Feeling extremely depressed

I can’t believe I missed out on crypto. I checked the prices all the time in 2017 but never bought anything until December. I remember thinking it was too late when Ethereum went from like 40 to 80 dollars in a few days. Every aspect of my life is shit, but this could have been my one shot to ever feel success. I’m ugly as fuck and will never get married or even get a gf, I can barely form relationships with the people around me, I’m my parents least favorite child (and rightfully so), I can’t focus on school work anymore, no company will even give me a chance to intern for them, I’ll always be poor and ugly and a loser. I feel despondent about everything, everything I try goes totally wrong. I don’t want to get out of bed anymore.

I’ve blown the few small opportunities I’ve ever had in life, I’ll probably never get a chance again. Who else /failure/?

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Be like us other failures, find the new 1000000x's

I was into Veeky Forums when ETH was like $3 but i only did memes about it, not really cared. then i left Veeky Forums, came back november 17' and i wanted to kill myself , but hey there is more!
I bought ZCL at $40 and didn't sell at $200, and now im stuck with BTCP which is worth $70, im bagholding for eternity and this was my first invstment since i came into crypto again, the thing is if i had sold at $200 it would have been great because the money i would have made was more than enough for me but i didn't sell because i got greedy

its all over for me

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>75% profit
You'll never make it.

Don't fomo now. We're just going through a few bull traps.
Ether will soon be 150 bucks again.

buy dubaicoin

dubaicoin (DBIX)
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DBIX also is a platform for smart contracts
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>I’ve blown the few small opportunities I’ve ever had in life
did you ever remotely considered pushing the buy button before Dec 2017?
you should snatch defeat from victory's jaws so as to classify as a "missed opportunity"

Are you a virgin though?

i should have sold at $200

fuck my fucking life, why didn't i stay in Veeky Forums? i could be millonarie by now

Geez, just get some RVN

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Looks like you were the greatest fool OP.

Trade small coins. I doubled my money trading shitcoins and now I put some in guaranteed moonshots while I keep trading. You didn't miss crypto, but you're gonna miss every single shot in life with that awful, shitty outlook you have. Start there, actually.

I've been feeling the same. Life is a hopeless chore and there is not a single reason to keep going. If I bought ltc 5 years ago like I wanted to, it would be worth living. I knew where crypto was heading and I was right, but now it doesn't matter. Me and you are now both at the bottom of this shitty pyramid scheme, and two possible options are only losing it all or making it in some 5-6 years - if the meme won't die by then.

Worst of all, even if our shitcoins were to 3x overnight, it wouldn't really matter. You know that feel, don't you? At back of your head you think how much you'd have if you bought eth at $40 and compare to where you are now. How better your life would be. And you know you'll never catch up.

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For everyone who made it in crypto, there are at least 5 guys that "almost bought btc in 2014"

money is not what cryptos are all about, it's about sticking to the federal reserve money magick cabal, so far you are winning because you are still early. keep learning, better yourself and try to understand the technology,

Yep, I can't ever stop comparing things to what could have been. If I had just trusted my gut I'd be in a much better position in life right now, everything would be different, I might be able to walk in public with my head held high instead of feeling worthless. Now my gut is telling me it's all over and everything is hopeless.

I know, and I'm just another one of those people.

Don't beat yourself up friend, I know how you feel. I shilled ETH to a friend as "the next bitcoin" when it was at $12, but didn't buy any myself. I actually ignored everything crypto for a year because of how much I hated myself.

I then realized that the world is accelerating. The average lifetime of a Fortune500 company has halved in the last 20 years ans is going to halve again in 10 years.
New fortunes are made and lost quicker than at any other time in history. And it's only going to go faster and faster.

New opportunities will pop up sooner than you might know. It might not be a crypto coin, but something will come. And the next big thing after that will come even faster. You just have to keep alert and not waste your time with games and TV, but instead work on a coherent view of the world and when you notice a new development, ask yourself, if in your worldview this thing has a bright future. If yes, then find a way to invest in it. Bitcoin was very convenient for this, because it was literally meant to be bought, investing in other things might not be as easy. Either way, since us autists tend to have a much more realistic view of the world, we will always be early adopters. My only worry is not a lack of future opportunities, but that soon it will be impossible to keep up.

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Thanks man, I hope you're right. This market does move pretty fast, hopefully I can find something that will go on a run. It's not even really about the money at this point, I just wish something would go right for me instead of always going to shit.

Me too user, if crypto dies I die too

In my lifetime there has been Walmart, Google, Apple, Amazon, and bitcoin. I’m sure there are many others that I’m missing. You just need to pay attention and maybe you can find the next big thing. It’s coming user. Are you paying attention?

Or are you crying like a bitch over missed opportunities?

Does anyone else feel an odd sense of despair, like you're not one of the lucky ones...there are kids out there who bought bitcoin at pennies and are now millionaires all because they forgot about it for years...but here I am struggling, unable to even pay my rent. Life sucks but i'll live it out anyway because every day is a new day and I don't want to off myself before we have a full blown great depression v2.

>bought 3000 ETH in the ico
>sold at $6

Boo hoo I had about 50 ETH last year when I sold my dogecoin at the top (back then). I sold them all a bit after the DAO hack cause I didn't think they would go up past 50$. If I had kept them I would have been able to put a down payment on a house and buy into promising ICOs on the cheap.

A lot of your situation was just like mine it's crazy, even down to the parents and life choices. You sound exactly I was a few years ago. Don't wallow in your own shit. Go find something to do on the regular. For me it was the gym, whipped my ass good and kept me out of the house for a few hours a day. Go see a doctor for your depression and try different kinds of anti depressants. Your first one will likely not be the one for you, so don't be discouraged. My life is slowly looking up now but it took me nearly 2 years to get everything in check. Don't give in to NEETdom.

Everything is cyclical user. There will be other opportunities. You’re spending your spare time on a biz board in the asshole of the internet. You’ll make it.