PBCs next call is VEN!!!

Buy up to $5.
LMAO Waltcucks BTFO!

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>listening to pajeet teeka
He's only right during a bull market.

The first signal you shouldn't trust this indian pump and dumper is that he make is call in USD.

Buy up to $5 it means nothing, you will be motherfucking justed in sats following this pajeet.

>t. salty walties

>pricing in fiat

That's not how any of this works.


*makes his
Seriously, I'm not even in VEN or WTC, is just retarded make those kind of calls based on dollars value.

his audience is boomercucks they dont understand BTC value user

Grow up.

dont worry user
one day Big T might pump your walton bags too
dont give up!

I'm holding 0 Walton or Ven. My only Chinese coin is Wanchain.
Grow up, kiddie.

>t. butthurt wancuck

Why anyone is listening to this curry smelling cuck is beyond me. Remember when he shilled CND not long ago lol

boiler room operation, i hope people lose everything listening to this dumb fuck and he keeps getting loaded and keeps robbing people of their valuable satoshis, its what they deserve

short term call
the venfags are who got btfoed.

no, they just most likely put in fresh fiat every time he calls something.
It's not like they are sitting on loads of bitcoin available to trade

cucks get upset when the coin they hold is not promoted in his release, 5$ is nothing for VEN

yup its funny to see how butthurt they get, knowing that Big Teeka aka The Kingmaker aka Shitcoin Messiah will never pump their worthless bags

>He's only right during a bull market.


remember when he told people to buy CND up to 30 cents? i'm so fucking glad i sold that complete shitcoin at the top of the pump...

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Remember when he said buy Salt up to $20?


Fcking kek.

Stop loss : NONE

Teeka will shill this harder before mainnet. Vechain will go parabolic soon again.