Testnet just released, caused a 30% dip

>Testnet just released, caused a 30% dip
>Coin has a great use case even for non-crypto fags (Is the only one so far)
>SHL airdrop in under a month (sell before this)

Why are you not in the next moon mission?

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but i am in
although i only have 1k prl. it'll have to do

not touching anything associated with iota you fucking nigger, you people are retarded

Why should I sell before SHL

doesnt even use the new logo

we moonin boys

This is by far the best position to be in come early April.

Will you guys sell before the airdrop or hold through it for SHL tokens?

I'm not sure. If we don't see a new ATH (doubt it) I might just hold. Only have 7k anyways.

Take a look at ETC and ZCL prices right before their airdrops/forks

How about SHL, y'all just holding them?

PRL's biggest exchange is kucoin though

Didn't watch them closely. Was there anything going on that PRL could somehow avoid?

I think the mainnet release soon after could potentially sway people from selling after airdrop. Maybe.

I think that's actually their gameplan

I'm hoping they'll drop some info on a new exchange in April too. I don't think the mainnet release will do too much apart from hype

I can't provide screens but one of the devs said in telegram "we don't comment on the price of the coin as binance tends not to list coins when developers do."

This could ben100% bullshit though

Yes I know Bruno said that. Dev teams are allowed to say they are applying for Binance. Price speculation makes sure you wont get listed. So if a dev says they are applying, it doesn't mean a lot.

And anyone can apply, but even if it turns out positive it takes month for binance to list anything. So it matters a lot when they applied

Back in jan probably

I somewhere heard that application at binance takes approx 6 months. No idea if that's legit though


Why do you use the old logo you fucking uncivilised ape?

Would admittedly be more bullish if it saw a bit more volume, although that comes with not being on Binance I understand. Right now I'm debating between putting more into PRL, NULS, and ACT. May just split the three.

look at that volume lol compared to when it 3x'ed a month ago, feel bad for bagholders.

Why sell before and not right after ?

Because you are entering a ratrace then

This sounds wrong. I doubt there's one clear cut application path per coin. It's likely variable, depending on the coin's community/attributes/other listings/etc.. Months, probably. 6 months? I doubt it. That sounds too long.

But you also get SHL. When the BCH fork happened who won, the people who sold before the split or after?

Yeah there are coins younger than 6 months on Binance. Binance itself is literally ~9 months old.

the dip after mainnet will be epic considering this is malware that will never be used by any respectable website

>implying 30 pop-up windows with 'Claim your FREE bitcoin', 'Congratulations, you just won a BIG DICK PILL' are used by respectable websites

I think you can't compare some shitcoin airdrop to BTC/BCH. Still I hope you are right

Could be. Maybe he meant the whole process of preparing stuff for the application etc

Shill me its use cases faggots els i wont buy

PRL is intended to be a cheap, decentralized and fast dropbox. SHL promotes the same idea as substratum and sky. Retarded brainlet.

Cheap cloud storage + PRL generation by people visiting your website and owner of the website getting monetized.
If it proves to generate good profit, every kid from BHW will use this script.

If that fucking shit tangle takes off:
>1st usecase: fully decentralized anonymous storage
>build dapps on the Oyster platform, example: Fully decentralized streaming platform: Host media content on the Oyster platform -> content users do experience ads but a small percentage of their CPU will be used to dive up PRL
Alternatively, websites on the regular internets can choose to implement PRL to create an alternate form of revenue

tl;dr Oyster is decentralized storage, platform for dapps, alternative revenue for content creators

>Fully decentralized streaming platform
This alone has me excited.