Holy shit, glad i sold. Is this how fragile the "partnerships" are...

Holy shit, glad i sold. Is this how fragile the "partnerships" are? Sunny must be getting a shit tone of emails from the companies like BMW upset with the influx of inquiries to them.

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because 'partnerships' aren't partnerships. Call me when BMW or Alibaba is clamoring to announce their partnership with fucking VeChain. It's a joke and you're an idiot if you buy into it. COins built on hype are doomed to fail, coins that grow organically and are focused on products rather than marketing are the ones that you want to hold long term.

Why do people care so much about BMW jesus christ
DNV GL + PwC are literally 100x more significant than ONE motherfucking car manufacturer. DNV GL provides services for over EIGHTY PERCENT of the fortune 500 companies lmao.

If there were NDAs where the companies can't talk about the partnerships then why announce them before they are ready? No shit people will want information on the partnership since we were given no details.

Wow very sad. I'm a huge vechain fan but I don't expect it to go above $2 by eoy.


Stfu faggot. I'm up 1200% on this gem. You ain't getting my precious VET poorfag.

i work for BMW and yeah this part of the deal with Vechain will be very tiny. I don't know why people thinks a partnership with a big company means it will have value

The only reason Sunny doesn't want VEN holders to contact "partners", is because they aren't actually partnerships at all. If you look into them properly, each of the so called "partnerships" is not a real corporate partnership on equal footing at all.

>jepodising the larp partners

Yeah I'm a huge VEN fan but this is really a bad saga. Starting to believe the startup garage emails were true, which is a real red flag for me. This is what happens when you keep doing this Justin Sun tier marketing... bites you eventually.

I hope they stop.

Because BMW is legit and fucking Chink "partners" are on it just to take your fucking money.


DNV GL channel TOPkek

only thing more scammy than ven is trx

Poor people in here.

Vechain made me like 800% so far.

I think we will be all fine. Good luck with rest of crypto market going to gutters though LOL.

I made 62k on fucking Tron kek it doesnt make it legit.

this is what you get for buying this chink shit, and they want you to trust them about solving counterfeiting

fuck outta here

I bought in at 75 cents mongoloid. I owned 22k of it but now i only kept 6k for X node status as insurance.

sold almost all of it a couple weeks ago.

Too much drama around this shitcoin. I wouldn't be surprised if Sunny is leasing a BMW and that's the extent of the partnership.

Im pretty cheesed off that i didn't sell more at 9 bucks. considering i got in at 75 cents and sold at around 50k sats i haven't done bad at all, but i could tell shit was going south.

I think VEN is a good long term coin, but they have really fucked up in marketing. its caught up with them. The CCK shit fucked them in the end, and overhyping things and generally focusing way too much on their community reactions (which is why they even forced an early announcement of BMW and Oxford).

Generally its always smart to take profits are huge runs anyway. live and learn. People will be very disappointed come June when Thor is only worth around 10 cents. even in hyper bull it will be no more than a couple bucks. Thor will take a god few years before its giving 20-100 bucks in value. it will require a shit tone of people using the network.

sunnys in for a bad time when all his moon lambo boys find out. Personally i'm keeping an X node even if it tanks, because there will be no chance again, and when it does take off in years to come, it will be extremely valuable to hold an X node.

good i will be rich
why jim breyer bla bla bla = typical shill
ven fags getting btfo

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for reasons I said numerous times already I sold most of my VEN. The token is literally worthless if you missed out on the masternode.

To get back on the partnerships.

Notice how DNV GL has so far been the only partnership to bring the news themselves. It is probably also the only legitimate ( huge partnership.

This isn't the first misstep, we also had the oxford crap.

I really hope no one believes this

They’ve gotten so much mileage out of that Jim Breyer & Xi Jinping group photo. The reason Breyer is standing next to Jinping is because Jinping purposely chose to cuck Jack Ma, Tim Cook, and Mark Zuckerberg, the real power players. Jingping doesn’t care about some American venture capitalist that got lucky with Facebook. The photo was political theater designed to denigrate Ma, Cook, and Zuckerberg.

lmao, it was from Sunny himself i nthe telegram. some faggot posted it straight to reddit with a link too. stop the denial.

>Oh prease, do not tell BMW that we said we were pahdanas.
>Speshur sekwet, is just for you.
>We are all fwends here!
Why does this sound like damage control?
>inb4 Salty Salty
Try again, I do not trust, or buy, any Chink coins.

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>Please stop exposing my lies until I dump all my bags

Anyone who thinks that the big boys of BMW are having meetings discussing partnering with "vechain" and buying "thor power" is absolutely delusional. Seriously just take a good solid minute and think about the name of this shit. Vechain Thor? Thor power? Pathetic and childish sounding.

Keep spreading the FUD pajeet. You'll help me get my node before the 20th. Thanks.

user, I will use this pic in my next BMW spam mail. Thanks in advance.

