Is this a good long term investment?

Is this a good long term investment?

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>long term
>next couple months

Short term yes long term no..

People will soon realize how shit this centralized bs is and will sell + spread news.

Its against everything blockchain is trying to achieve.

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xrp $10 by summer


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This is useless if you dont show the reality like controlled by 3 guys. Freezing people's coins. Controlling supply, etc...

This is so wrong..

This is so wrong that its working

XRP / xRapid Diagram

XRP Compared to other Crypto

Companies Using XRP:

David Schwartz comments on how higher XRP price would help Ripple‏-comments-on-how-higher-xrp-price-would-help-ripple/

XRP is blockchain technology.
XRP is not centralized, anyone can run validator server:
XRP price is not fixed by anyone not even banks or Ripple Co.
XRP is a coin used to transport value over the Internet, specifically over the blockchain network, same as any other coin.
There is a limited amount of XRP amount premined around 100B.

XRP diagram explained:
The orange box is a xRapid software that automates exchange of fiat to XRP a current exchange rate.
Whenever customer wants to send fiat, bank takes this fiat and exchanges it for XRP at current exchange rate,
XRP is sent over the blockchain to destination, at destination XRP amount is converted back to fiat.
All of this takes less than 3 seconds.

But muh jew coin:
Remember you are here to make money not for the moral that banks are evil, you are on Veeky Forums not /pol/.
If you think banks will go away anytime soon you are delusional retard.

But muh it's not moving:
XRP has gone up 30,000% last year, what do you mean is is not moving?!

But muh Ripple Co. can freeze your coins:
XRP CAN'T BE FROZEN BY ANYONE. Only IOUs/tokens can be frozen by the issuer.

But muh we have Visa/Nostro:
No, VISA is slow. If I pay you with Visa then you won't receive the funds for at least 3 days. With XRP you will receive the funds in 3 seconds.

This is the only coin that's changing the industry right now,
all others live on hype.


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This bs is all priced in already and will only go lower in long term once people realize its was tested a month ago and got clogged at 1100 TP/s and they are advertising its capable of processing over 1500...

Just stay away from it.

Good - in that case, stay far away from it. Filter it out the catalog, do not invest anything into xRapid.

Stay true to your word and stop commenting on anything related to Ripple or XRP.

>realize its lies
being this delusional and retarded

nice source fudster.

I will still try to warn others that you guys are trying to get into buying cRapple with your fancy lies graphics :P

Of course. It will become #1 in the next bullrun

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please expose the 3 guys you are talking about
and who´s coins they have freezed

pajeet tier fud pre-2018 even leddit knows more that you

Yes, in 2016.

>muh only 1100 TP/s instead of 1500
>bitcoin has 10

fuck me, you're the kind of guy to laugh at someone's 7 inch dick whilst having a micro penis

wait til Wednesday. all sentiment regarding xrp will change forever.

Zwojaks all over the place. mark my words. is way more interesting than this shit

Why Wednesday?

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money 2020 news should be in full effect by then.

Antfinancial and Ripple partnership will be announced.

Is anyone else getting antshares vibes from this?

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