What do fellow biz/tards Do while at home to keep their minds off of crypto...

What do fellow biz/tards Do while at home to keep their minds off of crypto. I found myself fixating on prices and charts in the last 8 months or so.
I downloaded Fortnite last week, and it has been helping to keep my mind off of crypto.

If anyone wants to add me to chat crypto/play, my name is:

What other things do you guys do to keep your minds off of crypto?

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Im a self taught jewelry maker, so I make money while playing with rocks at a little desk. Life is pretty sweet.

This sounds really interesting. Do you have any pics to share?
I have been also woodworking for the last 3 years which is pretty fun. I intend to get into steel work in the next few years as well.
t. Structural Engineerfag

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creating new chainlink fud most the time.

also not judging you you seem like a nice guy, spend less time playing games and more time bettering yourself and game casually.

also dont buy chainlink sergey is psychology major

60 % of holdings are in link... Because I was too much of a pussy to buy ETH when I was reading about it on here for 8$.
Also I haven't played videogames on a regular basis in over 6 years. Haven't had time. This is me casually getting back into videogames.

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Sadly my phone was stolen last week and im still waiting for a new one to come in, otherwise id show you some of my more recent stuff. However heres something I did a bit ago :)

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that looks nice user.
good job.
What would you ask for something like that piece?
Do you also do rings?

This piece went for 500, and yes I do rings as well! I just started fabricating, so doing solid metalwork via soldering cut pieces of sheet metal together in layers. Once Chainlink makes me a multi millionaire, I'm going to make a link cube pendant iced out with diamonds.

i would buy

Wow that's impressive. Are there any YouTube videos/channels that you are aware of that do similar stuff that you could recommend for me to take a look at to get a feel for what's involved to make something like this?
How many hours would you say it took you to make that?

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Is there a way for me to see some rings, do you have a site or something?

I started playing OSRS. Really just waiting for Vanilla wow though. I put like 80 days /played on nostalrius on my hunter. Full t2 with ashkhandi/chromag and 300 engineering, was a pvp god. Would do it all over again on official servers any day.

Im debating doing a production run of engraved Link cube pendants and posting them for sale to biz once link moons.

do you need hebrew blood to craft one of these?

Nice work user. Looks like some shit my mom would wear, she's into all these bullshit magical crystals and rocks. Got a website or something?

I was just thinking about this, and you know whats funny I cant enjoy video games until I make it. I have this cozy dream of being up 40x and being able to sit back and not worry about anything and just play vidya, but now when I play I'm just too occupied about doing it. Anyone else know that feel?


my website is Wavywireworks.com, you can see my portfolio as well as shoot me a message through email. Once my new phone comes in the mail which should be tomorrow, I can hit you back with some photos of my ring inventory.

So im self taught completely, there are a couple youtube channels that touch on basic wire wrapping techniques, but as far as advanced technical wraps, theres not a lot of info floating around.

Mostly what matters is having framework that will support everything you want to put in the pendant, kinda like a house skeleton before all the walls and stuff. Second is having the right shape and size wire for the job you want to accomplish. I draw my pieces out before I make them, as well as drawing the framework. Planning is key.

Playing some of the old Tomb Raider games and I'm laughing at how bad modern games are in comparison.

You need 20k XLM to buy her from the niggers user

pingers4days - gamertag fir firtnight bros. message me saying 4chinz

saw your website
Sick work
You can make it big

Modern games are better and nostalgia is a mental illness. Its just fewer good games are being made since the cost of making a good game has gone up exponentially.

Thanks user, shooting for the moon with this shit. Really hoping this crypto stuff will let me get a big ass studio and upgrade my shit to the next level in a couple years once im graduated.

Consuming copious amounts of movies and anime.

You will definitely make it because talent always finds it's way
The best part is how your creations have improved over time
Didnt know you were a female :)
All the best

Not in crypto since January, but I play games too. Currently it's cod ww2. I heard a lot of people went from it to Fortnite.

I saw you at Ninja's stream

when he was playing with kimble?

Been enjoying some of the new animes coming out this season.
Also haven't gamed in about 7 years, but would definitely get back into it once I've made it.

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What are some good animes this season? Havn't been keeping up, stopped watching last fall because I felt like all of it was shit...

Yup. Yesterday i think

My nigga, can't wait to relive the glory days.
Had a fully decked out T2 Nelf Rogue during blizzard vanilla, AQ weps and such. Killed everything in naxx up to sapphiron, but quit before tbc hit.

Currently playing new leagues of path of exile and meme games like holdfast.

>stopped watching last fall because I felt like all of it was shit...
Shojo Shumatsu Ryoko came out in fall and that was wonderful.

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She’s your mother???

>Shojo Shumatsu Ryoko

never heard of it, I'll check it out

pics related is Violet Evergarden which I've enjoyed. Mixed feelings from a lot of anons, but the visuals and animation is enchanting, story is comfy.
Darling in the Franxx is Evangelion meets TTGL with a little more of leaning toward the former, but definitely a mixed bag, just watching something a bit light-hearted to recover from Shinsekai Yori, lol
Ancient Magus Bride is also a mixed bag; interesting premise, great visuals, and the story has potential. The "prequel" episodes were quite impressive.

And, Made in Abyss from last season, but it was god-tier in my book. Amazing world-building.

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awesome pretty sure I noticed CryptoBum too.
also kimble was shilling crypto hard


hetti shit user, do you fab at all or just wrap? I have many homies in the game.

I just started fabbing and engraving! I recently got an auto graver like last week and I've been having a blast with it

pretty sure he isnt female

awesome stuff tho!

Intredasting, I'll copy what you wrote and go through it successively. Cheers.

Correct. I also got a haircut recently so that photo is a bit dated.

add me on fortnite if you got 3k/d+


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you seem like a great guy and your work is excellent. keep it up you gonna make it

also reserve 100k link pendants for me ;)

I'm not into crypto but I play a fair amount of DOOM and Unreal 4, as well as some Counterstrike: Source


Lel this is funny. I don't know who kimble is, a YouTube streamer I presume? But yes for the last week I have been playing like 10pm to 3am or so. Yesterday particularly I was playing from like 7pm to 3am on and off. That's actually pretty funny if you guys noticed. A lot of people have been commenting on my name asking me for graphics cards lmao. It's a nice gauge on the market to see how much the general populace knows about it, I.e. random players in fortnite.

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That's pretty nice user, I'd buy something from you for my gf perhaps
Any chance you'd give a fellow Veeky Forumstard discount?
Bear market is a financial struggle

I do 15% off when paying in crypto! Applicable to inventory I already have or custom work.



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I'm watching Netflix or play video games on PC. Mostly Dark Souls

kimble kim dotcom, internet enteprenuer

ninja is one of the biggest Fortnite streamers