

>they can legally just not deliver and you can't really sue them

You wrote this. That's exit scamming you fucking retard. Or do you think if they did this they would still be able to operate. Probably best to kill yourself, brainlet.

I'd buy some, but this is another no-Americans ICO.

It looked like they would sort this out for a bit. I guess the regulations are really rigid.

>though, so they can legally just not deliver and you can't really sue them

You wrote it here, you ultimoautismobot

My only concern with this is, with new marketing starting this week, it WILL sell out, the mcap will be 300m and there will be massive dumping. Particularly by pajeets, for whom a 1% increase = ten years salary in the shitty streets of Calcutta.

Overall though it’s a fantastic project and has the potential to be the go to exchange. Long term they incentivise holding of the coin and it will constantly be burned at each transaction. It might take a couple of years but if this reaches €5 I’ll be living mortgage free.

They have 2 blockchain devs in the team IIRC. This is shit fud faggot.

Look I understand wanting to minimize the amount of XCM sold but I hope you all realize that the extra funding they recieve would help them more aggressively expand their regulatory footprint, increase their marketing capability and just help them grow the business in general. Don't forget that they constantly burn tokens so more users = more tokens burned

Either way it's good really.

The 2.5% is also an incentive for potential users. I see no harm done in shilling this one a bit. You can bet that token holders will move their assets on coinmetro in order for volume to increase, thus raising XCM price

If you're not in this you hodl any kind of other shitcoin promoted on Veeky Forums you're basially fucking stupid. This is the ICO of the year (up till now). Just listen to the CEO's interviews, this is a whole other level of professionalism.

? refId = 5a8d82f7e81027571d7181c8