We WILL see 5k this month, and probably 1-2k this year.

Anyone with a half a brain can see that from these patterns and TA.

FUCK FUCK FUCK guess I'm holding stocks this year

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>le TA meme
Nah, it's just obvious from the fact that nobody who isn't already in crypto is buying

>Anyone with a half a brain can see that from these patterns and TA.

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i will see your mom's greasy butthole

sure buddy

Actually patterns are bullish if you see a bear flag in the future youre retarded and your patterns are shit

I agree with you on 2k this year. 5k this month already... probably not so fast.
Please don't hold stocks however either. A recession is looming.

The way I see it, the explosion already happened, beyond what oldfags could ever hope for. If you held $1,000 in crypto in 2015 you probably have more than $600,000 now. This could possibly be repeated with new coins, but I doubt that the old ones still have that kind of life in them.

Pretty much this. Cryptos are not some magical moneytrees. Too many people 'made it' in the 2017 epic boom for them to not cash out. Not everyone at Veeky Forums will become rich off this.

>was sending funds to short at 9.8k before it tanked to 9.4k


one million indicators.
Picks the one he likes and calls everyone with others shit.

The Last ath is next the bottom of the next crash look at the global charts low iq inbreed the story repeat itself btc is nothing but a fractal repeating itself we already touched the 6k bottom it will only go up from here with crashes along the way that will never be below, kys

We ended the bigger bull cycle by breaking the parabola. If we touch the last top, then it will be the GOX top, which was ~1.2k

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your dreaming faggot

multi billion miner industry is gonna sell their btcs for

So you’re saying that Bill Gates was probably right and another 2009 is just around the corner? Maybe I should be investing in a bunker with food and freshwater instead...

Yeah that never happened kys faggot your theory is coming out of your own ass

What never happened? Breaking the parabola? I just provided you with an illustration of it.

Also, the market has been overextended for some time now and we will probably correct below the overall trendline. See the current image.

Long term, I am still bullish though. We'll hit 20k again within the next 3 years.

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>1-2k this year
wet dream

OP called this latest drop before anyone else could he be Satoshi?

holders contribute to the self-fullfilling prophecy

>representing cryptos a projection of crowd psychology with Euclidean geometry
Kys brainlet

>at least 3 years, 6 maximum until next bull run

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close, but more like 5 years dry spell

Negative user. I had a conversation last night with a normie friend from high school who said it would be "fascinating" to buy some Bitcoin. Every normie and their mother is aware of Bitcoin. Those with half a brain can see the potential. Don't underestimate the economic anxieties of everyday people. Bitcoin IS an exit.

If that really happens, then there will be serious doubt in the air. Even we will start doubting, even if we don't want to believe it at the moment.

But we must keep in mind, that it will be the best opportunity to buy back in. Gainz will not be as big as the current hype cycle created, but still over 10x and far superior to normie stocks.

These log charts are really eyeopening.

So here's a little TA for Veeky Forums

after every tiny dump and recovery the board is flooded with bearfags heralding the doom of BTC
>muh 4k
>muh 2k

why? because they sold the dip and after BTC shows little signs of recovery i.e. it gains 10% in 24hrs, these bearfags begin sweating bullets. So what can they do since they sold the dip and BTC immediately started going up? they rush to Veeky Forums to ring the alarm. so sad. yet you bearfags are so consistent. my advice to you novice traders is to cease trading because obviously you're bad at it. if you were any good you'd trade the swings and stfu already with these retarded and unfounded price predictions.

My man

this is the truth. 6k bottomsellers BTFO

>parabolic line broken
>on log scale

Oh noes

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you are a fucking moron if you really think any real bear would sell the bottom
we can't do it because we already sold long time ago
if anything we might sell too early, but never too late
only soyboy bulls sell bottoms because they can't face their own mistakes or because they get too greedy too late and doesn't have any spare cash from selling tops to buy dips


what's more disturbing is that they think the denizens of Veeky Forums hold any sway in this market so their helpless tantrums is even more pathetic.
i hope they find some solace in the countless hours they put into drawing memelines across a market is thinner than an anorexic high school senior

>any real bear would sell the bottom.

confirmed, bottom seller

This put me at ease a bit, this bear market seems so much worse than the last one for some reason. I just want things to go back to normal here

sorry soyboy, sold everything in january
you probably hold my bags

>i-it's recovering guys, please trust me... why won't you buy my bags?

i think only people who really sold at 6k are the ones who repeatedly accuse others in doing that
it's only natural to cope with bitter reality by thinking they weren't the only ones

you sold it all?
all $500.
good job buddy!

nice projection
so you bought $500 of btc at 19k?
no wonder you are coping so hard with your $250 now

you're an idiot if you can notice a consistency when these threads begin to flood Veeky Forums.
it's pathetic.
you'd rather waste time by proliferating these ridiculous observations
>muh 4k
rather than engage one another on with thought provoking arguments and debating good projects that are trading at steep discounts.
2018 has turned Veeky Forums into a cesspool of soyboys and pajeet scammers. pathetic

Yeah everyone who wanted in fomoed with coinbase app in december and got burned badly. There will be no bullrun like end of last year in the future.
Crypto is so easily accessed now that there is no excuses why you can't buy and everybody who follows news know atleast bitcoin.

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wrong, yet again.
either way if you truly sold the high, i highly doubt you would be spending your valuable time on Veeky Forums trying desperately to spread your delusion . but here you are. arguing with common sense and failing miserably. if you sold the top then you should be flush with cash and waiting to get back in because HEY this market made you money? didn't it? and if you wanted to get back in you wouldn't hesitate (unless you're a coward and you'll just end up FOMOing at 13k) because that's when you "feel" the dip is over. amirite? or you're a bottom seller and salty as fuck...filled with remorse and guilt for succumbing to the 4k meme

+17% in stocks so far this year

how you cucks doing with your meme money?

i am looking to get back at 4k
might happen in a month, might happen in a year - i'm not in a hurry
will keep swinging on margin and acting stupid on biz while i wait

>brainlet: the post