What went wrong?

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BTC dumped by whales for stop loss hunt / long liquidation

a correction that was expected

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Not much. Everything went as predicted.

Not that I'm complaining ;)

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>Paint a bull flag
>then dump it
We are all getting played by the bogs

Bitcoin is worthless.


Should I sell? Is it going to recover today?

yes master

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Yes, sell! You can always buy back in when the price recivered, frend

Wouldn’t that lose me money? I’ve done enough of that

How will ethies ever recover from being up 5 million percent since ICO.

actually it's all going according to the masterplan

Just tell me what to do

then hodl like the fucking idiot you are

I fucking hate this shit. Why won't it finally die and stop fucking up my alts.


should have tethered up at 9.5k. If I were you I would tether and wait. No need to rush Bitcoin is not mooning anytime soon.

Oh nvm. Thought it was a buttcorn which has the same pattern now.

You should reevaluate your life if you haven't sold yet.

so sad that i cba sending my shit to bitmex/bitfinex, tethered when it hit 730. wouldve been nice to short with 5x lev. hope binance introduces margin soon

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just opened a 10x long thanks

Alright. Thank you. I’ll hold

taking financial decisions based Veeky Forums anons

you shorted exactly where i did, where did you close your short?

Anyone wanna to explain to a brainlet how shorting differs from tethering and rebuting

Here's what actually went wrong:
delusional retards keep thinking if they take out even more credit and keep pumping bitcoin they can get back their initial investment.

It's called Sunk-cost bias.
Meanwhile M-F traders are just going to keep cashing out every penny they dump onto the market.

Please tell me you haven't invested anything.

It is ogre. Slow inevitable bleed out as normies figured it os all a scam. Zero fresh money. You still canr but anything with crypto. Most "coins" obvious scams (no code, just a paper, most of them cpycat)

We are going to see a zero here. Unironically.

Yes sell goy

lucky bastard. i sold at 95 with 50x

Bought btc at $750 never touched it never even used an exchange

Excuse me if I find that difficult to believe.

You tardos really don’t know how much cash you can make by day trading this. If you’re watching it closely, it’ll either dump off or shoot sky high. Just make sure you watch it and you’ll make cash.

Why? I gave a friend cash for btc when it was $750 bought a few deewebthinga and havent looked at it since

It seems to be recovering. Did some negative bewd cause the crash?

Get good.


Fuck, it’s dumping again

yay* its dumping again. muh shorts

How do I short using Gdax?

Here's all you need to know... on even days of the month between 10am and 12noon EST BTC dumps hard... presumably someone liquidating a bunch of coins (i wonder who) then waiting a day for the market to build back up. If you don't believe me, look at a chart yourself- it started around 11am today

there is no margin but you can sell/rebuy lower

BTC isn't getting dumped.
It's just overbought + profit taking.

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Who /bored/ here?

I told you to tether like 1 hour ago what are you waiting for this shit is going to 7k

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It's fine... just a correction since it's overbought.
Just profit taking and rebuying it back once the rsi is below 30 around 20 area.

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Thanks. I’m selling. ETH is dumping hard. Wish I had pulled the trigger sooner

Zoom out.

Will hit $1000

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eth going to 7k?!

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Eth is in a bad position. Bitcoin is "Store of value" meme so literally all it has to do is exist and get enough TPS to sustain store of value.

Ethereum tries to be a computer. So any killer apps literally kill it (ICOs, cryptokitties etc). It never marketed itself as store of value. It has massive technical burdens because the dev team was as a bunch of Javascript kiddies. It can't transition to PoS. It has security flaws and literally cannot protect it's multisig & keeps getting hacked. On top of that no one even cares "Just growing pains guyz" when it's actually making all functions default to public while documenting them as defaulting to private.

There are projects that are way more professional run by way more compotent devs (Tezos) & way more scalable from the beginning (Cybertherium, EOS, DFinity).

There is no reason to own Ethereum at this point.

Shorting is betting against. If you short and price goes down you earn money. Not many exchanges allow this.

Haven’t the security flaws been fixed?

Sortof. But you don't document all functions as private when they are actually public on a programming project without there being a shitload of other problems.

The hackenings will continue.

WOW thank you. It’s still plunging

EOS is legit being funded by sex trafficking operation. look it up if you want or I'll just spread the news about it when the timing is better maybe right after mainnet or something idk

This is going to keep happening until we leave BTC and BCH behind.

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For the record I fucking hate EOS and I hate Brock Pierce (going all the way back to when he got on the Bitcoin Foundation - there was a huge stink and research done). I also hate EOS fundraising model and I don't own any.

But just because EOS is a chomo ring doesn't mean it won't help kill Ethereum.

Can you give us resources? I would be interested in doing more research. I'm aware of Brock's ties to Chad's World & then the shit that went down in Spain with Marc Collins-Rector. I'm also familiar with this research.


How is EOS being funded by an actual sex trafficking operation? Isn't it just being funded by cryptonerds?

hello there

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BTC is grandpa and ETH is grandpas advanced toilet.

ADA exists

you mean that whitepaper written by trannies that has been insanely overpumped by normafalgs and has been doing nothing but bleeding down to zero as it should?

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~1.7k sats would be an ideal buy.
You should consider that, regardless of the people working on it.
Money is money.

>Money is money.
yeah, that's why I'm all in on LINK like a non-retard

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Look closely at the charts.
ETH fell to $590 in february before recovering to >$950 at its peak.
ETH fell to $640 a few days ago before recovering to ~$740.
ETH then fell to $673 before recovering to ~$740.
In the last hour it dropped to $688, but no lower. It’s beginning its climb back up to $740.
The lows are consistently higher, if there is another dip on the 14th, expect it to be in the $690-705 range.

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Okay? Being all in on anything is not the smartest play. But that is not my money, so GL.
I doubt you've got a reason good enough to be more than 50% in LINK, though.

Actual vaporware, money is money doesn't work when it's on track to disappear faggot

It was a bull flag that failed.

>What went wrong?
bog bullying

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And then moon mission, yeah?
>being this short sighted
It will spike in value, before (if) it fades away.
No need to be angry, user.

>It will spike in value, before (if) it fades away.
just like DBC did am I right?
you DON'T buy vaporware trash period. you can get lucky by buying trash like TRON or XRB before it pumps to high heavens but after that it's only going to bleed and bleed until every last norman sells.

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the btc maximorons can't admit that the whole space has underestimated the consequences of Wall Street money entering last year. all the suits are playing the games they're not allowed to play with stocks anymore. but they found a new toy. the o beloved soooooooo decentralized savior and lord that should be responsible for the biggest shift of wealth in the history of mankind. guess what: nice guys finish last, folks.


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sub 9000 in minutes
Here we go
It doens't even hurt anymore
Wen will I be able to feel pain again, mommy

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You're welcome user be careful in the next months

h-how do I get in on this? a-asking for a friend.

EOS is the Chad coin confirmed.

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How are you guys losing money?

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