Who /suicidal/ here?

who /suicidal/ here?

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whats wrong buddy

Pretty much everyone, why? It's not like there's any reason NOT to be suicidal.

fell for the bitmex meme, liquidated 3 times.
Please just end it

Meanwhile I'm liquidated your gf AMIRIGHT



it'll get better- just learn to stop giving a fuck and you're halfway there. Also, buy Link

be specific or we can't give bad guidance

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Me too

I made a lot of money from an small initial investment, fell for the hodl meme and greedy emotions, now i have lost %70 of the profits i have made, i don't know what to say desu it's just horrlble, that money could have really changed my reality and i didn't sell, what a fucking retard i was

your still in profit

fell for the hodl meme huh, kiddo? which shitcoin, TRX? XRP?

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i know i am but it isn't the same dude, i lost %70 of my profits, i consider that as i lost almost everything, what? should i be smiling? fuck

make it back then and don't make the same mistakes

I am but mostly because im a tranny

Yep, literally nothing is good about my life at the moment and probably won't be for years, if they ever get better.


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Proof or get out

It may sound obscure but it is true.

you can be hired at Google, or at least Cardano

what are you asking for
do you want pictures of my pills?

I failed med school and will probably try IT next
Google probably won't hire me, but a local photography company might

Monero is where it's at btw

I had made it. Was ready to cash out 1M after taxes when it looked like the crash was starting, but my friend called me up and insisted I keep holding. "It will go back up, trust me" he kept repeating that to the point of getting angry at me for wanting to sell. I let him convince me and only sold 1/3rd. Then it tanked the next day. After that I figured, "well now it's too late to sell, it'll bounce a bit first." But it kept dropping week after week.

Now I've lost half my money and have to listen to John Oliver mocking me.

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You sold a third. That alone makes you head and shoulders above most. I didn't sell anything but at least I had a lot more in fiat to buy the "dip" at 6k.

Fuck I wish I sold. People told me to sell half atleast. I was at about 320K, but I held on and now I'm at 70K.

Could have scooped up so much more cheap crypto, gone on vacation, etc. I fucked up.

bitmex is a pit of evil massmurdering greed demons and I was on of them.

Now I'm fucking poor again with no way out but trying to destroy everyone else's happiness and feed off of their despair.

It was you /b/ who made me.

Pic related is how I would’ve killed your friend if I was you.

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I also heard a lot of "cash out your initial investment and some" but I got cocky/greedy so I didn't do any of that, fucking hell. I wish I could turn back time. god knows when the next bullrun will be

I sold some in Dec and then in Feb, in Feb took a 1 month trip to Japan and did not check coinmarketcap more than a couple times. Was pretty good.

It's possible never, at least on the same scale. Crypto produces no value by itself so it has no reason to go up unless people are interested.

I hit an ATH of $110k in January and decided to cash out 75% to pay off school debts. There was nothing to indicate a crash was coming but it just felt right because my portfolio had tripled in less than 6 weeks.

I still have the blockfolio saved on my phone for memory's sake. The same coins that went up to $110k ATH are now only worth $43k.

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Have you eaten a proper meal today?

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>Tfw you procrastianted getting into crypto and mining early on because of the assumption that you'll be dead already therefore no need for money

>Even sent a delayed Email to myself that arrived in 2015 saying " Do it Do it Do it, It's time"

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