Why is this board so toxic since the start of this year?

Why is this board so toxic since the start of this year?
Also lots of pic related in many threads too.

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Because everyone is getting rich /s

You have to go back, and I don't mean to Reddit.

because reddit fags were tipped that "early moons arrive at biz first" and now they are all over this place. they were here all along tho which is how i know its bs. however its been hilariously easy to shitpost and get (you)s here lately.

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normie redditor detected kys


Dude is concerned about that state of biz. Been the same for a as long as I remember. Definitely a redditor
Who cares about if "you say toxic things here"

What you expect us to be like, "you know what this newfag here is right. Lets reform guys"

Mostly nocoiners coping and contaminating this board with their shit breath every time bitcoins rises and drops 5รท


biz got linked a lot in reddit
somehow reddit got convinced that biz is a group of crypto geniuses and that their calls are always great

you have to go back

theres always a lot of penises on biz

It's because we're taking over Veeky Forums, OP. Us redditors are going to soon control the conversation and remove all your mysoginistic, racist, antisemetic thoughts from the internet.

You cant stop it, user. The Veeky Forums you knew is dying. It will all be over soon.

A couple people shorted with alot of money and spend all day telling everyone if they don't sell they are going to die broke and alone like retarded losers. I'd probably do the same thing.

We are coming.

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>since the start of this year?
>loyalty to message board
>hating on reddit
newfag detected

You're only going to force people to go irl, you don't want that, people with nothing to lose are dangerous and you're not as tough as your fantasize make you believe you are.

aaaaand another newfag detected

Uh because my portfolio went from $40k to $14k.

Of course you're defending reddit norman but we're used to dealing with your disinformation tactics on imageboards and you won't win.

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Still doesn't learn!

You seen nothing yet.
reddit.com/r/Veeky Forums/

This place was literally always toxic. The racists and misogynists from pol and other boards are leaking.

coin cucks think they can make money day trading when 99% of people lose money LMAO

biz is just pol with money my nigger

Veeky Forums has always been, and always will be racist, you fucking newfag.

kys r*dditor