How did you meet your girlfriend?

I dont have trouble meeting girls on a night out, hooking up with them etc, but I never meet anyone that's meeting girlfriend material, and even if I do we never maintain contact. How do I find a girlfriend?

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Met mine on tinder 4 years ago, now we travel the world and stuff


i don't now nor have i ever had a gf

we are both foreign students at uni. I saw her once at a party and talked with her a bit about movies. Just happened she wanted to study filming and I made a good enough impression that she shunned every guy except me at the next party we saw each other in.

that enlightenment when you realize you don't need gf

Met my first one at uni and second one on tinder.

I met my wife at university. Just had a casual conversation and it clicked.

We both worked in same company.

This is the most cucked thing, meeting a girl on an online dating site and actually sticking around

Reveal your methods Chad

Met her in line at the theater. Both went to go see a movie alone, started chatting. Going 8 years strong

i am looking for more detail

how did this happen? were your seats right next to each other? sounds interesting go on..

I'm pretty natural in social stuff, I just don't seek it out 24/7 like chads do.

The fuck, Tinder is all about min-maxing real life. You date multiple girls in a short time frame which is a lot of fun, fuck most of them and keep the one you like around for the real deal.

in the park, where we gathered to drink with friends, she was 16 then now 22, still very cute and good person, never changed

>Going to a movie alone

i only need national socialism in my life

>tfw full time NEET in crypto
>tfw never had a gf and never get to meet any girls

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I'm not a chad at all, I just saw a cute girl no one was talking to and tried to find a low controversy topic I could talk about without making an ass of myself. I tried to speak as little as possible about myself and let he talk a lot to show I was interested in her.

politically speaking I am not the avg Veeky Forums user so there was little chance of me triggering her by saying something stupid or offensive. I also avoided talking about sex or being suggestive, let her insinuate that kind of shit first.

Try not dressing like a teenager, don't talk about cryptos and shit like that, if you enjoy art talk about that shit.

She was standing in line in front of me. I complimented her on her shirt or something. Just something stupid like "Hey, I like that shirt, pretty badass." she ended up getting a ticket for the same movie I was going to see. We had about 20m to kill before the movie, she sat outside the theater in the mall on a bench. I went over and sat on the bench and made small talk about stupid shit. Spent all 20m talking, asked if she'd mind if I sat with her, got her number after the movie. Pretty standard from there on.

Only insecure beta cucks think going to movies alone is a problem. It's actually a great way to appreciate a movie you like and chat up qt staff

i dont know how to keep a conversation going like that. probably because i dont ever really do anything so i have nothing to talk about. at least i got 6 digits in crypto :^)

First one met
Through friends, second one I knew through social circles same with the third. Knew all three of them from high school been single the past 3 years now that I’m not in school I don’t really know how to meet women besides the few I’ve banged from tinder. I’m debating reinstalling my tinder but I don’t want people in my office to see me on there so I guess I’ll just stay single the rest of my life unless one of my friends gf’s has a single friend or something.

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Workplace. It takes a while to find out if the girl is worthy.

Met mine at a gig. 5+ years later we're still together.

Used to go to the same high school as mine. Never really talked to her because i was a beta cuck/ nerd , and she was shy and studied alot. Both ended up doing pretty well end of high school and ended up talking at a couple of parties we both were invited to over the course of a year after high school. Now we are 4 years in and shes getting paid to do a phd and im an engineer. boye. (And shes hot)


>And shes hot
pic or never happened faggot

Just move to Asia. You probably won't be drowning in pussy but if you at least try you'll have a gf within 3 months.

K den, gona censor face tho soz senpai. Paranoid a f because already revealed large info

But then she'd be asian. And youd have to live in asia.

Be an chad
Have girls bring you their friends to date

>Liked me throughout all of high school
>11th grade, best friend has a party
>Sucks me off in the basement but I had whiskey weiner so couldn't nut
>Invite her back to my place
>Family away on trip so we were alone
>Aside from slurping my weewee we talked about other things and it turned out tht she was alright.
>This story isnt real you fucking retard.

i can relate to the whiskey dick part, real or not

and takes a little while to get sued for sexual harassment, #metoo, etc

Look at this dangus, bitter he couldn't even hold down a Tinder girl.

