Lol bmw partnership

So this was the hyped partnership?
Jesus fucking christ this is so bad.... Why would he hype it if it is so shit?

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Here's how it always works

>site hosted on AWS
Amazon partnership confirmed!
>one of the devs used to work with Tesla
Tesla partnership confirmed!
>Uber API in the source code
Uber partnership confirmed!
>a dev shook hands with a Microsoft rep at a conference
Microsoft partnership confirmed!

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>*blocks your path*

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Microsoft gold partner



a fucking garage band

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Is the DNV GL partnership real?

>Chinese start-up VeChain is participating in the BMW Startup Garage Programme

Jesus fucking christ that's embarrassing.

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Vechain is scammy as fuck.

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This is why I love Sergey.

Pretty much

Actually better than I thought.

Thanks OP, will buy more.

Remember when this appeared and the suddenly PBC started shilliing ven.
The leak was intentional like always and people fell for it.
They got rid of their bags.

Any coin run by chinks is going to be fully of scammy shit like this. Avoid them all.

i think im gonna sell off now
it feels like its all over

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time to clean up some dust from my portofolioni

hey, wait a minute
i sold and instantly it starts pumping?

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because you just sold to OP and other faggots spending time on a coin they apparantly have no interest in

If any of you cunts buy into a fake email, you’re too dumb to be successful at this. Get out now

it’s actually not fake though

IOTA’s “partnerships” in a nutshell