This isn't FUD. This is directly form Sunny himself. The problem with you little lambo children is you don't understand what objective information is and how it connects to the market. holding bags changes nothing.

if you are holding soemthing its your job to be on ball with it and revaluating regularly. you don't jsut turn into a little fucking lambo fanboy. this is not your PlayStation or Xbox. stop treating it like so.

I sold my 22k bag when it started to become obvious Ven is a 2-5 year hold. and it wont take off till then. keeping my 6k for X node status and moving on till the time is right. Thor will be worth pennies for a long time. prepare yourself. whe nyou invest in solid projects with good foundations, it means its rooted in reality and it takes a very long time to materialize. the hype boys are turned away. VEN fucked up because they hyper shilled with CCK and other shit, and now reality is setting in. moon boys got fucked.

srs? can someone post link to reddit thread, it will be a good point for me to bring up next time i see ven shills.

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>VEN shoots up to $4.05
>FUD piece comes out
i know you still need taht X node so hurry up, prices are only going up

Nbd bro, kept like 6k already sold most the rest a few weeks ago at around 60k sats

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It's not my OC, it's not even the first time it was posted in this thread, but you're welcome.

>"Someone has to be completely out of his mind to directly contact BMW or any other announced VeChain partner."

the most upvoted comment in that thread and the ones that still question it are getting pushed so hard into the negative area that their comments are hidden, this is why i don't reddit, can easily censor everything.

If people don't realize that vechain is paying people to praise them then they're clear idiots,Chinks are famous for doing this type of shit and if you think them opening an expo etc makes them legit then take a look back at bitconnect, not hard to get a place at an expo shit.

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i knew what was up when sunny was bragging about the size of his reddit army at the rebrand event

>No one in the industry wants to stop our success

oh, good to know that the Cryptocurrency industry is the only industry on earth where competition is not only sought after but it's a industry and company bonding agent.

gtfoh, if another blockchain can get BMW to pick up their tech, you better believe they will undercut Vechain when and wherever possible.

lmao! I can't believe that was the response "there is no enemy" roflmao!

absolute scam shart coin words cant express how untrustworthy vechain appears upon digging below ground level

WHY would this even be remotely successful - it is a dead end venture and will go no where. Zero sum the shartcoin

If you are FUDing this coin you are an absolute faggot. I don't even own any and im sick of seeing this garbage. I can't imagine how many mongaloids emailed BMW about VeChain. Of course they are going to get upset. Im with Sunny on this one. He is just telling you all to stop being obnoxious and wait for further information. So where deos this leave you for making fun of him? This makes you the worlds biggest homosexual crybaby soy boy for going to Veeky Forums and calling this guy pathetic for asking autists to politley stop.

Go buy some more WTC you stupid nigger.

its not even ven moonboys, it wouldve been le ebin /b/ style trolls

Not fudding, not shilling.
I'm just exposing reality. you interpret it as FUD because you are projecting negative associations onto it. that's all fud is. insecurity. Reality being this coin is not goign to moon for years, because it is solid. It over hyped it self and now they are dealing with shit like lambo kids emailing bmw non stop. Organic solid projects take many years to take off due to them being real and business takes time in the real world. Vechain fucked up by hyper marketing and attracting all the kids too early. now they are dealing with the the aftermath. the lambo lords will be very upset upon learning their hold is 3-5 years, which is ironically, exactly what Jim breyer thinks, the one they defer to all day.

If you see the writing on the wall you sell at 60-80k sats and keep the X node and invest elsewhere.

reverse shill

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What happens when retail investors start speculating?
This is what happens. LMFAO I suspect ChainLink to have the same fate. Fucking idiots, you do know you're just a fucking customer for these tokens? You're LEGALLY not an investor, you're a customer. So start behaving like a consumer and stop asking questions and just buy that shit.

lmao, so many mongoloids here

of course BMW is not going to be happy about getting spammed by bunch of ven lambo kids with 20 ven in their wallet

they just asked sunny to calm down the community, and that is what he tried to do

> sold just before teeka announcement.


>not using candles or Ashi

Pajeet detected

... jeopardize ... either fake or chink telegram engrish

btw. VCHAIN was part of a P&D today - will crash soon obviously before the nodes deadline expires > that is a massive flag for a dump anyway

>It's called GOOGLE, no one's going to take it seriously

Incorrect. Blockchain is in its infancy stage as a technology and as such people should welcome as much competition as possible. This will create an incentive for profit seekers and investors as then it will be taken as a serious service and not a speculative bubble. Elon Musk is actively pursuing competition in the electric vehicle market so that it can be seen as a serious endeavor and be grounded as a new industry. Some of the posters above me are correct in thinking Ven is a longer term play. That's why I invested in it along with other longer term plays because the foundations are being laid and the tracks are being set. You would have to be a complete amateur or a child to expect price action to keep going up and up so that you can sell the top with complete disregard to reality. I worry that the childishness of the average crypto investor is actually damaging or hampering how blockchain is being viewed