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These 2 are gonna have to suffice for you dude. Whether they do or not, well idc haha.

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Nicely done, user. Lick her asshole a little bit for me tonight

bretty gud bro from what i can see

Looks pretty average to me. Good job though

Unironically on Veeky Forums

She was a movie fan, I dm'd her and the rest is history

One day a Colombian refugee came to my house. She spoke good English

She was a little short brown girl and I wanted to take her virginity

That was 2 years ago she is still loyal and noble and very caring.

I treat her right and she is heavily in love with me

She is not the hottest girl in the world but I trust her and she has made a great partner

Might marry this one

We had sex, kissed, held hands, had a date on Valentinsday, we're shoppong but she said

She likes me but not more

It's cruel. How hard is it to get a GF? /Biz, should I be persistent and continue ask her out?

That’s like saying you shouldn’t hold investments for the long run, you totally should but only the ones that are actually good for it. Short term investments (one nighters) are literally pump and dump so yeah you should sell those after a little while before they go down (on someone else).

Thanks user, Guess shes my type :)

The best thing to do is to move on

There's a good chance that she'll get insecure and change her mind if you do this

You mean if I move on she may change her mind? She texted me the day after confessing my love but I ignored it. Gonna wait one week and then I see what I do. Thanks, gonna donate 1 LINK if you provide address

I've lost count how much beautiful girls I've fucked due to instagram. Post some interesting shit make sure they see it and hit then up

If you're asking this question you're too far gone to autismo side.

>I dont have trouble meeting girls on a night out
Stop lying on the internet, you're on virtual ponzi chink imageboard, who you're trying yo trick?

It's a long shot anyway, but the 100% guaranteed way to blow it is to keep trying too hard. I've had a girl reject me and then later when I didn't talk to her for a while come over like a week later anyway. Not sure why, she must have been lonely or something.

I don't need your link, I'm plenty wealthy, good luck

not lying, there is a difference between a one night stand and a long, meaningful relationship.

I am autistic tho, my looks just make up for it

met mine at the funeral

finding gf material is hard as fuck. its that balance between fun, intelligent, sexy and nicely looking that's simply stupidly hard to find.
my last gf she was the one who came to talk to me. we had common friends, but never really talked. i had no clue she would be into me, but she was. shame it didnt last.

also, instagram fucks everything even more. met a nice chick. check instagram...oh boy. instagram is the best window for a girl. its a reality-check right there. "oh naked photo with her panties drawn" dick think its nice, my brain know its going to be a clusterfuck.

>Be me , autistic 32yo sperglord. Wearing Pikachu and Fallout tshirts almost daily, fat(not amerimutt-tier tho)
>have gf
>average body,6/10 face, massive D cups. nice ass
>makes 3x times more money than me
> hates sjw with a passion
>great sex
>drinks beer and smoke weed side by side with me
>wants kids, will drop one job to take care of the kids
>wants to get a prenup.
>Loves me

Did i hit the jackpot?, im THIS close of proposing her

More stories pls

Selling MDMA that I bought with btc on Agora (when it was still around). It was my college roommates’ birthday and we went out on a boat on the lake in summer of 2016, and their childhood friend who was this quirky skinny but lowkey hot as fuck girl came along. Since then we told each other we both thought the other was kind of cute but didn’t care to jump down each other’s throats or anything.

But long story short, HER roommate was looking for molly and I had just gotten a bunch from the Netherlands or some shit which I sold to them. So she texted me through the process and when we took too much and spent the night puking violently, we talked about it and kept texting in the days after. Met up when we visited for parties a few times, fucked, fell in love practically immediately. Pretty neat desu

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as long as both of you can stand each other.

>Met her through Interpals(she is Russian I'm Slovenian)
>Didn't want to have anything at first cause I thought she was a fake profil(2 hot 4 me) and too young
> ff a year of talking and meeting other people and she said she wants to come visit me while she was in Italy
>We fall in love and are in a LDR for 3 years now with regular visits every 2 months or so (can't move cause we are both students, she will come study here)
>Thought crypto could be a good way to earn a bit of $ to have more regular visits

>friends for years
>book trip to Thailand on a Groupon
>3 days in have insane fuckfedt
Together ever since.

Respect, I couldn't wait longer than 2 months