Why was that never posted here?

Why was that never posted here?

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cause we like to fud small price changes and dont want to look at the bigger picture

Bitcoin is still up 6.5X since last year.

Only oldfags made it.

Have you seen Trolololo's prophecies on bitcointalk.org? He has been setting them up for years now

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>What price do you get in 2075

$4,761,904.76 per bitcoin.

not possible

I just did basic math with a data from a graph. 100t/21m

Fake delet this

computer numbers don't work right when they get over a certain size mate, that's why my boss can't pay me more than $20K it's the "technical limit".

Why are you explaining that to me? I just answered his question.

1.000 24-04-2015
10.000 22-11-2017
100.000 16-07-2021
1.000.000 06-09-2026

he's been pretty close so far.


cause you touch yourself too much


Do you want to #HODL till 2022 cause according to you it's okay if you're below for two years

I have no hands, i type with my nose. Thanks for offending me!!


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Why are you posting the first sell off?