You know Korea allowed ICOs right?

You know Korea allowed ICOs right?
You know who has ICOs coming up in April right?
You know that it hasnt even hit korean exchanges right?
You know that koreans are investing heavily in crypto right?
You know that they would prefer a "domestic" product made by koreans right?
You know which project already hit the absolutely bottom right?
You know thats a sign to invest right?

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getting a feeling similar to sharing ants from this one


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Koreans hate this shitcoin

ICX is a nobrainer investment right now.
The strong points of the project are still legit.

You will see the great unJUSTenig that will take place.


you know I dumped my ico stack at $4 right?

what about the airdrop bonus to ico investors?


Shilling the most hated coin of Veeky Forums huh?
Sounds like a nobrainer to me.
Always do the opposite. Always.

I can be your hero, I can be your man
I can be your hero, I can be your man
I can be your hero, I can be your man
I can be your hero, I can be your man

>You know that they would prefer a "domestic" product made by koreans right?
you're confusing koreans with chinese

koreans hate korean shit

You know that ICX doesn't have a korean community, right? You know that I know this as a half korean right?

>I bought in at 7.9
Aaaggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Give me back my money you fucking gooks! Honestly though considering how much Veeky Forums hates this coin I will probably be rich from it since you should typically do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says, I just don’t want to put any more money into crypto for a few months fuck me why did I buy so much shit in a bull market?

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Chinks are the biggest sellouts.
Koreans have pride.
Nigger the korean telegram nearly doubled and it will explode once it hits korean exchanges.

stop speaking on behalf of Koreans retard. Besides anecdotes, we dont know how Koreans truly feel about this.

Anyone please I just want to leave.

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dropping insight:

Just saying that the general sentiment of the korean community is not that great (for now)

all smart people in Korea know who yello mobile and dayli financial are

just be patient, its not even on exchanges on Korea, how are regular folk supposed to know about it?

That is true, just me being frustrated with icx not having stepped up their marketing. But I do expect end of march being the beginning of a nice run for icx

It was a shit buy over the past month or two but at current prices it would be dumb to not pick some up.

>tfw waiting to get paid

Do you retards actually think Koreans don't use binance and couldn't buy this right now if they want

When they have a fiat pairing for all the other coins they're interested in it's probably a pain in the ass to use eth/btc to trade. It's comparable to coins listed on coinbase, sure normalfags could transfer to another exchange and get any altcoin but that's a pain in the ass so they just buy whatever's easy.

I have insider info about ICON, they have partnershiped with Samsung and more details will follow in the coming months. So buy while it is cheap.

kek it's dead user, just move on like we did.

Most of them don't, keep in mind that we have to pay premium for everything when buying with fiat.


I am not touching this failcoin ever again.

Bought like 300 icx when it was almost ATH you can't get me on this again. Going to accumulate more link

what kind of retard buys ATH?

I got into ICX the day it launched on Binance and thanks to superior DCA tactics I ,made a good entry when it bottomoed out, sold 75% at 11 dollar to some retards and now buying more increasing my position.

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Are you proud of that? I dumped at $10 and rebought at $2.5

Yep. Friendly reminder the project's source code hasn't had a useful update in months. If you're still holding this you're getting gooked:

I fell for the an object in motion stays in motion meme (just like trying to catch a falling knife is bad)+ summit wallet etc soon